Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Going to GYM (Get your man) haha

Dear Readers,
I have joined gym recently to try out my luck in losing this extra fat in my body. Paid some handsome amount and committed to spend lots of time there. This is first time in life that I'm actually in gym and god knows what I'm doing. Enjoy!!

These lads have awesome abs,
These chicks have fabulous hips.

I fancy the fitness trainer,
Feels like he is a thermal conductor.
I dislike these machines asking weight,
Feels like message will pop out 'one at a time'.
I dislike these tapes measuring height,
Feels like its screaming out 'you're short mate.

I run in this treadmill,
Feels like my head is gonna spin.
I ride in this exercise cycle,
Feels like my mind is at hyper.

I row in this rowing machine,
Feels like my heart's stopped it engine.
I rush in this elliptical crosstrainer,
Feel like my body is a sweat drainer.

I dare to try these heavy lifting,
Feels like I will start drenching.
I hate these horrible smells of sweat,
Feel likes animal's fragrance in my duvet.

I see these people who shows off,
Feels like they're certainly putting me off.
I like these people in gym working so hard,
Feels like they're achieving and moving forward.

I stretch my tiny legs and thigh,
Feels like its not going to survive.
I bend my abdomen and spine,
Feels like I will remain forever supine.

I will be alright that evening,
Feels like my body will take it.
I will lay flat in bed next morning,
Feels like I will stop going to gym and forget about it.

But I'm being positive and still going there, hopefully I get my dream figure soon. :D

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Even through

This is a story of a perfect handsome guy who falls in love with a (not -so-beautiful) girl. He loves everything about her even though nobody really finds her attractive enough to be with him. She is not believing the fact that he is with her so she is trying to ignore him. Lets see what's the story is.
(Note : I'm not writing about myself.)

I can see your shining eyes even through those thick glasses,
I can see your fulfilling smiles even through those stainless steel braces.

I can endear your curly hairs even through those tied up laces,
I can peer your curvy hips even through those piles up dresses.

I can hear your husky voice even through those unknown masses,
I can fear your lusty entice even through those unfamiliar messages.

I can stare your feisty vibes even through those unspoken speeches,
I can spare your hasty denies even through those wishful eyelashes.

I can bear your amity gaze even through those unintentional acknowledges,
I can tear your misty rage even through those rare acquaintances.

I can be your sparkling star in the sky even through those numerous attentions I face,
I can be your knight in shining armor even through those difficulties I have to embrace. 

Last but not the least for the readers, 
You can utter the honest moments even through those harsh phrases,
You can shower the achiest comments even through those words which are doubtless.
You can capture the modest torrents even through those life's obstacles countless.

Thank you for your time. :) :)

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Dental Poem

Dear Readers,
flickr borrowed image
Please don't be scared of the title. Enjoy the poem and probably learn few things from it. Any queries please comment on the post I'll try to reply ASAP.

Your body is like that hardest enamel, which will protect me from this world's outrage.
Your heart is like that softest dentin, which will respect my love and keep me above average.
Your hand is like that tickliest periodontium , which will direct me to the right path and encourage.
Your mind is like that narrowest pulp chamber, which will eject the negative attitude and reject feeling of umbrage.
Your feeling in me is like that richest vascular pulp, which will architect me with the supply of nerves and blood of lifetime coverage.
Your anger is like that darkest stain, which will object the warmth I want to harbourage.
Your denial is like that bumpiest calculus, which will defect the caress I want to porterage.
Your lie is like that grumpiest periodontal abscess, which will suffocate the trust I wanted to believe like mirage.

So, if you feed me with the fluoride of your love, care and affection I will definitely give you the seed of fulfillness, youthfulness, happiness and beautifulness. 

