Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One step ahead :Technology and Gadgets now

[Caution : too long to read and finish this post. Might get bored while reading this post halfway through.]

Tuesday evening at work I was thinking about social networking and how vast these sites have become now. We can hear about these networking sites all over nowadays. World is surely moving faster when it comes to computer and internet.

I remember when I was back home in Nepal, computers were owned by only minority of population and internet connection at home were rare. I studied from the binary code of computer and its history in school. I'm glad I took Computer Science as an optional subject in my school. Funny thing is; we had to take off our shoes to go to our computer class because it was carpet floor and the computers would get dirty if we take shoes in there. Haha it sounds funny now. The first I played in school computer was 'PC man' or something. We used to have young and handsome computer teachers : male hehe. We had to pay to the cyber cafe to use internet and I tell you honestly the connection speed was so so so so slow. But there was fun in going to cyber cafe with friends and use internet. Later on we bought desktop in my birthday. I even went to Aptech (Indian affiliated computer training centre), honestly saying it was just a time pass. I did get the certificate from there but it's only lying in my collection of certificates at the moment. I quite remember Apple computers were round and cute ones at that time. (thinkin of it makes me feel old :P).

Well, coming back to the topic now kids nowadays are so clever. Is it the advancement of technology or gadgets? I mean we hardly ever used mobile phones back home 10 years ago and now everybody has mobile. I bought my first mobile phone in London and it was a simple small phone Nokia with simple tarrif to pay. I have a very bad habit of losing phones and I lost many phones after that. Even in London internet in mobile phone was rarely used and expensive to afford. Then I happen to use Samsung, Siemens (SL55), Sony Ericsson (the phone with brilliant speaker to play music), etc. The only admirable phone I ever have is iphone. I had unlimited internet access and felt like world is in my hands. Technology has moved on to the level beyond imagination. I never ever thought in Nepal that I would be using a phone like this where I can play games, write blog, put videos and publish it straight to youtube ( youtube and facebook were not introduced 10 years ago), put thousands of photos in this small mobile, search anything and everything like a blink or eye. I was travelling in bus one day in Hamstead Heath (one of the posh area of London), I saw 2 children playing with their own iphones. A 1and half year old baby comes and asks me to unlock the phone so that she can go to youtube and play music. 3 years old boy plays spiderman like he's been playing that game since birth. Forget about iphone and computers, digital cameras are so brilliant. Back in those days we had to take photos and wait till we finish the roll and wait eagerly to get the photos from the lab. Thinking of it now, there was some fun in doing so as well. I miss those days. My brother's 4 year old daughter comes and grabs the camera as soon as we take a photo cause she wants to see how it came haha. Talking about games : oh my god its a world of Wii and PsP. My god I can't believe how far people have achieved. The first game I remember playing was Mario is little handheld game boy or similar ones. Brick game was my favourite. My sister loved racing bikes and shooting things but I used to have dizzy feeling if I played those games. My housemate recently bought Wii and it's so much fun playing it. I want to have a Wii where I can dance Zumba. And there are guitar heros and blah blah blah.

Kids nowadays have so many facilities in comparision to my childhood but I still feel I was happy enough at that time cause if there is no availability then there is no demand.

I always used to think I was one step ahead of my parents when it came to technology and gadgets but now I feel like the younger generation of my family would be even more familiar with technologies. If you ask a kid what do you want for your birthday the obvious answer would be either PsP or ipod or Nintendo Ds or even Wii.

 I try to update myself with the latest gadgets and technology but still sometimes I'm least bothered to do that ; simply because I get bored and tired of trying to learn new things to keep up with. I think we are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Suppose if I forget to put the alarm then most certainly I'll be late for my work, if I forget to put a reminder of birthdays I would most probably forget my best friend's birthday, if I forget to save my phone number then I will most definately never ever remember it. I envy this generation kids cause they can get these amazing gadgets which I dreamt of and never actually got it when I wanted it.

 At the moment I am more than happy with the gadgets I have. The more gadgets we have the more dependant we become in them. I used to remember 11 digits number of more than 11 friends now I hardly remember any. Why??? Because I have become too dependant on my phone's address book. I still keep wondering how the technology and advancement in gadgets would be when I become old. Probably something beyond my imagination. Prolly people could just say a word and then things get done by computers.

