Friday, 27 April 2012

झरेको फूल

नारी, आइमाई, केटि, युवती,स्त्री जातको मनमा कहिलेकहीं यस्तो अंतरात्मिक  बिलौनाहरु पनि उत्पन्न हुन्छ / हामी एक  क्ष णमा सम्मानित हुन्छौ भने अर्को क्षणमा अपहेलित पनि हुन्छौ / यो बिधिको बिडम्बना हो कि हामीलाइ प्रकृतिले पनि अलिकति ठगेर नै सिर्जना गरेको छ / खैर्र जे भए पनि मलाई धर्ति आमाले केटि जात भएर पठाएकोले म आफ्नो धर्म, कर्म पूरा गर्दैछु, संसारको मर्महरू पिएर भए पनि/

झरेको फूल 
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म एक झरेको फूल झैं,
तिरस्कृत, घृणित र अपमानित /

म एक झरेको फूल झैं,
एक्लो, निरास र बेजान /

म एक झरेको फूल झैं,
पर्दैन नजर न त  कसैको /

म एक झरेको फूल झैं,
सबैले केवल कुल्चिंछन् मात्रै /

म एक झरेको फूल झैं,
त्यसैले मेरो नाम नै कसिंगर /

म एक झरेको फूल झैं,
जुन बोटमा हुँदा थिए अप्सरा झैं,
म एक झरेको फूल झैं /
म एक झरेको फूल झैं //

फूल जति राम्रो भएपनि टिपी सकेपछि त्यसको महत्व कम भएर जान्छ/ भगवानको काखमा चढाएपनि, बाटोको हिलोमा खसालेपनि, कुनै सुन्दर केटिको सिरमा सजिएपनी, कसैलाई सौगातको रूपमा भेट दिएपनि बोटबट चुडालीसकेको, शरीरबाट छिनालिसकेको, आत्मामाबाट  लतारिसकेको यो झरेको फूललाइ अब मुर्झाउनु बाहेक केहि अर्को विकल्प नै छैन /

यो यस्तै कहानी हो एउटी दुखि नेपाली महिलाको जसलाई दुखि हुनु पनि कसैको आज्ञा लिनु पर्ने, उसलाई कुनै अधिकार छैन पुरुषप्रधान  देशमा आफ्नो हककोलागि आवाज उठाउनु / यो हरेक पिडित, हेलित, दबाबित  र तिरस्कृत नारीको रोदन, चित्कार र क्रन्दन हो / हामी एक्काइसौं सताब्दीको युवा-युवतीहरु हौं / एक अर्कालाई सम्मान गरौ, सद्भाव राखौं र नेपाललाई अगाडी बढ़ाऔं / 


Monday, 23 April 2012

I, Me,Myself

 Sometime ago I saw few of these quotes, they were like a reply kind of quotes to the original ones. I liked it but few days ago I felt it. I felt those quotes were happening to me, myself.

I was in this place in Cornwall where I had to walk all the way down through steep stone stairs. I felt like my head was spinning. I was never afraid of heights though, I love rollercoster rides, I love speedboats, I love bungee jumping, I love car racing, I love swimming more than anything else and moreover I love everything that is adventurous. How come suddenly I could feel chill in my spine? I couldn't even keep staring at Lake that we came across, I felt like the lake itself is about to swallow me. Anyways let's going back to the topic, here is what I think my fears related to yet I try to overcome every bit of it. I added few bits of my own and few is borrowed knowledge. Hope you like it. :)

 I was not afraid of height, I was afraid of falling.
 I was not afraid of darkness, I was afraid of what's in it.
 I was not afraid of water,I was afraid of drowning.
 I was not afraid of playing,I was afraid of losing.
 I was not afraid of fire, I was afraid of burning.
 I was not afraid of poverty, I was afraid of luxury that I'd be missing.
 I was not afraid of driving, I was concerned about the passengers I was carrying.
 I was not afraid of death, I was afraid of how it will come running.
 I was not afraid of meeting up, I was afraid of departing.
 I was not afraid of intimacy, I was afraid of hypocrisy.
 I was not afraid of being open, I was afraid if I was being mistaken.
 I was not afraid of love, I was afraid of rejection.