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Does swearing makes you cool? '$*@#%&~#

      Today I was shocked at work. This young girl of 14 or 15 years, who is a regular attender was swearing at her mother. I have always known her as a sweet girl who is a bit scared. She would never miss out to say 'thank you very much' and 'have a nice day' whenever I met her. Anxiety was all over her today. She was arguing with her mother in her own language. I don't really know what they were talking about but I'm sure they were having a heated argument. Then she walked away from her and said,'St***d B***h'. I heard her loud and clear even though she was whispering. Oh my god, I swear to god I was so shocked and surprised to hear that. A sweet angel like her can utter such words to no other than her own mother. What happen to these youngsters? I know during teenage days, girls and guys normally wants to be rebellious. They would normally chose a way to make themselves look and sound cool. Is it the school environment or the friends circle that is teaching her all these things? I know there is a unseen force which provokes them to do so. Well for most of the people here (London), one day they can fight and be at each others neck but the next day they will be hugging each other. Its really strange. On the other hand, if we Nepalese fight with each other than reconciliation is not possible, not at least for sometimes. 
             Does swearing at your parents make you look cool? Or does it calm your anger? Its different people's different view but I have never swore at my parents. Most Nepalese girls don't swear of at least pretend not to swear. No one ever knows may be what going on in a 'teenager's mind'. Anyways, she was apologetic later on but I saw no sign of remorse in her face. Probably that means she might continue swearing at her mom later in her life as well. I saw her evil side today. I can't just judge her whole character from just today's incident but I truly was disappointed. I hope she'll learn to respect her parents better. I was just wondering what if I give birth to a son/daughter and when they grow up in this environment and start swearing at me what will I do. I would probably give a big slap to him/her and go to prison. (Parents aren't allowed to beat their children-if you do it'll be a harassment, physical abuse). To have a children like that who'll abuse my love and affection , no I can't accept that. I would rather give them to social services.. that way they can swear at me as much as they can.
              I don't say that I never swear, I do at times. It's just the slip of tongue but even though I will not and never swear at my parents for sure. 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

21st May 2011 (I'm still alive)

Hey hey hey, I'm still alive and writing in my blog. I don't know what judgement day is or don't even want to know. What I know is this world is not really going to end so easily. I heard this story a long time ago when I was still in school. My dad even called from abroad to say farewell. I have still many things to do yet. (hahhahaha inside voice speaking out for no reason ). I don't even care that 2012 would be the end of the World. I know i know they've shown many true predictions from many sources like some guy, some Chinese, some Miya dynasty and others. I even forgot all the details sorry. If the world does end then I'll probably not know. It might just happen without alarm. I would rather die quickly then finding out that I'm going to die soon. It's a slow death to know that we might die in near future.

 Can people go and live in Moon or Mars?? haha that's not a joke. When I was in school, one English teacher told us,' Who knows you might go to Moon for honeymoon?'. Well some guy eventually did go to Moon as a tourist. So, there might be a day when people start going to Moon for honeymoon. Don't ask me what they'll do there.

If I know that this world is definately going to end  and once and for all, then ...then I have a list of things to do. hehe. First is to fly to my native country Nepal straightaway (provided that I get tickets),,,,, rest are in my 'secret diary'. Suddenly I feel like I'm immortal, why because even nature is allowing me to live more days. I'll live happily whatever time left in my life and not complain about it. Lets be happy and share happiness.

P.S. The video is one of my Jacko's favourite song.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

mo:mo unites us all...

mo:mo unites us all...

There is one food that every Nepalese can't resist. Hear my friend out in this post. :)

My Words, My Art, My Heart: A Child's Cry

My Words, My Art, My Heart: A Child's Cry: "Somebody Give me some water, Iam surviving on tears Somebody Show me some love. I am surrounded by fears Somebody hug me, give me some lov..."

A very touching short poem.

Bat-chillers of V-Empire

Here I am introducing 2 blood thirsty eligible Bat-chillers of V-Empire.

One say he heals the heart,
Other says he steals the heart,
These guys seem quite smart brat.