There's a funny short quote in twitter : 'When I was thirteen, Apple and Blackberry were only fruits!' So funny but so true.

Soon I will have to upgrade my gadget so that I can keep up with this fast changing world. Now I want iphone 5 and ipad 3 or may be SLR camera not introduced yet  hahhaha.

Thanks for reading. :) 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

That windy day

Hey everybody,

How was your day today? Mine was ok, not too good not too bad. London weather was not too favourable today. It's not an unusual thing here anyways, in winter days weather is always like this. Did many thing in the daytime and went to drop off somebody in airport. Day went well.

After having loads of fun in tweet chatting with few people I still was not feeling sleepy. I thought why not check my blog which I haven't bothered to check recently. Before doing that I somehow was feeling too warm because of the heating so I thought I'll open the window for few minutes. As soon as I opened this window I felt like some strong force pulled my hand. Gosh it was scary, it's that strong wind that pushed the window. Suddenly fresh air was all over my room. The door made certain noise and everything in the room moved just like in horror movies or like in Final Destination movie. haha
That cool breeze made me feel so fresh there is no way I can fall asleep. The coldness and chilliness in the wind felt like its whispering in my ears and saying something. I felt very empty and lifeless at some point. I soon regained my consciousness and went back to kitchen to grab some water. Now only think I wanted to do was to try and sleep but as I said earlier sleep was nowhere to be seen. I admit I am turning into a insomnia person or just say INSO-MANIAC. Lights off, eyes closed, blanket pulled but still something was disturbing my sleep the fiercefull sound of wind. Some sirens of police car in distant, some car alarm went off in nearby place, things are happening even in the midnight. 

There are and there will be many windy days in life. Today is that windy day when I finally felt like eating something again in the middle of the night. I must say goodnight world now. Take Care.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति

This poem is not to show hatred or anger to any group or political party. Hope you enjoy reading it. :)

पाईदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै सुख, चैन र शान्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

िमल्दैन यहाँ कहिल्यै सदभाव,सम्मान र मुक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति । 

भेटिदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै उदार समाझको जुक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

खोजिदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै देश विकासकालागि कुनै युक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

राखिदैंन यहाँ कहिल्यै लेखाजोखा असल भावनाको जगेर्ना र उन्नती,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

बग्दैछ यहाँ कहिले नसोचेको बलिदानहरूको रक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

हुँदैछ यहाँ कहिले नदेखेको पदहरूको नियुक्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

गरिंदैछ यहाँ कहिले नभएको नाइनास्ति,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

देखिदैंछ यहाँ पशु-राज्यको झैं मनमानि र िबगबिती,
किन िक छ यहाँ जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ।

कृपया  उपयोग गरौं प्रजातन्त्र र स्वतन्त्राको शक्ति,
सदुपयोग गरौं यो तुक्का ॔जसको शक्ति उसको भक्ति ॥


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Original Vs Copied : Bollywood movie songs

(Please check the other page for the videos of this content.)

Hi everybody,

This has been the longest post I tried to write. Wasted most of my sleeps and days outings. Nothing much but hope you enjoy it.

Since I can't find any interesting topic to write today I'm writing something about song which have been liked and remade by different people still they sounds terrific. I always wonder how people make such a beautiful songs, so heart touching and so emotional. I sometimes shuffle through my ipod and hear songs which are remake of the original ones. 

Here are some of the sings which has some connections.

First lets start with my own country Nepal. 
1. " Musu Musu Haasi Deu "
The song 'Musu Musu Haasi Deu' sang by Himalayan Band in the 70's was remade (actually stolen) by and Indian Music director and put in the movie 'Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi'.
I suppose there is no word in Hindi as 'Musu musu' it's an expression of how you smile in Nepali. 

