Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Meeting Nabin K Bhattarai

A friendly and lively singer

It was a very unexpected and unplanned incident : meeting Nabin K Bhattarai, the celebrity of Nepal. I've been hearing his songs since schooldays and he still is around music industry and still standing firm.  It was Boxing Day of 2011 and people were busy shopping around. I didn't had any plan so stayed at home and did some household chores. I decided to go to one of the brother's house, the usual place I go most of the time. But this time he said someone is coming, I didn't take his words seriously. When he said Nabin Bhattarai is coming I thought he was joking. I thought I would feel awkward I shouldn't go, there won't be anything that we should talk about and many things in mind. But since I was already all dressed up and mind was ready to leave I thought I would just go. Even if I don't get any conversation with him I just wanted to see him. I wouldn't feel awkward because that's my brother's place and he was a guest. 

Well I went there and didn't even get my acts together to go and say 'Hello' to him, I hide myself in the kitchen where all the ladies were busy cooking. There was already a kind of informal interview session going on. Hmm then everybody (men) came out for a fag. I thought I saw someone whose face is not familiar to me in that house; well it was him; Nabin K Bhattarai. He smiled back to me. Then I felt a but less awkward and I actually had courage to go and sit where they were talking. Luckily the place in the sofa was vacant and I sat next to him. Hahaha 

He was quite down to earth and very friendly and funny as well. We all didn't feel bored at all. I did manage to tell him that I'm his twitter follower and he also follows me hehehe. He wanted to play guitar and none of had a guitar. Finally I managed to find one from one of the brother but with one last string missing. Still he played some songs for us and they were very nice. The whole house was so much lively.  He said me met one of the Indian singer and he praised about him, gosh that singer is one of my favourite too. He was singing songs which were recorded ages ago more than a decade but still felt so nice. His voice is more amazing when you hear in person. I did ask him if I could take a video of his singing but since he said to us not to put it in youtube, so I simply couldn't put it here. After the dinner we all said goodbye to each other. Hoping to meet him on the 7th of January in his concert. He could be a different person if I meet him in concert though. By the way, we managed to get his SIGNED AUTOGRAPH with our name on it yaaayyyy. He writes with his left hand, cool. I think this is one of the surprise Christmas gift I ever received and I'm happy! :) 

Thank you for reading.!/nabinkbhattarai




Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell.... Jingle all the way!

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Finally here we are, coming to the end of the year. Today is 23.12.2011 Christmas Eve's Eve day haha. After spending many years in Britain I have started loving Christmas. Though there are many reasons religiously and culturally to celebrate Christmas, for me it's a good time to spend with friends and family. This is the only day of the year when everything shuts down. No public transport, no shops opened (only few of them). I have been living with my friends for few years and I used to enjoy Christmas dinner with their family, a big feast. I am not a Christian but I love when I get gifts from friends and family and from workplace. It is way of expressing your love, gratitude and saying that you actually care.

I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old back in Hong Kong, we used to get Christmas gifts from Santa. Since we were Gurkha Children, British Government had arranged a Santa to visit our school and give us gifts according to our age group. I used to get nice gifts but still I liked the ones my elder sister used to get. They used to give one big sheet of paper and we had to make the best Christmas hat. Whoever makes the most beautiful used to get extra gifts and there was always one brother who used to get it. Anyways, gone are those days. I used to get Christmas gifts long before I knew what Santa was and why I got gifts. Christmas are more fun in childhood when you really think Santa exist and he will bring gifts for you after you go to sleep. Now I don't actually believe Santa exist but I like to imagine what if Santa exists and fulfills your request.

Hmmm, there are 2 Christmas carols that always rings the bell when it comes to Christmas and New Year.

I've been hearing these songs since the day I could understand what New Year and Christmas is. I think these are the songs that will never be replaced ever. 

There are many other songs of Christmas which are played for 2 weeks every year in radio in the UK. Listening to the same songs again and again for so many years made me realise that not only the tunes but I can actually sing them as well. Anyways here I am going to put some videos from youtube. Enjoy them.

This has always been my most favourite Christmas song. It'll always be my number 1 favourite. Many versions of this song came but WHAM was the best.

And the rest as well.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Himalayan Times : A sketch artist - Detail News : Nepal News Portal

I am glad that someone (Mr K) liked my blog about 'Amrit Puri's sketch and he re-blog it in the Himalayan Times. Oh I'm really happy, not only for myself but mostly for him. A friend who's like a brother whom I met in Google + few months ago. Hope he will succeed in future as well. Good Luck to you.

The Himalayan Times : A sketch artist - Detail News : Nepal News Portal

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Introducing Amrit Puri (AmWrit Poor E)

Hey readers,

Now I'm back again with another episode of introducing someone to you and something about people's talent. This time it's not about dancing or singing, it's something about ART. Well, to be honest, I hardly know about him (sorry), but I saw his sketches through Google + for the first time. I really liked those sketches. I even commented on them. 