One aware girls taking his tweets seriously is pointless,
Other informs that he is voice for voiceless and heart for heartless,
These guys seem far from us commonness.

One is so blood thirsty he is strolling parks at night,
Other is trying to leave a craft in your neck with his dracula bite,
These guys seem on vampires' extreme height.

One's writing gives the passion an ignition,
Other's poem gives the unheard fantasy a recitation,
These guys seem prolly vampire manifestation.

One is having dates with corpses,
Other one is having discussion with blood sources,
These guys seem bright future of vampire forces.

So so here we go girls, sisters, ladies:
Hold your entire heat and inside fire right there,
Here I introduce the Bat-Chillers of our V-Empire,
Who might as well fulfill your hidden desire.

Haha,, don't take it nastily. Simple words, simple meaning please guys.
For my vampire buddies of twitter world and also vampire world.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The WH Questions !!!!

Just the thoughtless thoughts, speechless speech or may be wordless words!

If I think of what to write,
I think of what's on my mind.

If I think of why to smile,
I think of what's there to hide.

If I think of where to fly,
I think of what's there beyond this blue sky.

If I think of how to cry,
I think of which is the gland that gives tears supply.

If I think of who to desire,
I think of what's the point; there's always someone that they admire.

If I think of whom to despise,
I think of what the hell; life's too short for this.

If I think of when to die,
I think of what's the hurry; you still got fantastic life!!!!

Thanks for reading!! :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

If you were a.......... ball, I would have.............

This is not an act of violence. Sometimes some people just annoy me and aggravate my anger, at that very moment I feel like doing this. 

If you were a football ball, I would have kicked it and send it to the opponent's hand.
If you were a tennis ball, I would have hit it at 100mph with tennis racket.
If you were a table tennis ball, I would have passed to opponent's side 100 times.
If you were a squash ball. I would have thrown it to wall 1000 of times.
If you were a billiard ball, I would have hit it with wooden stick and pushed it to hole.
If you were a basket ball, I would have bang it on the floor 10000 of times.
If you were a volley ball, I would have punched it sky everytime it wants to come and touch me.
If you were a golf ball, I would have swing it in air with the metal stick and trash you in pond.
If you were a hockey ball, I would have thrown you to many people's hand.
If you were a marble ball, I would have put you in my index finger and thrown you to roads.
I f you were a cricket ball, I would have hit you with the bat and score 4's and 6's.
If you were a base ball,I would have hit the score and run like hell.
If you were a bowling ball,I would have thrown you as hard as I can and put you to gutter.
If you were a dodge ball, I would have then not bothered cause you already dodgy. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My first day at college (10+2)