2. Demis Roussos :
. Say you love me - Mehebooba 'Sholay'
.You are my only fascination - Tume se thoda saa mein door 'Pyaar ka saaya'
.Lovely Lady of Arcadia - Tumhe chede hawa chanchal 'Salaami'
                                        - Yun hi kat jayega safar 'Hum hain rahi pyaar ke'

3. Neil Sekada :
Oh Carol - Aye Dil, laya hai bahar 'Kya Kehna'
                - Oh Carol by Stereo Nation
 4. Wham : 
Last Christmas - Dil  mera churaya kyon 'Akele Hum Akele Tum'

5. The Beatles :
.And I love her - Paagalpan cha gaya 'Jaanam'
.Ob-la-do - Meri Mehebooba 'Perdes' infact only the 'OB-LA-DO' matches

6. Frank Sinatra :
. Can't take my eyes off - Haan Haan Yeh Pyar hai 'Dillagi'

7. Modern Talking :
Brother Louie  - Mera dil gayega Zubi Zubi 'Dance Dance'

8. Los Del Rio :
Macarena - Dil le le lena 'Auzaar'

9. 500 miles away (from home) - Jab Koi baat bigad jaye 'Jurm'

10. Abba :
Mamma mia - Mil Gaya humko saathi 'Hum kissi se kum nahin'

11. Culture Club (singer Boy George)
Karma Chameleon - Coming Coming Aye Hun main 'Rang'

12. One Way ticket ( to the blue) - Hari Om Hari 'Pyaara Dushman'

13. Kevin Little
Turn me on - Chakhle Chakhle 'Awaara huwe pagal'

14. Stevie Wonder
I just ccalled to say I love you - Meri rang mein 'Meine Pyar Kiya'

15. Mungo Jerry
In the summertime (when the weather is fine) - Hasina Gori Gori 'Tarazu'

16. Stereo Nation 
Don't break my heart - Oh baby don't break my heart (I will I will :P) 'Mohabbat'

17. Don't know original singer's name
Feeling hot hot (Ole ole) - I forgot the song sang in 90's by a lady. But I again heard it in the movie 'Bend It Like Beckham'

18. Elvis Presley 'King of Rock and Roll'
Let's Rock - Mujhe nahin pata mein kya gaoongi 'WE ARE FAMILY'

19. Louis Armstrong
A kiss to build a dream - Kaisi Paheli hai yeah jindagani 'Parineeta'

20. Cliff Richard 
Theme to dream - Pal Pal har pal 'Munna Bhai 2'

21. Kenny G
Joy of Life - Meri jaane jaana 'Insaaf' (I love this song a lot) 

22. Roy Orbisson 
Pretty Woman (walking down the street) - Pretty woman 'Kal ho naa ho'

23. From the bollywood movie RACE :
Deep within Bamboo groove - Zara Zara kiss me 

This is my personal favourite and how I wished it could have been the original ones. :( I love Korean version more than the hindi one though cause original is better. I am great fan of Atif Aslam as well but as I said already it would have been better if the song was not copied.

Sarangheo 'Sassy Girl - Chung Hyan' - Pehli Nazar Mein 

There are many many songs copied, derived, borrowed or ilegally stolen from many sources. Only the original people who created those music knows the real story behind those songs. Copyright does matter.

Thanks for reading.

Reference :

Unsorted desires and dreams

Yes ! I do,
Yes ! I believe,
Yes ! I dream,
Yes ! I have desires.

Hey but all dreams and desires can't be good ones. I sometimes think evil as well, at that very moment I might have been fighting with my own beliefs, my own perception towards liking something.We know some dreams might never be fulfilled but still we dream or let's just say fantasize about it. I strongly believe that there is part in every human being which can think evil even for an instance or fraction of seconds or may be not 'evil' but can think negative towards something.

At the moment I am stuck with the situation. I am in love with 'Mr Who from future'. Being single is freedom, carefree, freedom of choice and freedom of almost everything. I am a free bird, who wants to fly and touch the sky but I never forget no matter how much I fly my destination would always be 'The Earth'. What I'm trying to say here is that, being single I wonder 'what does future holds for me?', 'How would my future life partner would be?', 'How will I meet him?', 'Will I ever have a life that I dreamt of?. Ahh too many questions and I know those questions are sometimes unanswerable. I know there any many men around me but I still leave this decision to my destiny and future to decide. May be I just don't bother to have commitments myself or may be deep down I'm hurt and I'm putting a shield of denial to protect myself. I am a tough cookie which looks hard outside but soft and sweet inside, I guess. *phiewww* But all I want is little act of faithfulness and simpleness from someone I care. Lavish things and luxurious talks don't convince me at all. Hahahah don't think of this post as an advertisement of me looking for a guy, you know those stupids reality shows like ,'..............ki swayamber', 'The bachelor' blah blah. 

