Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Even now

Couple of months back these lines just popped into my head and jot it down my notes straightaway. Sometimes some people hurt you so much that later in your life even if they come infront of you, you will  have no words left to say to them and no feelings to express moreover no emotions to connect. Life is long and I want to live and share it with smile and happiness but still at times it is inevitable to avoid some situations which are uncomfortable. But I would still:
Try to love the ones who hates me, comfort the ones who hurts me, serve the ones who annoys me and probably speak to the ones who ignores me BECAUSE I should atleast try my best. It is only love and comfort which can make a difference. I am not god but a simple human being who wants to spread love, happiness and peace.

Durdle Door, Lulworth, Dorset, Summer of 2012.

The broken heart that I have can barely heal,

Even now if you try very hard to seal,

The painful memories I have can rarely fade away,

Even now if  you try hard to giveaway,

The happy short moments I have can surely disappear,

Even now if you in front of me reappear.

Thank you all my blog readers for your support and reading my posts. My life has completely changed ever since I started blogging and it would not have been possible without readers like you. Appreciate it. 

limshaku :):D

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tihar 2012

Hey everybody,
(Talking about festival that Hindu people celebrate, it has its own importance in our lives.)
First of all, Happy Deepawali / Tihar to everyone and hoping that everyone had a safe night playing with all firecrackers. I always loved celebrating Tihar. Nepalese people celebrate it in 5 days. Let's not got to details of what we do in all these days. My sister heard from her colleague at work that there will be fireworks in Neasden Temple (Swaminarayan Temple). We decided to go there and give it a try how it goes on. I never knew that there would be event like that.

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I finished all my worshipping of goddess Laxmi (goddess of fortune) at home. Then we headed towards our destination. Oh my god, the temple had rented the big multistory car park of nearby IKEA store. There were people everywhere. Luckily I guess whether was favourable to all of us. I thought we were late for it but thank god we still had some time to go inside the temple and come back one by one. On our way we saw many girls and guys of young age too. Suddenly my sister said,''Temple is the best place to look for girls ( for guys)''. Hahaha. No offence to anyone but I don't about other girls but I don't really look for potential partner in temples. :P  I think it is human nature that opposite attracts.

    Funny thing is that most of the guys had eyes on all the girls. Though I'm a girl, I don't know how I ended up telling my sister these things:

    • Yes temple is the place where they can see the type of girl they are looking for whom they can introduce to their mother. (Not referring that girls who don't go to temple are bad.)
    • They can actually see them in the most beautiful way, all covered up and well-behaved. (normally girls wear saree or kurta sarwal or some decent clothes.)
    • Almost all type of girls go to temple. ( I hardly know any Nepalese girls who doesn't go to temple, unless their religion is different.)
    Point here is not to penalise guys for staring at girls in temple, it's just a humorous co-incidence that I decided to wear a decent Kurta-sarwal when I went there. :P But there were so many other eye-catching beautiful girls in traditional dresses. If a girl like me can notice it how would those guys get their eyesight away from them. haha .Hey guys just because a girl goes to temple doesn't mean that they are so good that you ignore the ones who doesn't. All the best to all the guys out there who goes to temple to find someone they like.

    The best part of the night was crossing the big road North Circular. Wondering why? Thing is I always drive past that road but this was the first time I actually crossed it by foot. The whole road was blocked for few minutes just to let people (and me) to cross the road. Good feeling to walk on such a busy road freely and that majestic feeling of being special. it was well organised event and volunteers were great. Young boys handling shoe department were so busy, the ones showing the way to temple, standing outside, inside the temple did very good job. 

    Here is the glimpse of fireworks that made my Tihar of 2012 so special. I just love fireworks, it lightens up my heart, soul and mind. 

    Live well & love life!!!

    Thursday, 8 November 2012

    रक्सी र नानी (alcohol & girl)

    Just a random thing I have written thinking of drink and a girl.

    चिया , juice, रक्सी, पानी,
    पिउ straw ले तानी तानी,

    सुसु आएर खत्तम भएपनि,
    बस तिमी अल्छि मानी मानी,

    नराम्रो छ हो यस्तो बानि,
    नदौड toilet तिर लात्ता हानी हानी,

    पिउने भए रक्सी पिउ नानी,
    नक्कल नपार धेरै जानी जानी,

    ठर्रा रक्सी भए बाँड यतातिर पनि,
    कस्तो हुँदो रहेछ हिंडन टाउको घुमी घुमी,

    जति पिएपनि कता हराउँदो हो कुन्नि,
    मग्न हुऔं बरू rock र metal सुनि सुनि,

    रातभरि जागै, दिनभरि निद्रामा झुलि,
    जिन्दगी यस्तै बित्दैछ झुमी झुमी,

    भविष्य अन्धकार भएपनि,
    बसौं हामी उज्वल ताराहरू गनी गनी ।।

    मोजमस्ति गरौं तर आफू र अरूलाई नोक्सान हुने काम नदरौं। मनको अन्धकारलाई फैलिन नदेऊ, ज्योति आफै बाटो पहिल्याउदै आईपुग्छ । ज्योति भन्ने अस्तित्व नै हुन्न थियो होला यदि अन्धकार नहुंदो हो त । जिन्दगीको उज्वल पक्षलाई स्वागत गर्न सिकौं । खुशी बाँडौं ।।