I guess we all are afraid of something which is inside us, 'I, ME, MYSELF' but if we can overcome it and control it, we can lead a better life without any guilt, regrets or sadness. Let's be happy, let's share happiness.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 20 April 2012

A day in Cambridge

Sometimes in life things just happen so quickly. It was an unplanned yet well discussed trip to Cambridge. I was accompanying few people. I also wanted to visit Cambridge but never really bothered to go there. 

It was nowhere near to anything that I expected, read, heard or thought what it might be : Cambridge. When we hear about world famous Oxford and Cambridge it seems like a distant dream for anybody to get there but when I actually was there I didn't feel anything at first. Weather wasn't that good. 

We parked our car bit further away where we didn't had to pay for parking and started walking towards city centre. We I started to feel the atmosphere of Cambridge filling up my lungs and brains. Suddenly the river started looking nicer. The parks, the trees, the ancient buildings, the colleges everything felt awesome. There were many visitors from different places following the routes the guide provides. We were roaming around city centre, here and there, putting nose in whatever interests us. One guy came to ask whether we wanted to go on a trip on the river by small boat. We didn't take his offer of £18 but thought since we have whole day to spend there we'll enjoy the area by foot. It was feeling of some kind of proudness or let's say happiness that I was in the most desired destination for most of the students around the world. My sister saw signs to museum. Since we had plenty of time and the entry was free we walked into a Zoology Museum. To be honest, it was fascinating experience. I was too lazy to visit London Zoo or Museum. We saw many many things there. Human beings can observe, create, preserve things like that as well. I wondered what if same facility was available in Nepal? 

We wondered around colleges, churches, streets, toilets, food areas, shopping malls, parks and so on. Finally we decided to barge into another museum before everything would close. We went into an Art Museum : tall big pillars on the entrance, ceiling had an undeniably the fine example of art. Again it was free entrance and we started looking at those fine piece of arts on display. I cannot explain how amazing I felt. It was like in movies, my feet and my body were tired still managed to go through most of the works over there. Then we wanted to go to the Earth Science Museum but we were late. 

It was one whole day (9-5) visit in Cambridge and I felt fulfilled by the end of the day. We have walked so much that we crossed the same market from all the entries. My mind was screaming that I should visit there again. It was something different kind of experience. I felt like I was in high schooldays again and was on an educational tour. All those things I studied in school about science came rushing in my veins and I even gave a thought of studying science again. Nevertheless science is still tough. 

'A day in Cambridge' is added in the small memory disk of my brain ; unerasable, unforgettable. I would like to rest by the river which flows by the side of those colleges and may be write some poem someday hahahaha. 
Thank you for reading.

Friday, 13 April 2012

शुभकामना नव वर्ष २०६९

सानो मोबाईलमा बनाएको तस्बिर हो यो, गल्ति भए माफ पाउ !

 आज म मेरो व्लग मार्फत विश्वका  हरेक कुनामा रहेका सम्पूर्ण नेपालीहरूलाई नव वर्ष २०६९ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दैछु । नेपालमा विविन्न जात -जातिहरूका आ-आफ्नै नव वर्षहरू छन्, तर मैले बाल्यकालदेखि नै यहि मान्दै आएको कारणले चटक्क छोड्नु मन पर्दैन । नेपाल जे जस्तो छ, मलाई त्यस्तै नै प्यारो लाग्छ ।

 मलाई याद छ काठमान्डुमा हुंदा नयाँ वर्ष मनाएको । भव्यताका साथ मनाईन्थ्यो । यहाँ लण्डनमा त के खुशियाली मनाउनु, भोलिपल्टबाट सबै कुरा बढ्छ । बस, रैल, खाना, पेट्रोल, डिजैलआदि। तर कामदारहरूको पैसाचाही जस्ताको त्यस्तै रहन्छ ।