Talking about sketches, I asked him to point out his favourite sketch among his all sketches. He then started  showing me one by one all his favourite ones. The number kept on going, then I realised what I have asked him. Apologies my friend, how could he have possibly point out his favourite ones, it's like me asking a parent which one of their children can they love most. All of his sketches are good I mean very good but I cannot put all of them here : a) lack of space , b) they are sketches of real people whom I don't want to put without permission. But if you think you want to see more of his sketches he might be able to show it to you. (will be giving his links below, don't forget to visit them)

Here I introduce 'AMRIT PURI'.

This was his first photo I saw of AMRIT PURI :)

A student of Kathmandu University who likes sketches. He ususally likes to sketch during term breaks or whenever he gets free time. According to him, his early sketches were in his childhood when he used to make cartoon sketches. He has so many of them able to fill up his room's wall. He thinks they were better sketches.

First sketch of people he ever made was a post card of Bollywood actress Raveena Tondon (she is my favourite hehe) when he was in year 7 or 8 in school. Then he drew Late King Birendra B.B. Shah and Late Queen Aishwarya R.L.D. Shah. After that, somehow he knew the techniques of sketch and drew another sketch of bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. Though he could not remember anything that inspired him to sketch he thinks the resemblance of these sketches really inspired him to continue it and he never stopped since then on. He says he always felt slightly heldback cause he didn't have formal training in this field but then after going to the university for furthur studies he learnt many techniques through internet. His dedication and determination in sketches also made him win many competitions.

Direct words from him :

My future :
Well i sketch..I phootoshop..actualy I DO ART.

It has helped me in my college studies making websites too..doing graphics for the programs I somehow my career and my hobby has got connected..

Probably I will be entering art field connected with my degree and I wil never stop sketching.

Well, now I finally show his sketches that I found really nice. Once again I'm saying he has many many nice sketches but these are the ones I would like to put it here in my blog. Rest of them are in his own blog and I hope you will visit his blog and support his talent.

Guess these faces in the sketches yourself. :)

Lord Shiva

Sharing his youtube channel video. 

Thank you everyone for going through my blog once again. Appreciate your support a lot.

Don't forget to visit his links::

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Dhangadi's Got Talent - Ruchi Shrestha as Swaggical Rapstha :)

Hello my readers,

 Today I am not writing about any experience or expressing outburst or reciting poem here. I am going to write something about this sweet yet very talented girl I came across through twitter recently. I truly think talent like her should not be wasted and I really hope someday she would achieve her dreams.

 Honestly speaking, there are many talented Nepali people nowadays, I feel like everyone is more talented than me haha. But today I am just going to talk about her.

 So, here I am introducing Miss Ruchi Shrestha as Swaggical Rapstha . We have been facebooking, youtubing and tweeting with each other for few months now I find her amazing. (all girls in my twitter world are sweet, cute and nice). I have put a little interview sort of conversation. Please support her. In the end you will find links to her twitter, youtube and facebook fan page. Thank you.

I love this photo of her.

Cover song : Superbass Rapping (Please listen carefully)

 A fun-loving girl, wants to make friends, trustworthy, humorous and loves to sing and dance.

Age : 18 now but will be 19 soon
Horoscope : Capricorn
Education : Under graduating now in Business study..high school passed
Address: From Dhangadhi, Farwestern development region..current city Kathmandu
Motto : Live your each day to the fullest. Dare to dream big cause dreams come true if you work on it.yoy
Favourite colour : White
Favourite food : Everything which suits my taste bud
Favourite hangout : Anywhere with my friends

Future career any: Seriously I haven't decided anything.. haha.. prolly will be a job holder but I wanna be a singer or rapper.

Any achievements :I have won various competition in my school as well as Inter-school Competition. I have been an athlete person ..won in various races, quiz and slogan competition too which was organised in India. I was a bright student. I have always managed to be in top 10.

Any hobbies : Besides rapping and singing, I love to dance, it's the thing that I used to do before singing or rapping.

What would you like to do in spare time ? : Watching tv, sleeping and if mood swings, I write anything that comes up in my mind.

Since when did you start rapping : I started rapping a year ago when I listened Eminem's song 'Love the way you lie'. I rapped just for fun cause I loved the song n just few months ago I decided to think about it seriously.

What or who or how you got inspired to rap? : It was Eminem. I grew up listening to his songs at my cousin's home. He was the first rapper that I ever listened to.

Who is your favourite Nepali rapper? : Manas and Kiran of Nepsydaz

Do you know Nepali rappers from UK, USA, AUS or any other country? : I know 3 rappers from youtube. They are Mani Sing, Prashna and Tib chick. (but I also think Nepali young rappers here are much better than anyone else)

Do you know any female rappers in Nepal? :I don't know if there are any female rapper in Nepal but I know one  from youtube.. Tib chick and she lives abroad.

Do you also write songs? : Yes, I do in spare time. Whenever I have mood I write things randomly and later I arrange them properly.

What do you like most: dancing or singing? : Both.. I cant leave any of them.

If you have to chose a style icon who would it be! : Beyonce..feminine, classy and cool.

Have u performed rap in any concert? : No..but if chance is given,I would do it for sure.

