Sunday, 27 May 2012

Amazing experience - 5K

Amazing Experience

I have done few things for some charities previously but never done something like today. I always wanted to go for raceforlifeUK cancer research charity but never actually did it until today. I jogged for 5 kilometers in Hyde Park London. I did raise some money for charity (donated by my close people). Thanks to them.

Today the weather was hot in London. I got tanned all over. I was actually happy that I completed something worthwhile in my life. I have never really finished any race till now. I pray and give support to all those families who has to go through so much mentally and physically when Cancer begins to haunt their lives. 'together we can beat cancer'.
There were 9,000 registered females today to run, jog and walk and many unregistered ones. Pink was all over green Hyde Park. This is the day I would certainly put in my blog and remember it as one of the important day.

I wondered what if I can organise similar event in Nepal as well. Hopefully someday I should be able to do it.

So much is going around in Nepal. I just wish no one is hurt and pray that we all live in peace an harmony as long as we can.

Live well !!!!

my achievement for today

gift bag

My Words, My Art, My Heart: Nepal, Love & Peace.

War, crime, disturbance, violence are not good for any country or any people. All it brings it sorrow, sadness, disaster and pain. Nepal is a small country. Let's live in peace and love and understand each other.
This poem is such a heart-touching poem written by Samby Pant. Please read it properly and think about it.

My Words, My Art, My Heart: Nepal, Love & Peace.: I can’t see the smiling white dove in the sky am I blind, has it disappeared, or did we leave it to die? I can’t see the Old man’...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Swaggical Rapstha, Rap Connect & Biraj (Play It On, 17 May 2012)

Play It On, 17 May 2012

Just few months ago I was blogging about this very talented girl Swaggical Rapstha. Today I saw her interview in Nepal TV with other boys. Oh ya, she makes me proud. Guess what she even managed to mention my name, haha I'm flattered. I just couldn't stop smiling and being excited to watch her interview though most of the talking was done by her fellow group members. I just wish her to Keep Rising like her song. All the best to you guys.

Forever supporter and a fan.
limshaku :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Music heals :)

I feel like listening to this music a lot today and also would like to share it in my blog. I don't know since when I noticed and liked this song but whenever I heard it, I admired and adored it by heart. I particularly remember listening it in the Korean movie 'The Classics' and last year in the Cathedral Cave in Wales. Enjoy listening to it.

Pachelbel's Canon D

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Be Good, Do Good & Feel Good

This might be the most boring thing ever I've written in my blog so far. Everyday I spend in this crazy world I come across with many instances, situations, moments and accidents. They all rise alarm in my mind and still I'm left with many unsolved and  unanswered questions. I have tried not to clutter my blog with non-sense but I can't help this one. Forgive me for being so obnoxious or disgusting. I will definitely write something nice next time but for now bear with me.

The question pops up again like :

Why the smallest finger of our foot suffers the most?
Why does the Pinky finger of your hand has to dig into nose?
Why is it better to put wedding ring on ring finger than little pinky finger?
Why kicking is more bad then slapping?
Why do we forgive our loved ones but never our enemy?
Why do we judge other people?
Why do we forget somebody's kindness but never forget somebody who treated us badly?
Why do we reserve bad memories in mind more than good memories?
Why do we always seek for better things when things are already better for them?
Why do we try to think what's on other person's mind when we know we always end up guessing?
Why do we always try to find answers when we know for sure that we sometimes can never get the answer?
Why the hell people seek for suggestion when all they do is criticise the person's opinion who suggests them?
Why do we wait for miracle to happen?
Why do we wait for love to happen?
Why do we never have sufficient money with us?
Why do we fall for something which is always difficult to get?
Why do we underestimate the power of small insects?
Why do we feel the invisible, uncountable, non-measurable, unmovable yet very disastrous pain of being refused?
Why do we think that our own pain is more than others?
Why do we live the life of hatred, jealousy, dominance, bully?
courtesy google images.

These questions are like the water of fast flowing rivers, so fierce, so powerful, unstoppable yet fresh and pure. All I try to do is to make myself a better person. I practise to be a better person everyday and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. I am just a human being who makes mistakes but I try to control my anger, my anguish, my disgusting behaviour of winning debates. I have habits which I dislike and attitudes which I possess and despite those qualities of mine I still try to behave in a good way. That is my practise everyday to overcome my weakness. I hope when I die I can atleast have no regrets or remorse left. Let's try to be a better person, that itself contributes more than enough for this world. A little act of kindness can change many things. DO GOOD, BE GOOD & FEEL GOOD.