  मलाई नयाँ वर्षको चहल-पहल एकदमै मन पर्छ । भविश्यका आउँदा दिनहरूलाई खुशीका साथ निम्त्याउनुमा  अर्कै आन्नद लाग्छ । हरेक वर्ष नयाँ वर्ष शुरूहुँदा जिन्दगि नै नयाँ भएको झौं महसुस हुन्छ। केही गरौं, केही हासिल गरौं, समाजमा केही बदलाव ल्याउने चेस्टा गरौं, कुनै यस्तो कार्य गरौं जस्ले मलाई मात्र होईन अरूलाईपनि केही फाईदा होस् ; भन्ने प्रवल भावनाहरू मनमा उब्जि रहन्छन् । ह्रदयमा एउटा नयाँ-नौलो जाग्रती, जोस, उमंगले बास बस्छ । "अब आउने वर्षचाही पक्कैपनि फलदायी बनाउँछु" भन्ने अन्तर आत्माबाट एउटा आवाज आउँछ । अब कत्तिको सफल हुन्छु, कति प्रगती गर्छु भनेर किटान गरेर भन्नुचाही मुश्किल नै छ किन भने भविस्य कसैले देखेको छैन । मेरो सानो मनबाट निस्केको एउटा सानै चाहाना मात्र हो । यो वर्ष मैले धेरै कुराहरू गर्ने आँटेको छु, भाग्य र भविस्य दुबैले साथ दिए शायद कार्य सफल हुन सक्ला 

 तपाईहरूको के छ त उदेश्य? वा केही ईच्छा, आकान्छाहरू? जे भएपनि म सबैलाई good luck भन्न चाहन्छु । आगामी दिनहरू सुःख, सम्रीद्दी, शान्ती, शु-स्वास्थ रहोस् , मनोकामनाहरू पूर्ण होस् भनेर मेरो तर्फबाट शुभकामना छ ।

 मेरो व्लग पढिदिनु भएकोमा मुरी-मुरी धन्यवाद ग्यापन गर्दैछु । यो पंग्तिहरु पढेर बुझ्नुस् कि मैले तपाईलाई नै भन्न खोजेको हो (जस्ले व्लग पढ्दैछ) ।

 लिम्शाकु :)  

 ईतिश्री : 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Holiday

Felt like writing a poem at that very moment.
My holiday! 

            What if life would always be like a holiday? No work, only enjoyment, spending money like you're a millionaire, dress as you wish, stroll through variety of places, walk-talk-eat-act like a tourist.

            Hmmm it might sound too good to be true. I guess if such things happen I might just be a worthless human being doing nothing but spending time in this earth. I like my life to be something worthwhile. I'm always studying new things. Whenever I go for holiday to some new destination, I try to learn things about the place, their customs, their welcoming policy and so on.  
Tamar Bridge

              This time the destination was Cornwall, Southwest England. I had already been to Newquay, Cornwall twice but this time I wanted to go further down to the tip of Cornwall; Land's End. It was a long drive through motorways, dual carriageways, A roads and even smaller B roads. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed driving all those roads. I hated driving similar kind of narrow roads in Wales. But this time may be the days were longer, I loved driving along those roads. Views and scenes were spectacular. I can only try to express how I felt but can't put in right words how was it like. I also drove from St. Ives to St. Just, all the way by the coast of Cornwall. Crossed River Tamar (reminded me of River Tamar of my village, far east Nepal), created splashes in Lake Colliford, threw stones and pabels, washed my feet with blue and green seawater of Celtic sea. Well we did many things which if I start writing would be a big book. 

living being
              Cornwall has the beautiful coast and blue sea. I feel like seeing it forever. But I have to get back to where I belong. Saying goodbye to anything or anybody is not easy. Still we had to depart from such a beautiful place. In future if I get a chance I would still go back to Cornwall and do all those activities and adventures which I missed out.