What do you think of youtube giving opportunities to people and talents without any legal bindings? : I think it's great. It has helped lot of people to recognise their talent all over the world.

Suppose if you are notice and picked up by Nicky Minaz or Missy Elliot, what will be first thing in your mind? : I would be like f**k yesssss!!!! Now my talent won't be wasted... hahaha... at that moment I would be the happiest person in the whole world cause Nicky is my inspiration.

Suppose if any Nepali star rapper approach you with the offer, what will be first thing in your mind? : Lots of thing will come up in my mind... happy, nervous. 

How would you prefer yourself as COOL or CUTE? : Both...CUOL (cute+cool) LOL

Do you think there will be possibility that your career and singing career might clash at some crucial stage? : I guess yes...cause Nepal do not give any support to the music industry and it's singers.

Which one will you chose? : I don't know... tyo time mai thaha hola. hehe (time will decide)

Who supports you most? : My sister (Pooja). She has been the one who gave me pressure to make youtube account and show my talent... and another person who has been supporting me from the day she saw my talent, SHAKU LIMBU. (that's me haha cheers girl)

Fame is a big thing, will you be able to handle it in future? : is.. I'm a calm person and guess I can handle it.

When and how did you start youtube account? : I started youtube on 21st June 2011. The main purpose was to show my dance to all my friends who was far from me... and my sister told me to record my rap and upload it ... and I did it.

What is the funniest comment you got to hear so far? : Umm... it was that I shouldn't dance on stage...hahaha...I laughed cause it was the thing that I can never ever quit.

What is / was the worst comment you heard about yourself? : Luckily, till now everybody has been nice to me... no worst comments yet.

If you would like to visit any place in the world except Nepal, where would you like to visit? : London, UK since it's the fashionable town in world.

Which is your dream destination? : New York, Las Vegas

What is the most proud thing about being a Nepali?: It's culture, people and their hospitality... and of course Mt. Everest.

If country demands one thing to do for it, what would you do? : Prolly I would do something for the talents of youths out there.

Do you like Nepali classical, modern and folk songs? : Yeah, I do...but I don't listen to them much.

Who is your favourite singer? : Justin Bieber has been my favourite since the day I listened to the song 'Baby'...I don't care what others say about my choice...besides him,I love Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown.

What would you like to say to all of the people out there who is reading this blog or watching your videos?: Wanna thank all of them for watchin my videos and reading this blog...I'm sorry if I did any mistakes. Due to some copyright problems, I wasn't able to upload new videos and songs but I will do it soon.."This Is Swaggical Rapstha who is doppest like gangsta..tryna show her beasty thang, just watch me cuz here I come with a bang" :D

  • Don't forget to leave a feedback for her and me as well. Respect the talent, no malicious behaviour or comments are tolerated. Thanks.

    Glad they made it to top 20 in Nepal.

Monday, 12 December 2011

How to make a friendship band

I am one of those people who always liked to give presents and gifts made by my own hands, my own creativity. I don't know how they feel but infront of me they say its really nice. Hope they meant it for sure.

This habit of mine made me do many things like :
 • Making a photo album for Xmas for a friend.
 • Knitting scarfs and gloves.
• Sewing simple things
• Making my own greeting card.
 • Making album of dried flowers and plants.
 • Making little flower basket from the grass.
• Last but not the least is making friendship bands.

 I only make friendship band for the ones I like most. For me it is a piece of cake haha I can make it easily and quickly. It has stayed as my hobby to make friendship bands since adolescent days. I don't exactly remember when I started making it and who taught me but all I know is I liked making it since I saw it. Here is a little guidenace of how you make it.


 1. You need patience and will to do it. If you don't have patience to stay at one place and will to concentrate and finish then I guess you should stop right here.
 2. You need different colourful threads. Any colour and quality is fine. Take natural colours like red, blue, green, black, white, etc.
 3. You need a pole or something forthe work to hang on to it.
 4. Now depending on the breath or length of the wrist:
 • Take 6 colours
• Cut them to the length of 1and half meter each.
 • Then put them together and fold them in exact half. Make a knot to remember the exact half.
 • Make a little braid about 1/2 cm.
 5. Now comes the actual receipe, ingrediant, technique or let's say secret of making a good friendship band. You have to start tieing "the knots". Yes! Friendship band is all about tieing knots. You need to have the passion of colours to arrange them so well so that the band would look nice.


 a) There are only 2 ways of tieing the knots. Each knot will take the thread to either right or left wherever you want to take it. Let's say if you want the thread (red) to go right then you need hold it (red) with your right hand. Hold other colour thread (may be blue) with left hand. Don't move tge blue thread, move the red thread and try to make a knot by running it from underneath the blue thread and taking it out from top. Repeat the knot again. It looks like one knot from front but 2 knots at the back.

 b) Once you've done that the red thread will be on the right side and blue will be on the left side. Continue the same process till you finish the remaining threads. The shape will be like a diagonal line and finally red thread will be in the end. Same goes from left to right. If the red thread is to be brought towards your left, you need to hold the red thread with right hand and try to make a knot by running it from the of the blue thread and go underneath  it and take it put on the left side. If you continue same process with remaining threads the red thread will be in the end. It is a diagonal but towards left. Finally both reds will meet inte middle. You have to tie the same knot in between. Carry on the same process till the band is long enough to fit the wirst.

 c) Now you have to separate those threads in two groups . Start making braid on each group about 1 inch long and finally tie a big knot to keep them together. I know these instructions aren't quite clear that's why I have video to show as well. Making a friendship band is not a difficult task. As it's name, we build each knot with friend and make it stronger and stronger . In the end result looks absolutely amazing. I feel like gifting a friend with friendship band even though friendship day is over and they are no longer in fashion.  Hope you learn something though instructions are a bit brief.