Well, as being a normal human being I have many desires and dreams that are unsorted and I guess it might remain like that till I, Me, MYSELF go ahead and do something about it. Soon I will put an effort to do that but at this very moment I'm just ignoring my own heart. Sorry! You'll have to wait to be hurt by someone again cause love hurts, shit it really does hurt.

Please ignore the contents of this particular post thinking some insane girl has gone mad and just jot down random words here. Will you do that favour for me? hahhaha I'm a rude girl not being polite right but having said that I want you to know that I don't have any evil thoughts right now. hahhaha 

Have a good day all of you! Live life to fullest and laugh uncontrollably.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Selected videos from yotube. Don''t forget to check it out.

These are the videos in reference to the topic discussed in the home page. All videos are taken from youtube.

1. Musu musu haasi deu Nepali (ORIGINAL) - Himalayan Band
Copied : Musu musu haasi deu - 'Pyar mein kabhi kabhi'

 2. Demis Roussos - Say you love me (ORIGINAL)
Copied : Mehbooba oh mehbooba
You are my only fascination ORIGINAL

Copied : Tum se thoda saa mein door hun 'Pyar ka saaya'

Lovely Lady of Arcadia  ORIGINAL

Copied : Tumhe chede hawa chanchal 'Salami'
Copied : Yun hi kat jayega safar 'Hum hai rahi pyar ke'

3. Oh Carol Neil Sekada ORIGINAL 
Copied : Aye Dil - 'Kya Kehna'

Stereo Nation -Oh Carol

4. Wham - Last Christmas ORIGINAL

Copied : Dil Mera Churaya kyon 'Akele hum Akele tum'

5. The Beatles - And I love her ORIGINAL

Copied : Paagalpan cha gaya 'Jaanam'

Ob-La-Do, Ob-LA-Di
Copied : Meri Mehebooba - 'Pardes' Actually only the phrase OB-La-Do matches

6. Can't take my eyes off of you - Frank Sinatra ORIGINAL

Copied : Haan Haan Yeh Pyar Hai 'Dillagi'

7. Modern talking - Brother Louie ORIGINAL

Copied : Mera Dil Gayega Zubi Zubi 'Dance Dance'

8. Macarena - Los Del Rio ORIGINAL

Copied : Dil le le lena -Auzaar
9. 500 Miles away 
Copied : Jab koi baat 'Jurm '

10. ABBA - Mamma Mia ORIGINAL

Copied : Mil Gaya Humko saathi 'Hum kissi se kum nahin'

11. Karma Chameleon 'Culture Club' ORIGINAL

Copied : Coming Coming ayi hoon  mein 'RANG'
Late actress Divya Bharti
Sorry I can't find video.

12. One Way Ticket 
Copied : Hari Om Hari - 'Pyaara Dushman'

13. Turn me on 'Kevin Little'

Copied : Chakhle chakhle 'Awaara huwa paagal'

Hear the mix one as well , haha 
14. Stevie Won
der 'I just called to say I love you'
Copied : 'Maine pyar kiya' Mere rang mein 

15. In the summer time 'Mungo Jerry'

Copied : Hasina gori gori 'Tarazu'

16. oh baby don't break my heart 'Stereo Nation'

Copied : Mohabbat 'Oh baby dont break my heart'

16. Ole ole feeling hot hot -Dont know the singer

Copied : Bend it like Beckham

18. Elvis Presley - The King of Rock and Roll
'Let's rock'

Cpoied : 'We are Family' - Mujhe nahin pata

19.  Louis Armstrong's 1951 track 'A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Copied : Kaisi paheli hai yeh 'Pareenita'

20. Cliff Richard 'Theme for a dream'

Copied : pal pal har pal 'Lage raho munna bhai'