I guess sometimes people do like to talk about 'My first.....'. My first kiss, first love, first car, first school, first gift, first book, first crush and so on. Here I am talking about 'My first day at college', which is in my 10+2(Higher Secondary) days. Its been many many years since I left my +2 days but the memory is still fresh. Am I that sharp to remember all those details?,,,haha I'm just blabbering. 
Well, the day was Monday morning and rainy season. The college has arranged a boutique to make every students uniform (another way of making money) which they didn't prepare on time and I had to go to college wearing different shirt. I had to be at the door by 6.30am; how frustrating! I was there a bit late,,,and they refused to let me in because I wasn't wearing the right colour shirt. I told them I couldn't wear it cause its still at the boutique. You know what they told me,'Go and only come back after you have it.' OMG I got so annoyed, why because 1. it was raining, 2. the boutique was closed, and 3.I didn't even wanted to attend that college. Anyways I thought I would still have time to roam around before I start the boring class full of strange faces. I managed to get the shirt and come back on time. I went to the class,,, I knocked and got permission to get in the class. You know what we had to take off our shoe before entering,,how funny. Almost all the chairs were full. There was only one chair available in the front row which people tend not to sit. I quickly rest my tired bump there,,,, to my biggest surprise and annoyance, the seat was all wet. Even the thing I was wearing inside my trousers got soaked. How annoying? Later on friends told me they did want to alert me but I was just so fierce at that moment (cause of all the drama earlier). I looked around all the unknown faces around,,, all sorts of people. There were only 3 girls at that very moment, 1 on my side and 2 behind me. 1 of the girl who was seating behind my bench is still my best friend. Our class teacher told me to introduce myself cause I came late. I had to stand up to introduce myself; which I really hated doing (just imagine how wet trousers look like).
Few periods went on with different subjects. Then came another period where we all had to introduce each other again. They asked me which school I went to. I told them where I studied,,,, one boy asked me,'Oh your school is such a famous and big school but why did you chose to come in this small college?. I replied ,'Cause I get bored staying at same place, I want something different.' He just stared at me and smiled. I don't know what he thought about my words. It was the truth, I've been to the school where we had a so called' Discipline incharge','Nickname Tin-Tin,,,good for annoying music teacher who goes on bothering pupils', and also some people who are just there to watch activities and report it to the Principal or authority. Yeah just tell me about it ha. I thought I'm a little bit grown up now so I can enjoy a bit of freedom ( you know you always feel grown up already). Eventually, the college I chose ended up the same. Just sort of figured out already in one morning. But the good thing about the college was food in canteen. I really liked the food though the management was a bit unmanaged. On our lunch break, I saw many students 1 year senior to us, uhmmmm some of them were really dashing. On the other hand, we could hardly differentiate between the 11th and 12th grade student. All looked same, and if I finally speak with someone thinking that she could be in 11th grade turns out to be one year senior to me. We heard in the background somewhere the 'so called seniors' saying different things. 
All in all, my first day went on like a rollercoster ride. One minute I was furious with anger and the other minute I sat one the wet chair; one minute I was staring at unknown faces and the other minute I was smiling and trying to get on with the people I was with; one minute I was anxious to stay around unfriendly environment the other minute I was excited to see many people of my age (in school you see almost similar faces for years). Last but not the least, one minute I was so angry and unsatisfied that I had to go to that college against my will but the other minute I thanked my mum and my sister for choosing the right college for me, no matter what happened I still liked it in the end.

Note: Reminisce of the past. Thanks for reading this very long blast from the past. Why not share your first day at college? :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

A practical joke

I don't mean to offend anybody here. It is purely what was the situation was like and just happen to be like that.
One day I was trying to call my home in Kathmandu, Nepal. We normally use international calling card of value £5. I tried couple of times and it still wasn't connecting. The money value in the card was deducted every time it goes to that weird voicemail and I hear that lady's voice. It normally happens at times. But that day I was desperate to speak with mom. I tried and tried and got frustrated for no connection. My friend was by my side. Out of nowhere I said to her,' I'm so fade up listening to this woman's voice everytime I call.' She says,'Tapaile samparka garnu bhayeko number byasta cha, kripaya punah prayash garnu hola'(The number you're trying is busy, please try again later.). Yeah something like this. What if this call centres could have been in Bhaktapur, how would they have recorded the voicemail. My friend started laughing cause she is also Newar.I said,'Tapaile samparka garera lyayeko number byasta bhyera lyayeko cha, kripaya punah prayash garera lyau'. We forgot all the frustration and started laughing. Then she said, you only make fun of my people; what if the call centre would have been in your region. She went on,'Oh sunana ho, Tapaile samparka gareko number chahi lastai jhur rahecha, som byasta cha bhancha, testaile ni hou punah prayash gara hai ta som'. Oh my god we laughed like crazy people. I even forgot that I was trying to speak to my mom. Then we went on, what if the call centre would have been in Madesh region. probably like, Nepali in Maithali accent,' Ta Tapaile samparka garnu bhayeko numberrr byasta bhaye haleko cha, ta kripaya punah prayash gari halnus ta'. Then we went on to Sherpa region. It might have been like,'Ahh Taile samparka gareko number chahi,,aachhyyyaa,, byasta chaaaaaaa, taile kripaya punah prayash garr hai'. Thing just went on and on. Now we were in international level. A black guy with heavy rap accent could have said,' Damn nigga, the numba ya tryin' ya, it ain't connecting. it kinda busy, ya betta try ya luck next time. Safe'. Anybody with Carribean accent, no offense but everytime they speak I feel like they're about to sing. It goes,'The nuumberrrr you are tryiiing to connect is busy, couuuld you pleeeease trrrry agaaiin laterrr'. Again we came back to Nepal. What if the call center would have been in typical village of Aryan people. Might have been like,'Tapaile samparka garya (speaking through nose) number byasta bha cha, kripaya bharey punah prayash gares'.
That's it, I can't write anymore to offend anybody. From that day onwards every time I hear that voice I remember that moment when I said those lines. Makes me laugh even now when I'm writing.
I still have to hear her voice in that recorded message, I wonder who she could be.