 Thank you for reading. Happy Friendship Day though it's long gone. For friends everyday should be Friendship Day. Enjoy life people.

clolours of life

back side

finishing touch

finally done

few more of them
I will put a video of making this band once it is ready although there are many good videos in youtube.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Unforgivable mistake : Calcutta Fire

[ Just few months ago I was writing about victims of Mumbai bomb blast and it was not really nice. But here I am again writing about things which happened recently in India. I mean there are many many things that happen in India, it's a big country, somewhere good things might be happening and somewhere bad things as well. ]

Today I am here to pay my humble respect to the ones who had lost their life in the blazing fire : nature's force. Everybody dies in this world but how you die does matter. Nobody really deserves to die like that. It just makes me so sad and angry thinking why there were no safety and provisions enough to save patients and people. But I don't think there are answers to my questions.

 Here in UK, we are given training all the time about 'Fire Safety' and things like that. It is quite helpful, they show and train us about the fire extinguishers, fire blanket, type of fire extinguishers and when and how to use and all. I know in lifetime we might never have to use them but it's that one moment that we prepare for ; a moment like that which claimed so many lives in Calcutta. We were shown a video in that Fire Safety training about the fire in one of the English football club, it was too emotional to watch even for our trainer cause he knew someone who lost his life in that fire. People could feel the heat even from the opposite side of the football pitch.

I just think those who were sick, unable to run away from fire, some might be just waiting for the day to end their life but still that was not the right way to meet death. People go to hospital to find a new hope, new life. Patients and their family entrust their whole life on the hospitals management. Mistake like this is unforgivable. Humans do make mistakes but there is a degree and scale of what kind of mistake it is. If that incident would have been solved easily but ignored by few staffs, it is not mistake but it is a true example if ignorance. Recent widespread examples of human error like 'Gulf Oil Spillage', 'Titanic', etc. Some things are inevitable and they will happen when they are meant to happen. My prayers goes to all the victims of this fire which claimed many lives. May justice would be done to act as a fire extinguisher for the friends and families of those who lost their lives. May their souls rest in peace.

I cannot undo the things which have already happened but atleast I can go and read all those Fire Safety handbook at work again. I can atleast try to save one life till the end if time comes. No human can ever win over the force of nature like fire but let me tell you something we are those intelligent and incredible human being who reinvented fire and made a good use out of it. With our wise thinking and careful considerations we can avoid mistakes like this. Think again before lighting any fire. Alert !!!

Simple safety measures as far as I know of :
1. Do not panic. Panicking makes it even worst and your mind stops thinking.
2. Always set out Fire Assembly Point (prior to fire incident), place where everybody assembles after they escape fire.
3. Have a fire exit in house of your workplace. Always keep the area clean and free from any obstructions. Always put a sign showing a way to fire exit. Keep fire extinguishers in an accessible place. If you are an employer please train your staffs. Few spending could save someone's life.
4. Do not ignore even the smallest fire, do not leave any fire unattended. At home, do not smoke if possible. Smoke cigarette out of the premises. Candles or any flammable things had to be handled properly.
5. If fire starts within the house or building, close all the windows . I know you might be wondering about this but there is a reason behind this. Fire is possible only if the triangle is complete, triangle of air, fuel and heat. So, if one of the contributor of this triangle is stopped there won't be any fire. Suppose if you close the windows and not let pass the air from outside it will kind of lessen the fire which is burning inside the house. Ofcourse you will have to find a way out from fire safely.
These are just few outlines and there are many more precautions we can read about in google.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New vibe around : Bend It Like Sagar Thapa

It's already been widespread news covered by many youtubers, bloggers, newspapers, websites and many more sources but I am still talking about it today here in my blog. Think of it as my way of paying respect to the footballers of my country Nepal. I have always been a keen supporter of football and have always supported my country no matter they win or lose.

I am proud to write about this topic today. I remember that time when Nepal won South Asian Football match and we were rejoicing it in Kathmandu valley. My passion for football came from family. My father, brother, relatives and everybody loved watching football. Before I knew rules of any other games I knew about football rules and discipline. I even used to play football with boys when I was around 12 or 13 years old. It is funny remembering those days. I was a typical tom-boy type girl. When my school went for inter-school football competition I used to be amongst the loud cheer leaders.