                I just love travelling. Wish I could have enough money to travel around the world one day (just a mere wish) but before that I have to do a round trip of my own country Nepal first. It sounds pathetic of me to say that I haven't visited many places of Nepal, not even Kathmandu's many places. So, before heading onto any destination if life and luck gives me chance I would love to visit each corners of Nepal.

Jharana ko paani k saaro chiso galaa nai chisaune :)
               I hope and wish everyday for everybody would be like a holiday. Enjoy your present and embrace your memories. Good memories are precious treasure which cannot be changed. 

Regards limshaku :)
Land's End

like a kiddo haha
giving them rest as well

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Birthday my blog !

Greetings !!!

This day last year I started writing again, the long lost passion of mine. I used to write poems and essay back in Nepal and then for nearly 10 years I didn't really write anything. Thanks to few of my twitter buddies I felt like going back to writing. Blogger gave me the platform I needed to lay my write-ups. Since then it's been non-stoping experience. When I hear people commenting about my blog and they recognise me through my blog, I feel blessed.

I feel like I have a place where I can actually pour the goodness, the badness, the sadness, the happiness, the nastiness, the madness, the ups and downs of living life. I like introducing people who has talents. Mostly I am more interested in writing about my country Nepal. The comments and feedback I get from readers of my blog encourages me to write more interestingly and beautifully.

I am very grateful to all of you for your support and expect you to suggest me to make this blog even better. From the bottom, of whatever side of my heart ;) :P :D I wish to join my hands together and say 'thank you'.

 I wish to continue writing as long as I have the inspiration to write.

Thanking you.
Miss Limbu :)

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The most comments is from a blog-buddy Shailesh :) Thank you.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What do you know about lexlimbu ??

What do you know about Lexlimbu ?

Hi my blog readers,
Thank you for reading my blog and encouraging me to carry on. Today I am introducing someone who is already famous and well-known to most of the youngsters, celebrities and many people of Nepal as well as around the globe. You might have already known him better than I do but still I feel like writing about him in my blog. 

He is a 19 year old teenager (soon to be 20), who is, for me a person ‘WHO SIMPLY LOVES NEPAL’. He is hardworking, he is devoted and motivated to whatever he does. I am not writing it randomly just to support him ( or being a Limbu myself), but I have been closely following him in social networking sites twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram, blog and many more. 

The first time I noticed him was when I was just casually checking videos of Jharana Bajracharya (Miss Nepal 1997 and renowned actress ) in youtube. (He is crazy about her).  I came across his youtube channel. Then I shuffled through his uncountable youtube videos. I never thought he would be a young teenager, I thought he was some kind of journalist. I also saw videos of my village town back in Nepal. Then after I noticed him and remember his name; I could just find it everywhere. I could see him in events but never confronted him. 

Finally, after I opened a twitter account, I wanted to follow as many Nepali as possible. I was new and didn’t know a lot of people. So, I thought I would follow someone who is in London. He followed me back and our conversation was very rare. Things slowly started getting better in our communication. I would tell people and friends that I follow lexlimbu on twitter and they would say ‘oh that boy’, in a good way. It was nice of him to try and speak to everyone nicely. I asked few of my friends ,’ Do you know lexlimbu?’, most of them said ‘YES’. Then I again asked,’What do you know about lexlimbu?’, they would simply say, ‘A boy who promotes Nepal in every possible way’. But there are people who has different views about him which I try to ignore. I think Lex is a kind of guy who doesn’t care too much of what kind of attitude people hold about him. It’s a good sign cause he could never have continued and be the person who he is now if he would have cared too much of what people think about him. I guess he just keeps on persuing what he feels like doing. Sometimes we have to learn to ignore as well. 

