Friday, 1 August 2014

Be a trendsetter; be proud!

Hello everyone,

Welcoming August already, time flies. I am posting something different today. Sometimes my mind works in a different pattern. Every now and then I tend to do some things which is out of my daily league.

I was just going through my old dresses and clothes. I came across this lovely piece of cloth which I bought few months back. I actually wore it as saree (Nepalese people wear it). But now I really do not feel like wearing it again as saree, does not appeal my taste. So, suddenly a sense of creativity hit my mind. It is not the first time I have done this. Back in Nepal, I used to ask tailor to create the dresses as I wanted. It is something that gives me KICK, hehehe (pardon me, just repeating the dialogue from a latest Bollywood movie Kick).

I say be a ''trendsetter''. We all believe that we are different than others and we are unique on our own ways. I am not a fashion designer or professional tailor nor did I took any lessons for any cutting or sewing. I only know how to do simple stitches and simple sewing things. In my opinion, we should wear what suits our mind and body not what suits others. We should be in the attire that gives us comfort and the satisfaction of wearing it.

Here are the photos of the different ways of wearing the same piece of cloth. 'Polka dot' has always been my ever loved style. Be your own boss, be creative, be imaginative and enjoy your freedom.

Hope you enjoy reading this post. Thank you!!!

And yes please don't be surprised if you see my photos or me walking around wearing these dresses hehe.

 Cheerio limshaku :)

(Live life to the fullest)

Please ignore the background. This piece of saree does not cost a fortune!!!


  1. Omg I didn't know that u hab a blog too
    It's gr8 to see u
    Keep in touch
    Btw I thoroughly enjoyed reading ur post
    And above all the looks my personal fav is that with long skirt

    1. Thanks for ur comment :) i love reading ur blog and ur creativity. Keep it up. Tk cr