Going back to the topic, I wasn't watching this goal live but I was getting updates through twitter, facebook and some websites. I got the message Sagar Thapa scored brilliantly. Then I got a link to watch it, oh my god it was a perfect goal. Who says Nepalese can't play well? This delivery of goal was world class and ofcourse he's been compared with many world class professional footballers since then. History has been made. Once again I am proud to say I am a Nepali and I love football (despite being a girl). I have always supported our National Football Team and will continue supporting it. Who knows may be one day Nepal might be in the World Cup list! Dreams are fulfilled if you have courage to dream and persuasiveness to continue working on it.

So, here is the new vibe around : Bend It Like Sagar Thapa. He and his team made us proud. Well done lads, well done Gurkhali heros and well done to the coach.

Watch the victorious win in this selected youtube video. Thank you.
(Note : It's nice to hear new National Anthem in a Football Pitch.)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dear mom (I love you and miss you),

Dear mom (आमा),

I am fine here (though I've been suffering from cold and flu for the past few days) and everything is alright  (weather seems crap : rain, wind and cold and my car gives me headache). I know I haven't contacted you for a month now (didn't bother to buy a international calling card) but I will call you soon (don't know when). It was nice having you here with me after so many years and I feel empty after you left (though living with parents seems a bit different after being so carefree for many years, sorry).

I know now you are at the place where your heart will be at ease i.e. your home (my home as well) but now I feel like I belong here and you belong there (bitter truth although I love my hometown and country a lot). Hope you started doing all those unfinished and never ending household chores of yours (ahh too many things to sort out) and hope now you are with the love of your life your granddaughter (she's a little princess, everybody adore her to bits). By this time probably dad has already forgotten about his trip to UK cause he is so busy in other social and political activities (gosh he's got whole lot of things in line). Next time when you come here (that could be after 2 years may be), I want you to bring me some nice sarees, kurta and if possible sovereign of Nepal (it's cheaper to order from Nepal then buying here or let's say they'll pay for it not you : oops so mean). I really want you to lookafter your health (cause she skips regular visit to doctor sometimes). And I really enjoyed the bottle of pickle, it was really nice (made of radish : oh my favourite one ever made by her ). [We don't really express feelings openly like 'thank you', 'sorry', 'I love you'. So, I suppose she understood I loved her pickle and the warmth, the love, the caress  she put in it. ] I have sent my prescription of eye test can you please order two nice pairs of glasses and send it to me. (since ordering glasses here seems too expensive).

I might be coming next year (this might be the 3rd or 4th next year I have said that so far), but I'm not too sure yet (i.e. probably financial or work or educational problem). Don't worry about me (always putting bold face infront of her with confidence), I will be alright here (assurance), remember I am your bold daughter (she believes in me). It's getting cold here (she knows) but I am wearing warm clothes (we bought big coats together for winter) and eating well (I fell sick with cold and flu when she was here).

Last but not the least (don't want to stop writing), hope you be healthy and be happy ( she thinks too much and takes too much headache as all mothers do). I will call you soon ( not too good in doing this one).

Yours loving (second) daughter (छोरी).
Miss S

Things not included but had in mind while writing the letter :
I wanted to thank you for all the amazing food you made for me during your visit here. All those blessings and time spent during biggest Nepalese festive season. Hope my driving didn't scare you that much. My biggest dream was to drive you around in my car and it came true. You are my living goddess and I praise you, pray for you and persue to be like you. I love you to bits. I miss you, your hug, you complains, your chit-chats, your smell, your childish behaviour, your lessons and everything. Love you loads. Thank god I have a mother and I feel blessed.
watching you go was the hardest thing.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Talking about somebody : Praising or back-biting

We always find someone and something to talk about. I realised most of the time we talk about other people. If not friends or family we talk about celebrities, if not celebrities we talk about politicians, if not politicians we talk about anything like authors, criminals, etc. Either way seems like we talk about somebody.

 In schools and universities, we talk about those great theories and theorems that the great scientist and people invented. We talk about their life story as well like William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein and many more. In national news they talk about people and politicians and celebrities. I think newsreaders are talking about people in a formal way acceptable by the society. In radio, we still hear RJs talking about things like which people did what and interview of some person. It's all about talking about somebody in the end. You see newspapers full of news of somebody did this and somebody did that. Full of story of people and their deeds. Gossip magazines are the worst ones. Let's say we read a novel , there you go , it's either written about somebody or written for somebody. Everywhere around people talk about each other and it's a human nature.

 Getting back to the topic, what I am trying to say is,' Is talking about somebody is gossipping or back-biting or just simply talking about them'. If we talk good about them then it's praising and if we talk bit sarcastic and bad about them then it's bitching or back-biting about them. Come on whether we talk good or bad we do talk about them. The other day I was talking to a highly qualified member of society as in medical field. We started having conversation and we talked about few things. Suddenly I realised we were talking about somebody who was good in his profession and this and that. I felt like is this back-biting or appraisal, you know ! And I was annoyed with the amount of mess some people made on the floor of my workplace and words did come out from my own mouth. I was simply talking about them in not a good way. This isn't back-biting, is it? :P Even the most respected person also talks about other person : like PM David Cameron talks about Deputy PM Nick Clegg and Ex-PM Gordon Brown in National Election. Sometimes when we talk to people about other people we do not realised whether we are praising them or criticising them or back-biting about them or even making fun of them in a good or bad way! All we did was talk about them and remembered them, made their name topic of the day and probably made them famous. Thinking positive.