I don't like practical joke which affects people, but this was the one I couldn't stop thinking. :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

My name and its controversy arrgggghhhh

Sometimes I think why we are called by our 'NAMES'. What if we never had any names, world could have been different I guess. Its just because most of the times people cannot pronounce my name properly. It makes my blood boil. Even back in Nepal whenever I had to introduce myself infront of classmates or any other places, I really find it awkward cause I always had to repeat my name. They would continue guessing different names which makes it even worse. Why won't they just listen carefully and just get it right. In school my roll number always came towards the end cause of my alphabet 'S'. There were some benefits to it though. My mates used to tease me with many names like,'Shakuni mama, Sha Kun??? Tala^(which story of the house), Sha Cocco'. [looks like I am revealing my nicknames myself ooooppisssyy daaiiisssyyyyy]. At one stage I even thought of changing my name but to be honest I don't like people with many names. I just feel like their personalities could be as many as the number of names they have.
Then I came to UK, I knew people would still find it difficult to pronounce. When some white friends said its 'unique and cute', I felt like they were just trying to console me. They would ask is there any simplified version of your name, I would just say, call me 'Shakira' hahaha I wish (eyes rolling). One girl even said, 'Shakulala' arrggghhhh. The discontentment continued. All Bengali friends used to call me with my surname Limbu as  'Lemboo' (In Bengali-Lemon).
The most annoying thing is, in London you see different ethnic people. Most of the Srilankan, Indian or any Hindu people who call me,'Oh Shakuntala Devi', oh for fuck's sake I'm not Devi. Don't call me Devi,,,I might be Devil instead. There was once I had a big argument with customer in my previous job. He would read my name batch and say,'Why are you wearing someone else's name batch.' He thought that I was trying to cheat or something. I told him its my name, he said this couldn't be your name. You look like Chinese. Then all those blood in my nervous system went straight into my brain. I just told him to 'fuck off'. First the accusation and then humiliation, I don't deserve to be treated like that by some stupid man who thinks he knows all about Hinduism. I know what my name means and what is the whole religious things connected behind it. People don't realise that I used to watch all those religious  dharawahiks in Nepal Television gosh.
Wikipedia Common
Well, the thing is, our dad was so much in love with our mom that he named all four children with the initial 'S' which happens to be my mom's intial. All my sibling's name are nice except me. It's like a family tradition now. My uncle's daughters have names with initial 'S'.I don't know why he named me like that. I sometimes wonder,,,, if,,,,,,,if I would have become a superstar, how would people call me. A young girl with old woman's name. Everybody suddenly remembers their granny or nanny or auntie or even mother-in-law. Actually mother-in-law thing is funny. This was few years back when I used to work in this place, the owners mom's name was my name. He couldn't call me with my name so he used to call me Shaku only and his wife hahaha she couldn't even say half of my name. My recent employer's son was spellbound and had mouth wide-open to see me; because he thought I was some middle aged woman ( due to my name). 
But one day a girl of 15 came to our work for work experience. She said to me my name is fine, nothing wrong with it, imagine those people who has name which is nice but different meaning could arise from it. Such as Aruna sounds like Arna (buffalo), Hardik,such as nice name but don't even wanna pronounce it in English. She sort of opened my eyes which I was resisting or denying.
One day I wanted to book an appointment in doctor's surgery, the receptionist asked my name. I said to her I'll spell it for her cause obviously if I try to pronounce it she would say please spell it for me. I started to spell it. S for Sugar, H for Hotel, A for Alpha, K for Kilo, U for Umbrella,,,,she is interrupted by somebody.We were still on phone, then I was trying to continue spelling my name for her, she says 'oh you're still continuing your name?'. F**k**g hell, what the hell she was trying to say. Well, what can I say, if that's the name I was born to live with then I might just accept it. Besides I don't have any other name that I was ever known with. This is my identity, my pride, my existence. People elderly people tell me that any girl with my name will have a loving husband,,, haha I don't know how much of that is true but I hope it'll be true. 
My name and its controversy aarrgghh continues. I feel like I was suppose to born in 40's or 50's but came bit late in this computer world.

