Monday, 30 January 2012

Dear brother, I apologise !

Hey everybody,

              Today the 30th of January is the birthday of one my closest brother I met in twitter. I have been remembering it since many days and he told me couple of times about it already. But my misfortune I forgot his birthday. I swear I was so pissed off when he reminded me of his birthday. I felt disgusted to myself cause I have already forgotten one of the other close friends birthday recently.

                 Samby I call him is a sweet brother I met in twitter and he has become very close to me within short span of time. He has a funny and sunny side and despite his height I call him 'Chotu' ie little boy. He blogs amazingly and his poems have that feelings that you can only feel after you read it. His writing are awsome. I'm really sorry that you have to remind me of your birthday. :(

Here is a poem or say little thing I wrote for you. Hope you won't mind my dear brother from lovely mother. 


 Dear brother I truly apologise, 
Your special day is what I didn't realise,
I'm stupid that is not a surprise,
Forgetfulness is in my vein which I always criticise,
Next time I will definately memorise,
And will be the first one to wish you with all my heart and likewise. 

May you never have to do any compromise,
Wish you'll always uprise and your life be glamourise.

Praying that your life be in paradise, 
Be the kind of a person which everyone reminise,
Your sweetness makes everyone mesmerise,
Our heart and mind is what you colonise,
May success kiss your each step I emphasise,
Leave good footprints so that people can praise you and idealise.

My intention was not to let go your birthday on purpose,
Hope you downed all those cakes and sucrose,
I wished I was there to feed you more glucose and lactose,
It's a brand new year for you I suppose,
You have a fabulous year with lots of love and red rose.

                I wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY through my blog and hope he will be happy reading this poem specially dedicated to him. Thank you for reading. Please help me make it upto him by wishing him as well. 

Regards, Miss limshaku :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

The question WHY again??

There are always questions arising in everybody's life. I often ask myself lots of 'Why' questions but I have No answers for them. Life goes on an on.

 Why am I looking for thing which I cannot find?
 Why am I looking for the warmth which I cannot defy?
 Why am I looking for the respect which I cannot deny?
 Why am I searching for the sun throughout those dark skies?
 Why am I feeling that the clouds have dissapperaed after the heavy rain?
 Why am I yearning for intimacy from those who don't even care for emotions of mine?
 Bloody hell
 Here was another poem 'Why' from my previous post. This was written 11 years ago. :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Numbstruck Brain, Felt & Fed in Vain

A poem uttered out in slightly drunk stage. :)

Sometimes I wanna be drunk,
Sometimes I wanna be just monk,
Most of the time I pretend to be hunk.

Feels like I'm fcuking stuck,
Feels like world has sunk,
Most of  the time I presume  life is junk.

Gives smile to my bad luck,
Gives blindeye to my heartstruck,
Most of the time I still prefer that dumbstruck.

Takes my senses to deadlock,
Takes my emotions for electroshock,
Most of the time I prevent your actions so bullock.

Everytime when you make me lovestruck,
Everytime when you give me thunderstruck,
Most of the time I preyed to throw you a massive aftershock.

Seems like hell is on earth,
Seems like love couldn't give birth,
Most of the time I preach and loathe.

Never mind the above mentioned bullshits,
Never mind what non-sense these lines admits,
Most of all, right now I precisely think you might be totally pissed.

Thanks for reading. Appreciate your time and effort.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hengistbury Head in Christchurch, Dorset

Hengistbury Head, Chirstchurch, Dorset

Christchurch, Dorset

I hope everyone is working their way towards new year 2012. I'm still on the hangover of cold and flu and the mini break I had during chirstmas and new year gap from work. I went to visit my friend, another friend's family and a beautiful place called Christchurch in Dorset. I haven't actually been to seashore on winter. This was the first time I went to seashore on winter season.

It was fun roaming around Hengistbury Head. The wind was strong, was about to rain, chilly weather but still I felt so nice walking there. A lot of people were there even in that kind of weather, most of them walking their dogs, few of them flying kites. Back in Nepal I used to loved seeing kites, I even used to imitate the technique and once I was caught doing that by my teacher and was badly teased.

The groyne : Pic from Google
Me and my sister dared to go upto the end point of this groyne or whatever. Pretty scary there specially in that kind of weather. At one point my cheeks were slapped by the raging water and I had salty taste in my mouth. I quickly spit it out, then I thought oh my god what if sea gets angry and swipe me away. I'm at times very superstitious. The waves were very intense as you go furthur up there. That shiny walking passage was slippery.

It was getting dark and seemed like it was going to rain. All I had in my mind was what if Tsunami waves come, me and my sister would be swallowed by sea like nothing. Still there were people walking around with their pets and jogging. After coming off from the shore I saw one boy trying to fly the kite and his dad was helping him. Nice thing to see.

I don't know when I might drop by that place again. I had really peaceful and joyful time over there.

Sharing my experience through these words, being there was the real thrill.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Well, here we are just celebrating new year 2012 AD. I wish everybody Happy New Year 2012. May all your dreams come true and may you all have whatever you wished for. I'm at the moment celebrating New Year with few of my most lovable people. My new year's resolutions as usual would be to lose weight hahahahha.

We all are here celebrating new year despite hearing the stories of the end of the world. We all are the survivor. Let's live the life we always loved and be happy.