 I think we labelling those things we talk about as praising or back-biting is really complicated. I would be surprised if those people who talk about me do not gossip about me at some stage. So, I am taking it easy and accepting appraisals as well as criticisms. Let me hear you out cause sometimes criticisms can also make you work harder and better.

 Hence, next time when you talk about some other people think twice, whether you are talking about them or gossipping about them. You will also see your self- reflection there of what kind of person you are. 

Was I talking about myself or bitching about things I like and don't like? Haha confuse state of mind yet I am convinced that I found my solution. I can't really stop talking.  Let's talk about each other than talking about others ; hang on a minute it might sounds self-centered and self-egoistic and self blah blah. People gets annoyed when you talk about your things like academic qualifications, possessions and what not. People are sometimes ridiculous to think stupid things.

 Thanks for reading. I hope to talk about more things and more people in my coming posts in blog. Sorry about that!!!!! Cheerio :) :D 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Topic of the day in London

Hello all my readers out there,

How was  your day?
 Well my day went normal and everything was fine. But in the UK today many things were happening because public sector workers went to STRIKE. The union leaders and the government couldn't make a decisions and disruptions were all over the country. Schools were closed, hospitals, emergency services, airports and many places had many difficulties. Since I work for a private owner there is no way I'm going for a strike with my boss. I am quite happy and comfortable working the way I am at the moment. Sometimes money is not everything in life and job satisfaction is the first priority. I sometimes say this to console my heart as well but most of the time this is the fact that I love my job and respect my employer even if he could not afford to pay me more. I am lucky enough to have job in this time of recession, job cuts and people going into claiming government benefits.

I don't know the real reason and cause behind this strike and honestly speaking I don't really want to know as well. I'm sure they must have had reasonable causes to cause this much disruptions but in my point of view STRIKES make general people like me a big-time sufferer. This was the biggest strike ever in the UK so far in 30 years. I can understand government is also pushing it to the edge and trying hard to change the system. Things just don't get accepted so easily in this coalition government.

I think this phase of life is to struggle and make my way towards achieving my goal. I have certain aim, goal or lets say dreams to fulfill and I am working towards it. I come from a small South Asian country where to find a job with pension scheme is almost impossible. Only government jobs like government school, government offices and government works (army, police, hospitals,etc) or any jobs related to government can get pension as far as I know of. The pay is comparatively less and pension is also not that much high. To get a position in government work is again like reaching out for stars. You can't really get into those kind of jobs. We have learnt to live like that and we know how to survive even without pension in an old age. But here in this sophisticated country, the most advanced and developed country in the world people are still doing strikes over pay and pensions when recession is at its highest peak and there is also biggest chance of losing your job. Sometimes I wonder aren't they just lucky to have their job in this period where people's jobs have been snatched from them, early redundancy is widespread. More than 100 RAF pilots have been informed of their redundancy through emails. I meet a lot of people saying they have been made redundant and with no choice they had to claim government benefit. They don't have to go on a strike if there is no job. If there was no facilities people wouldn't have choices and there wouldn't be any unnecessary demands arising from there. Let's say in Nepal we only have few benefit scheme like old-age benefit, pregnancy benefit and free education for children upto certain year and that is at the moment more than enough. Why? Simply because our government can only afford to or lets say system is only providing limited facilities.

In Nepal they do lot of strikes and close down the whole country, town and cities if some union or some political party or anybody when they want to protest against government. Who suffers the most : general public. Still after doing all those strikes and disruptions nothing really comes out from it. I hope those who did the strike get what they wanted.

When we wake up tomorrow things would be pretty much normal and running as usual. People rushing to go to work, roads full of cars again and traffic jam everywhere. Now I hope Londoners and the people of UK have a good sleep and no strike on action. May they have a better pay and pension in their dream as well. Sleep tight.

Thank you for reading and hope this post find you in most relaxing mood. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One step ahead :Technology and Gadgets now

[Caution : too long to read and finish this post. Might get bored while reading this post halfway through.]

Tuesday evening at work I was thinking about social networking and how vast these sites have become now. We can hear about these networking sites all over nowadays. World is surely moving faster when it comes to computer and internet.

I remember when I was back home in Nepal, computers were owned by only minority of population and internet connection at home were rare. I studied from the binary code of computer and its history in school. I'm glad I took Computer Science as an optional subject in my school. Funny thing is; we had to take off our shoes to go to our computer class because it was carpet floor and the computers would get dirty if we take shoes in there. Haha it sounds funny now. The first I played in school computer was 'PC man' or something. We used to have young and handsome computer teachers : male hehe. We had to pay to the cyber cafe to use internet and I tell you honestly the connection speed was so so so so slow. But there was fun in going to cyber cafe with friends and use internet. Later on we bought desktop in my birthday. I even went to Aptech (Indian affiliated computer training centre), honestly saying it was just a time pass. I did get the certificate from there but it's only lying in my collection of certificates at the moment. I quite remember Apple computers were round and cute ones at that time. (thinkin of it makes me feel old :P).