Getting to know lexlimbu and as well as his blog (nearly 2 million views) was an eye opening to Nepali film industry, Nepali charities, Nepali music industry, Nepali media and so many things. He is indeed a ‘NO.1 SOURCE’  for entertainment. His youtube channels lexlimbu and lexlimbuofficial provides many fresh activities of Nepal and Nepali. I wonder how he gets time to do all these things. He has time to blog, to work as a promoter for charity ‘LIVE FOR CHANGE’, used to be a member of ‘TOPEVENTUK’ (my guess), go to full time university, manage his youtube channels, write blog for Nepali Magazine Navyata and many many many more things. I think I recently saw him the cover of Folio Magazine as well. I did see his names on the Nepali newspapers of UK previously. Phiewwww. 

He has :

The Official Channel of 'lexlimbu' youtube 
video view Youtube
video views

Total Pageviews

lexlimbu twitter
@lexlimbuFOLLOWS YOU
Non Resident Nepali Blogger&YouTuber
UK ·
13,793 TWEETS


And the figures keep increasing. :)

To be honest, I don’t really know a lot about him. I don’t feel like asking personal questions to anybody to intimidate them. I know his real name and few other things, which I guess everyone already knows. All I know is he likes to talk about Nepal, he is proud to represent himself as Nepali, he promotes Nepal and it’s beauty. He respects the diversity in culture, diversity in thinking, rights of transsexual and gay and so on. He is a guy who is always working I suppose. He is a kind-hearted teenager who gives away donation to even those who is ( or may be ) just bluffing about being in a trouble. God forgive me if I assumed  something wrong. I remember his facebook stauts as ,’Don’t just think I’m lucky, I am hardworking.’ I fully agree with this phrase of his. We should work hard to achieve what we have dreamt of.

Now that I know him little more than before and we are good social networking freaks, I try to support him in any charitable activity he does. It is something I can contribute for my country Nepal. I wish him good luck in future. Hope he succeeds in whatever he had aimed or set out to do. Hope his blog hits millions and billions of views soon. Those who are jealous of him and speak evil of him can go and have a look in his blog and think yourself, can you do something like that?

Thank you for reading! 

(Please feel free to comment or suggest but offensive comments are not tolerated)

Here are some things from his Blog, Youtube channels, Twitter account and facebook account.

                                     this videos has almost 80,000 views.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Unexpected & unusual meeting

Unexpected & unusual meeting

I went to airport to accompany one of the brother who was sending some parcel to Nepal. Heathrow airport was quite busy during that hour.

We met another Nepali who was of probably late 50s or early 60s. At first I didn't really try to speak or make eye contact with him. But we sat down to have some coffee. Then we were introduced to him. Me and my sister came to know that he was actually a retired professor of Nepal's top University , Tribhuvan University and a geologist. He is now working for some company which I forgot the name. The first thing he said was 'I'm studying and my study never ends. I'm doing some  research.' That is exactly was I always say to my friends, I'll never stop studying. He is a geologist who is researching on the glaciers of SAARC countries (South Asian  Association for Regional Cooperation). Then we started the conversation. Talking all about Nepal specially, asking things. He was chatty person but very jolly. He had the knowledge, the power, the can do attitude. But Nepal has political issues to sort out first. I have never met any intelligence or lets say scientist of Nepal. So, it was new and exciting for me. I could learn so many things from him. It was a short meeting but memorable cause I was very much glad to meet one of the researcher of Nepal. I wasn't even born when he was in college haha.

I felt so proud of meeting someone who talks about facts and figures of Nepal and who had the scientific reason to prove whatever he was saying. Nepal is not lack of scientists or skilled personalities. It just feels like 'baandar ko haat ma nariwal', means a coconut in monkey's hand which precisely means something good and valuable in wrong hands. Hopefully this political turbulence of Nepal settles soon and we can focus on other things like education, development and building a better Nepal.

It's easy to write and say things but difficult to do, but better to say something encouraging then nothing at all.