21. Kenny G - Joy of Life
copied - Meri jaane jaana 'Insaaf'

22. Pretty Woman 'Roy Orbison' original

Copied : Pretty Woman 'Kal ho naa ho'

23. Last but not the least, Deep within the Bamboo groove- Chinese song

Copied : Zara Zara kiss me 'Race'

Now mix them :P

This is one of my favourite-fouvourite-favourite!!!
Korean Drama 'Sassy Girl -Chung Hyan'

Copied : How I wished this song could be the original but its copied. :(
RACE movie- Pehli nazar mein

Here is Sarangheo v Pehli nazaer mein

Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!
:) :D & <3

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"It's been 10 years"

It's been 10 years since I finished 10+2 (A Levels),

It's been 10 years since I left my best friend Cad (nickname),

It's been 10 years since I left my home to persue my career,

It's been 10 years since I left my country Nepal,

It's been 10 years since the Royal Massacre took place (in Nepal),

It's been 10 years since 9/11 Twin-Towers disaster,

It's been 10 years since I first took TOEFL test,

It's been 10 years since I knew how people can use and mislead you,

It's been 10 years since I first started earning for myself,

It's been 10 years since I realised that sometimes your priorities are only 'earning for living' (gaas, baas and kapaas),

It's been 10 years since I challenged life and it has challenged me all the time after that.

It's been 10 years !!!

Time really flies so quickly. Grab the opportunity, embrace the moments and store the best memories. Do what you like before it's too late. Learn to respect time cause it never goes back.

Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Love > Heartbreak > Music

Yesterday I went to watch a Bollywood movie 'Rockstar' with my people. I only watch selected Bollywood movie. It was a nice movie. One point it was saying to the lead actor, 'you need to feel pain to create great music'. The lead actor does not feel anything till the girl leaves him. I'm not really trying to do publicity of the movie but just trying to write few points I liked most.

• How the girl is carefree when she meets him. They make a list of crazy things they want to do. And they dare to do it as well. Those crappy pubs and clubs where they dance.
• The scene of Kashmir. I just love that place and dream to go there if life and luck assist me.
• When the girl says she will meet him in Prague and the guy says ,'I haven't even been to Nepal'. Hahaha crazy lines.
• When he says to the bride (actress) "Every guy in the wedding secretly fantasies about the bride at night". Hahahhhahaha
• How he pauses for a minute when he hears the sound of 'Shehnai' played by an old man. This sound is normally played in weddings.
• How practical life is; she's got married life but he still seeks her presence. People who are in music; I have always found them living in different world of their own.
• How he rises to fame. You can learn music everywhere, in shrine, in roads, etc.
• The best and funniest part I ever liked is : when this Rockstar Jordan vomits in the red carpet event. (It's just a glimpse) He is very very carefree and does not give a damn to anybody.
• The back vocal was given by Mohit Chouhan and its just lovely. He also sang one of my other favourite song 'Naa hai yeh paana' from movie 'Jab We Met'.
• How the movie has still kept the reality fact alive and no commercial fonda, like the girl was about to get married and she does get married. How she was going to die and she does end up in coma. No here and there spiced up thing. The reality and curse of being famous. Even his friends love his fame and status rather than his loneliness and restlessness.
• When he tries to figure out why he couldn't be sad like when he says 'I was fed well in childhood, I wasn't adopted, my parents are still alive, I have a good family, blah blah'. There is nothing that could give him pain.

He, the rockstar, does create great music because of the real pain he feels deep within his heart. The pain of denial, the pain of love, the pain of seperation from family, the pain of separation from his love of life. Does it really happen? Does the pain inside your heart makes you create such great music? I also write poems, and I personally think that people write what they have gone through. Talking about that yep there are singer/ songwriter who has written about the state of their pain, happiness and so on.
Examples are like : (based on what I heard, no factfinding is carried out)