Note: Dedicating this blog to all those who face similar situation as me cause of their names.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Some of my personal collection Part II

Here are more of the oldies but the goldies collection of quotes. You might have heard them for hundreds of time but they still mean something to me. Very well said, whoever said it. Enjoy Reading :)

  1. Love begins with smile, grows with a kiss and ends in tears.
  2. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
  3. Never catch a falling knife or a falling friend.
  4. You are judged by the company you keep.
  5. Friendship is the shadow of the evening which strengthens with the setting of the sun.
  6. A cheerful friend is like a sunny day shedding brightness all around.
  7. It is wrong to put friendship above truth.
  8. It is good have an open enemy then a doubtful ally.
  9. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  10. Relationship ends and only ends in bad terms; if its good terms then its not ended yet. (Movie Jism)
  11. Man of few words will rarely be thoughtless in his speech; he will measure every word.
  12. Men can be attracted but not force to the faith.
  13. You can seduce somebody but never make him fall in love with you. (:
  14. Diplomacy is to do the nastiest thing in the nicest way.
  15. Handsome is what handsome does.
  16. Style is the man himself.
  17. People don't lack strength. They lack will.
  18. Behaviour is a mirror in which everyone shows his image.
  19. Happiness depends on what you give, not on what you get.
  20. Ability is nothing without opportunity.
  21. Winners never quit and quitters never win.
  22. You cannot be a writer unless you are reader first.
  23. The best liers often gets caught in their own lies.
  24. Dance according to the music.
  25. It is not tears but determination that makes pain bearable.
  26. There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers.
  27. We cannot get what we like so let us like what we get.
  28. Thousand miles begin with one step.
  29. Laughter is the best medicine.
  30. There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.
  31. Honesty is the best policy. (quite rare to find)
  32. I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.
  33. Concentration is the secret of success. 
  34. It is by acts and not by ideas that people live.
  35. The hands that help are holier than the hands that pray.
  36. Anger is a short madness.
  37. Do good, be good.
  38. When you smile the world smiles with you. (but when you cry, there would be only you)
  39. A fashionable woman is always in love with herself.
  40. It is a good horse that never stumbles and a good wife that never grumbles.
  41. I love you not for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. (same old dialogue)
  42. If I tried to say what you meant to me, I wouldn't know where to start. Because you are seldom out of my mind and never out of my heart.
  43. Even the wildest can be tamed by love. ( for how long :p)
  44. No cord or cable can draw so forcibly or bind so fast as love.
  45. You may be someone to the world but for someone you may be the world.
  46. I want to be the tear which starts from your eyes and die in your lips. (why would people be someone's tear when they can be the happiness which can never die,,goshh)
Next quotes could be in Nepalese but I'm trying to type in Nepali font. Till then enjoy your life. :)

Some of my personal collection Part I

Hey there,
Here are few quotes and few lines I have collected from different sources. Its been long time since I had them, I kept them safe in my little scrapbook. I just wanted to share it through my blog, sometimes sharing is loving. :) Happy Reading then.  Ta

For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it.
For every truth, there is an ear somewhere to hear it.
For every love, there is a heart somewhere to receive it. <3  ^_^

Poverty makes you lose you friends and relatives,
Loves makes you lose your shame and fear,
Study makes you lose your sleep and comfort.