Well, coming back to the topic now kids nowadays are so clever. Is it the advancement of technology or gadgets? I mean we hardly ever used mobile phones back home 10 years ago and now everybody has mobile. I bought my first mobile phone in London and it was a simple small phone Nokia with simple tarrif to pay. I have a very bad habit of losing phones and I lost many phones after that. Even in London internet in mobile phone was rarely used and expensive to afford. Then I happen to use Samsung, Siemens (SL55), Sony Ericsson (the phone with brilliant speaker to play music), etc. The only admirable phone I ever have is iphone. I had unlimited internet access and felt like world is in my hands. Technology has moved on to the level beyond imagination. I never ever thought in Nepal that I would be using a phone like this where I can play games, write blog, put videos and publish it straight to youtube ( youtube and facebook were not introduced 10 years ago), put thousands of photos in this small mobile, search anything and everything like a blink or eye. I was travelling in bus one day in Hamstead Heath (one of the posh area of London), I saw 2 children playing with their own iphones. A 1and half year old baby comes and asks me to unlock the phone so that she can go to youtube and play music. 3 years old boy plays spiderman like he's been playing that game since birth. Forget about iphone and computers, digital cameras are so brilliant. Back in those days we had to take photos and wait till we finish the roll and wait eagerly to get the photos from the lab. Thinking of it now, there was some fun in doing so as well. I miss those days. My brother's 4 year old daughter comes and grabs the camera as soon as we take a photo cause she wants to see how it came haha. Talking about games : oh my god its a world of Wii and PsP. My god I can't believe how far people have achieved. The first game I remember playing was Mario is little handheld game boy or similar ones. Brick game was my favourite. My sister loved racing bikes and shooting things but I used to have dizzy feeling if I played those games. My housemate recently bought Wii and it's so much fun playing it. I want to have a Wii where I can dance Zumba. And there are guitar heros and blah blah blah.

Kids nowadays have so many facilities in comparision to my childhood but I still feel I was happy enough at that time cause if there is no availability then there is no demand.

I always used to think I was one step ahead of my parents when it came to technology and gadgets but now I feel like the younger generation of my family would be even more familiar with technologies. If you ask a kid what do you want for your birthday the obvious answer would be either PsP or ipod or Nintendo Ds or even Wii.

 I try to update myself with the latest gadgets and technology but still sometimes I'm least bothered to do that ; simply because I get bored and tired of trying to learn new things to keep up with. I think we are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Suppose if I forget to put the alarm then most certainly I'll be late for my work, if I forget to put a reminder of birthdays I would most probably forget my best friend's birthday, if I forget to save my phone number then I will most definately never ever remember it. I envy this generation kids cause they can get these amazing gadgets which I dreamt of and never actually got it when I wanted it.

 At the moment I am more than happy with the gadgets I have. The more gadgets we have the more dependant we become in them. I used to remember 11 digits number of more than 11 friends now I hardly remember any. Why??? Because I have become too dependant on my phone's address book. I still keep wondering how the technology and advancement in gadgets would be when I become old. Probably something beyond my imagination. Prolly people could just say a word and then things get done by computers.

There's a funny short quote in twitter : 'When I was thirteen, Apple and Blackberry were only fruits!' So funny but so true.

Soon I will have to upgrade my gadget so that I can keep up with this fast changing world. Now I want iphone 5 and ipad 3 or may be SLR camera not introduced yet  hahhaha.

Thanks for reading. :) 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

That windy day

Hey everybody,

How was your day today? Mine was ok, not too good not too bad. London weather was not too favourable today. It's not an unusual thing here anyways, in winter days weather is always like this. Did many thing in the daytime and went to drop off somebody in airport. Day went well.

After having loads of fun in tweet chatting with few people I still was not feeling sleepy. I thought why not check my blog which I haven't bothered to check recently. Before doing that I somehow was feeling too warm because of the heating so I thought I'll open the window for few minutes. As soon as I opened this window I felt like some strong force pulled my hand. Gosh it was scary, it's that strong wind that pushed the window. Suddenly fresh air was all over my room. The door made certain noise and everything in the room moved just like in horror movies or like in Final Destination movie. haha
That cool breeze made me feel so fresh there is no way I can fall asleep. The coldness and chilliness in the wind felt like its whispering in my ears and saying something. I felt very empty and lifeless at some point. I soon regained my consciousness and went back to kitchen to grab some water. Now only think I wanted to do was to try and sleep but as I said earlier sleep was nowhere to be seen. I admit I am turning into a insomnia person or just say INSO-MANIAC. Lights off, eyes closed, blanket pulled but still something was disturbing my sleep the fiercefull sound of wind. Some sirens of police car in distant, some car alarm went off in nearby place, things are happening even in the midnight. 