1. Eric Clapton wrote 'Tears in Heaven' when his son died.
2. Pink wrote many songs related to the phases of her life. 'So what', 'Please don't Leave', 'Like a Pill'.
3. Axl Rose wrote 'Sweet Child Oh Mine' for his sweetheart of that time.
4. Christina Aguilera sang 'You are Beautiful' which reflects her Life as well.
5. Mariah Carey wrote 'Hero'.
6. Gary Barlow wrote 'Patience', I guess he was being patient towards his comeback and drawback.
7. Jon Bon Jovi wrote 'Midnight In Chelsea' cause he loved the place.
8. Bruno Mars says 'Count on me' to his friends, 'Today I don't feel like doing anything' to his dad, 'The way you are' to his girl. I like his simple lyrics songs.
9. Talking about Nepali songs, 'Bides jaane mayalu' is one of the greatest song I heard. The singer/ songwriter wrote the song remembering his ex who married somebody else.
Chandani Shah is writer of most of the heart-touching song behind the greatest hits of SworSamrat Narayan Gopal 'Euta mancheko' also Singer Tara Devi 'Ukali orali haruma'. Tragically as her lyrics in the song which goes on like "jaha jaha janchau timi, chaya bani pachyayi rahanchu" (wherever you go I will follow you) she died with her husband together.
10. Puff daddy remixed the song 'I'll be missing you' to give tribute to his friend Notorious Big.
11. Eminem always dares to write and sing the songs which relates to some reality situation.
12. Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' and many songs are superb.
13. The famous composer Mozzart. He created magical music following the different phases of his life as well. Finally it killed him.

Well if I go on like this it'll be a long long long long list. So, I'm going to STOP it here.

I believe music can also be created to show happiness as well and not only pain.

Well done actor, the whole movie crew and the newcomer girl. Music of this movie is encouraging and rocking. Rock is the form of music I like most anyways.

Thanks for bothering to read it till end. Keep visiting. :))

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The day I was totally pissed off

The day I was totally pissed off.
( I thought I could sleep but not really)

There are many things happening in life and we kind of face them as we go along. I have been an avid twitter user recently and I'm loving it to bits. I met many nice people and have made friendship without seeing them in person. I never knew that social networking has progressed that much. (it's mentioned in my previous blog post : My Newfound Happiness)

As I was enjoying this new found happiness of mine, here you go : the moment of truth struck me. My name was misused and misleaded by somebody. All I wanted to do was to tweet and spend sometime being happy and seems like my happiness has been too much for somebody. Why can't people be just normal and simple? I wonder how celebrities can digest critics. It's just annoying sometimes. I feel for them. Now I have to put 'Lock' in my tweets, 'privatise my blog comments' and god knows what I have to do. I can't go on like this.  I think I should just hold my dignity and stand up for myself. My right eye has been twitching for quite a few days now (superstitious belief that something bad is going to happen), and here you go I see the disaster. I am reacting to it cause no one has done it before to me. I was always trying to be good to everyone and hope the same from people. So sad The result came out like this. My Sister always used to say what if people misuse your name and informations; she's right. Moment of truth is that she's always right in guessing bad things. I don't blame her for this. It's my fault I tweeted, I tried to be open and frank. Life is too cruel. Today was 'The day I was totally pissed off '. I heted being in public eye, being in Twitter,  Facebook, Blog and so on. Reality check here : I'm pissed off.

I do not want to close up all my accounts and be locked up just because of this. I have worked hard to get to this stage. Hope all my twitter followers and friends would support and help me. I'm in need of your help to survive in the open world of twitter. 

Once again thanks for reading my blog. With your support, I can go on posting things in my blog as long as possible. Much obliged !!!!! 

With Sincere regards,
Shaku Limbu

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

"ितमी नै" - Only you

 एउटा एकदमै पुरानो किवता प्रस्तुत गर्दैछु । आशा छ यहाँहरूलाई मन पर्छ होला । :)

"ितमी नै"
ह्रदयभरि ितमी नै
आँखाभरि ितमी नै
छोडी गयौ िकन खै
आिखर एक्लो भए मैं ।

हरेक शब्दमा ितमी नै
हरेक तालमा ितमी नै
िबर्सी गयौ िकन खै
आखिर घायल भए मैं ।

खोजे मैले ितमी नै
रोजे मैले ितमी नै
िनष्ठूरी बन्यौ िकन खै
आखिर दोधारमा मैं ।

िवशाल तृष्णा ितमी नै
अपार अाशा ितमी नै
बदिलयौ ितमी िकन खै
आिखर रोदनमा परे मैं ॥

Tried to translate it in English but not as good as it should be.