A cruel word may wreck a life
A bitter word may hate in still
A brutal word may hurt of kill
A gracious word may smooth the way
A joyous word may light the day
A loving word may heal and bless. :)

Best things to give:
To your enemy.......................... forgiveness
To your opponent..................... tolerance
To your friend........................... your heart
To your child............................. a good example
To your father........................... a good conduct
To your husband....................... your love
To God ......................................your devotion.

Trying to be Happy ( By Rita Limbu my college friend)
When I was trying to be happy,
      I loved those who loved me
      I respected those who respected me
     I smiled at those who smiled at me
     I helped those who helped me
     I hated those who hated me
     I was sad and bad, and I was called selfish
Today, when,
      I sit alone in the night
      The glittering stars from the clear blue sky
       stare at me and smile at me
       The coolest breeze whisper to me that 'Are you happy?'
       I say 'Yes'
       Hoping that I am on the way like honey bee searching blossoms
       I love those who hate me
       I respect those who never respect me 
       I smile at those who never smile at me
       I am generous and kind to those who are strangers to me.

My own:
The broken heart that I have can barely heal
Even now if you try very hard to seal
The painful memories I have can rarely fade away
Even now if  you try hard to giveaway
The happy short moments I have can surely disappear
Even now if you in front of me reappear.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A fun weekend

Ah where shall I start from. Last week's trip to seaside is still fresh in my mind. This week we got one extra day off due to the Royal Wedding. I have a plan to go and watch the wedding with my friend but unfortunately she got very sick and was bed resting. So, only me and my sister went. There was a huge crowd. All ethnic origin and all sorts of faces. No matter what the anti-monarchy protesters says, we still saw so many people turned up there which truly proves the Royals are still loved a lot.
We watched the big screen amongst 120,000 people. The band played 'Wills and Kate's' favourite songs. Among those songs were, Aerosmith's 'Don't wanna miss a thing' and Bryan Adam's 'Look into my eyes'. With all the public demand Aerosmith's song was repeated. Then we had the free concert afterwards. Obviously love was in the air, all guys and girls kissing each other. 

Well then came a instant plan. Me and my few brothers met up at the bar, they told me they want to do something together this weekend. Suddenly they wanted to go to seaside. Uhhmm another seaside so soon. I immediately said 'ok', I actually wanted to go as well. The next day we headed off to Weymouth and Portland Island. It was a 3 hours drive uphill and downhill and through the narrow  bendy roads in the country. We saw many farms, grassland and streams and rivers. It was fascinating sightseeing. To be honest all the countryside in UK looks the same to me but I still like it. Finally we arrived at Portland Island. It was so nice being on the top of the island and looking down towards the sea. The Island is actually a prison and had a memorial kept for the veteran of First World War. It was a bit windy but still it didn't stop me from breathing in the air flowing from Celtic Sea. After that we went to have some fun in the sandy beach of Weymouth. It was lively there with live band and the kites flying near seashore. Couldn't stay there for long cause it was getting windy. We played in the salt water of the sea, gosh it made my skin burn and hair go stingy. We built the sand castle, and ran in the water. All in all, the day was great. Driving at 100 mph, for an instant I felt like if I die in this very moment then I will die happily ( you may never know what happens when you're in the roads full of others drivers).
In the crowd
These horses r well trained.

Wedding fever
A view from the top

Note: Many more pics in my Flickr account. 'misslim' :)