There are and there will be many windy days in life. Today is that windy day when I finally felt like eating something again in the middle of the night. I must say goodnight world now. Take Care.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति

This poem is not to show hatred or anger to any group or political party. Hope you enjoy reading it. :)

पाईदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै सुख, चैन र शान्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

िमल्दैन यहाँ कहिल्यै सदभाव,सम्मान र मुक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति । 

भेटिदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै उदार समाझको जुक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

खोजिदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै देश विकासकालागि कुनै युक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

राखिदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै लेखाजोखा असल भावनाको जगेर्ना र उन्नती,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

बग्दैछ यहाँ कहिले नसोचेको बलिदानहरूको रक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

हुँदैछ यहाँ कहिले नदेखेको पदहरूको नियुक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

गरिंदैछ यहाँ कहिले नभएको नाइनास्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

देखिदैंछ यहाँ पशु-राज्यको झैं मनमानि र िबगबिती,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

कृपया  उपयोग गरौं प्रजातन्त्र र स्वतन्त्राको शक्ति,
सदुपयोग गरौं यो तुक्का ॔जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ॥


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Original Vs Copied : Bollywood movie songs

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Hi everybody,

This has been the longest post I tried to write. Wasted most of my sleeps and days outings. Nothing much but hope you enjoy it.

Since I can't find any interesting topic to write today I'm writing something about song which have been liked and remade by different people still they sounds terrific. I always wonder how people make such a beautiful songs, so heart touching and so emotional. I sometimes shuffle through my ipod and hear songs which are remake of the original ones. 

Here are some of the sings which has some connections.

First lets start with my own country Nepal. 
1. " Musu Musu Haasi Deu "
The song 'Musu Musu Haasi Deu' sang by Himalayan Band in the 70's was remade (actually stolen) by and Indian Music director and put in the movie 'Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi'.
I suppose there is no word in Hindi as 'Musu musu' it's an expression of how you smile in Nepali. 

2. Demis Roussos :
. Say you love me - Mehebooba 'Sholay'
.You are my only fascination - Tume se thoda saa mein door 'Pyaar ka saaya'
.Lovely Lady of Arcadia - Tumhe chede hawa chanchal 'Salaami'
                                        - Yun hi kat jayega safar 'Hum hain rahi pyaar ke'

3. Neil Sekada :
Oh Carol - Aye Dil, laya hai bahar 'Kya Kehna'
                - Oh Carol by Stereo Nation
 4. Wham : 
Last Christmas - Dil  mera churaya kyon 'Akele Hum Akele Tum'

5. The Beatles :
.And I love her - Paagalpan cha gaya 'Jaanam'
.Ob-la-do - Meri Mehebooba 'Perdes' infact only the 'OB-LA-DO' matches

6. Frank Sinatra :
. Can't take my eyes off - Haan Haan Yeh Pyar hai 'Dillagi'

7. Modern Talking :
Brother Louie  - Mera dil gayega Zubi Zubi 'Dance Dance'

8. Los Del Rio :
Macarena - Dil le le lena 'Auzaar'

9. 500 miles away (from home) - Jab Koi baat bigad jaye 'Jurm'

10. Abba :
Mamma mia - Mil Gaya humko saathi 'Hum kissi se kum nahin'

11. Culture Club (singer Boy George)
Karma Chameleon - Coming Coming Aye Hun main 'Rang'

12. One Way ticket ( to the blue) - Hari Om Hari 'Pyaara Dushman'

13. Kevin Little
Turn me on - Chakhle Chakhle 'Awaara huwe pagal'

14. Stevie Wonder
I just ccalled to say I love you - Meri rang mein 'Meine Pyar Kiya'

15. Mungo Jerry
In the summertime (when the weather is fine) - Hasina Gori Gori 'Tarazu'

16. Stereo Nation 
Don't break my heart - Oh baby don't break my heart (I will I will :P) 'Mohabbat'

17. Don't know original singer's name
Feeling hot hot (Ole ole) - I forgot the song sang in 90's by a lady. But I again heard it in the movie 'Bend It Like Beckham'

18. Elvis Presley 'King of Rock and Roll'
Let's Rock - Mujhe nahin pata mein kya gaoongi 'WE ARE FAMILY'

19. Louis Armstrong
A kiss to build a dream - Kaisi Paheli hai yeah jindagani 'Parineeta'

20. Cliff Richard 
Theme to dream - Pal Pal har pal 'Munna Bhai 2'

21. Kenny G
Joy of Life - Meri jaane jaana 'Insaaf' (I love this song a lot) 

22. Roy Orbisson 
Pretty Woman (walking down the street) - Pretty woman 'Kal ho naa ho'

23. From the bollywood movie RACE :
Deep within Bamboo groove - Zara Zara kiss me 

This is my personal favourite and how I wished it could have been the original ones. :( I love Korean version more than the hindi one though cause original is better. I am great fan of Atif Aslam as well but as I said already it would have been better if the song was not copied.

Sarangheo 'Sassy Girl - Chung Hyan' - Pehli Nazar Mein 

There are many many songs copied, derived, borrowed or ilegally stolen from many sources. Only the original people who created those music knows the real story behind those songs. Copyright does matter.

Thanks for reading.

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