Only you

In my heart, there's only you,
In my eyes, it's only you,
You just left me, don't know why
In the end, I'm left with loneliness of mine.

In my every words, there's only you,
In my every rhymes, it's only you,
You just forgot me, don't know why
In the end, I'm left with hurtful scars of mine.

In my searches, there's only you,
In my choices, it's only you,
You just became selfish, don't know why
In the end, I'm left with undecisive life of mine.

In my  biggest thoughts, there's only you,
In my supreme hopes, it's only you,
You just changed, don't know why
In the end, I'm left with unstoppable tears of mine.

I wrote all of these Nepalese poems of my blog around same time i.e. may be a decade ago! Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Thank you all. :D

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Words, My Art, My Heart: The Darjeeling Tea

This poem has got that taste and aroma of Darjeeling Tea. He has beautifully written it. Though I have never been to Darjeeling I will go there one day and get on the Himalayan Train and also may be sing the following songs side by side hehe.

A famous song from Nepali movie - 'Chiya Barima O Chiya barima'

'Kasto majja yo ralaima, ramailo ukali orali' - a lines of one Bollywood movie

My Words, My Art, My Heart: The Darjeeling Tea: Wrapped around the blanket, shivering with cold, Was waiting for the knock at the door and tiresome day to slowly unfold. As I reached out...

Different kinds of PHOBIA (fear) 

Science Terminology, Borrowed knowledge

1. Anthropophobia - Fear of interpersonal relation or social
2. Acrophobia - Fear of Heights
3. Agraphobia - Fear open spaces, crowds or travelling 
4. Astrophobia - Fear of stars or celestial space
5. Astraphobia - Fear of thunder or lighting
6. Algophobia - Fear of abnormal pain
7. Androphobia - Fear of men
8. Autophobia - Fear of being alone
9. Biblophobia - Fear of books
10. Dromophobia - Fear of crossing the road
11. Gynophobia - Fear of women
12. Hydrophobia - Fear of water
13. Hyptephobi - Fear of touch
14. Heliophobia - Fear of sunlight
15. Kleptophobia - Fear of being robbed or thieves or stealing
16. Lalophobia - Fear or speaking
17. Microphobia - Fear of mini and minute things
18. Nyctophobia - Fear of dark
19. Panphobia - Fear of everything
29. Phobophobia - Fear of fear or phobia
21. Thalassophobia - Fear of Ocean
22. Treisicadekaphobia - Fear of number 13
23. Sciophobia - Fear of shadows
24. Xenophobia - Fear of strangers
25. Zoophobia - Fear of animals

With all these phobias I think soon there will be more phobias attached officially to it. Let's say:

Fabophobia - Fear of Facebook :P
Twitophobia - Fear of twitter ^.^
MySphobia - Fear of Myspace ~.~
Googophobia - Fear of Google ;)
Skypophobia - Fear of Skype >.<
Bloggophobia - Fear of Blogs :)
SocioNetophobia - Fear of Social Networking sites itself :-D 
and so on! 

Thanks for visiting! Hope my borrowed knwledge gave you some knowledge as well. Good day to you all.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Here comes another interesting article from an old school magazine. A borrowed knowledge. 

Discipline 100% success in life

It is evenly said that discipline plays a vital role in every path of life. It is a key to achieve success in life. Many examples of great personalities have been illustrated till now to show the value of discipline.

But let us now see the mathematical fact that proves discipline a medium of 100% success in life. An interesting co-relation between alphabets and mathematical numbers : 

D : Fourth letter of the alphabet --> 4
I : Ninth letter of the alphabet---> 9
S : Nineteenth letter of the alphabet-->. 19
C : Third letter of the alphabet--> 3
I : Ninth letter of the alphabet--> 9
P : Sixteenth letter of the alphabet--> 16
L : Twelfth letter of the alphabet--> 12
I : Ninth letter of an alphabet--> 9
N : Fourteenth letter of the alphabet--> 14
E : Fifth letter of the alphabet--> 5

Total sum of the numbers =. 100

Hence, the term discipline is verified as a gateway to 100% success in life!