Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcome and Goodbyes

Hey everyone,

Now everyone must be busy thinking about New Year and new year celebrations, here I am in my laptop thinking about 2012. Yet another year passed by so quickly. Time never stops for anyone. Soon I will be celebrating my blog's 2nd successful year.

2012 has been a good year for me. Going on holidays to different destinations like Cornwall, Lake district, Northern Ireland and other parts of UK was the best part of this year. I did something new, something different and life is in a different twist. Well, we still have to live a long life so I am trying to make it different and bit more interesting. We had so many momo parties, BBQ parties and every weekend was like a get-together that we had to attend. Got penalty charge for parking few times and there were times that I do not want to remember. But again I am saying here I am alive, healthy and right state of mind.

I have been content academically and financially hmmmm well (money is never enough). I love blogging.
In 2012 as well I have been outrageously active in social networking sites such as instagram, googleplus, facebook, twitter, blog, whatsapp, viber and god knows what. I found a sweet little sister and her sister who lead me to another world of Nepalese community. I kept good connection with all my cyber buddies. Anyways overall I loved 2012.

Hey everybody, we made it through 2012. Doom's day or whatever did not stop us from living our life and the continuation of human survival. I wish the year 2013 would bring joy, happiness, success and lots of love in your life.

Learn from your past,
Live for your present,
Look for the future!!

Make your life meaningful and worthwhile. Overcome your insecurities, inferior complexities and negative thoughts; then your will see life is beautiful.
Regards limshaku :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Losing interest

Greetings from London to all my readers,

Let me get straight to the point and put aside all 'hi and hello' stuffs. I suppose we know each other long enough now. If you are reading my blog for the first time then I would sincerely thank you for visiting.

I hate to admit it. Sometimes I feel like if I am interested in something and I yearn for it desperately, I work hard to get it and then even harder when it is difficult to get. Then slowly somehow my interest in it starts to fade away. Does that happen to only me or some other people as well? I ask this question so many times with myself and I cannot really come to any conclusion. My mind does not yield any ideas at all. As time passes on and you are still trying hard to get what you are wishing for, the more you learn about the target, it might be the case that you get more disappointed knowing facts and hidden secrets about it. It's like the job you desperately wanted and then after you get it with your hard work you feel like it was not what you really enjoyed. I have always wanted to study hard and achieve the best formal education. It just hits my mind occasionally that why I study; why do I want to achieve academical goals. I do go out of my aim and feels like running away from everything. These are all unstoppable thoughts in my mind and there is a declaration of war between mind and instincts. Well, the fact is I am studying and I am trying my best.

Achieving your target is a big achievement itself. We all sway away from our aim and goals sometimes and after we get it we might feel like what was so great about it which made me work so hard; but think of it as only the initial stage and keep on working. I set my goal as being a person who could or might bring smile on your face. It is not always possible but I can always try. I guess my goal is simple or might be vast and never ending but I feel like it is challenging and something which always makes me work on it.

(this little girl makes me smile.)
Study never ends. We are always learning and life is always teaching us lessons. Hope you learn more and also enjoy life. I wish everyone to have someone who can bring smile in their faces and make their hearts happy.

May the coldness of December freeze all my insecurities. Saying goodbye to another year 2012 feels strange. I have become more mature than before (haha).

Thank you for reading my blog and I can never stop thanking you for supporting me in my writing.

limshaku :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Informal English

Hey guys,

Let me tell you my frustrating story which happened recently. It did push me to edge and took me few days for me to get back on my senses.

Lately I was doing an assignment on Key Skills i.e. mostly writing things in English about my own, skills, knowledges, experiences and personal qualities. Trust me it sounded easy but actually doing the work was pretty hard. It is hard because you have to analyse all your qualities, abilities and god knows what. I did my best to try and write upto to distinction level. This expectation thing is really annoying. We always say aim high but when you aim high and don't get what you want you will be completely shattered. Coming back to the topic, I hand in the assignment on time and was happy about it until I got the feedback from my teacher.

Result :

  • Uncountable grammatical mistakes (relied too much on spell check)
  • Formatting was completely not right ( teacher says)
  • 1 whole task was not upto teacher's expectation
  • Lot of informal words used.
My blood boiled when I saw the result.I haven't tasted failure lately, I have been academically good in past few years. I guess I have been too comfortable that I will get what I want. I didn't feel like writing blog anymore. My level of English is just not good enough I guess. A total heartbroken me felt like I should have studied Major English in school and college. I honestly felt like closing down the whole blog for instance. The problem was deep inside I always knew my English vocabulary was not too good, and rather than improving it I just started ignoring it. I do look into dictionary often but I tend to forget the words easily. 

Do you know what? I have to do the whole assignment again. At first, I thought like I won't bother doing it but then now I feel like I should not get discouraged by it and try and move on. It was my carelessness that I did not deserve the higher grade. I need to avoid jargon and informal words in my writing. (according to teacher).

Sometimes things will go terribly bad to go incredibly well. Hope next time my English assignment would be less disappointing to my teacher and more satisfying to me.

Lesson learnt : ''You will never be a good writer until you are a good reader.'' And I am a lousy reader and miss out on areas of learning.

Funny fact : I still used 'Spell check' to finish this post. Dammit.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Even now

Couple of months back these lines just popped into my head and jot it down my notes straightaway. Sometimes some people hurt you so much that later in your life even if they come infront of you, you will  have no words left to say to them and no feelings to express moreover no emotions to connect. Life is long and I want to live and share it with smile and happiness but still at times it is inevitable to avoid some situations which are uncomfortable. But I would still:
Try to love the ones who hates me, comfort the ones who hurts me, serve the ones who annoys me and probably speak to the ones who ignores me BECAUSE I should atleast try my best. It is only love and comfort which can make a difference. I am not god but a simple human being who wants to spread love, happiness and peace.

Durdle Door, Lulworth, Dorset, Summer of 2012.

The broken heart that I have can barely heal,

Even now if you try very hard to seal,

The painful memories I have can rarely fade away,

Even now if  you try hard to giveaway,

The happy short moments I have can surely disappear,

Even now if you in front of me reappear.

Thank you all my blog readers for your support and reading my posts. My life has completely changed ever since I started blogging and it would not have been possible without readers like you. Appreciate it. 

limshaku :):D

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tihar 2012

Hey everybody,
(Talking about festival that Hindu people celebrate, it has its own importance in our lives.)
First of all, Happy Deepawali / Tihar to everyone and hoping that everyone had a safe night playing with all firecrackers. I always loved celebrating Tihar. Nepalese people celebrate it in 5 days. Let's not got to details of what we do in all these days. My sister heard from her colleague at work that there will be fireworks in Neasden Temple (Swaminarayan Temple). We decided to go there and give it a try how it goes on. I never knew that there would be event like that.

Add caption
I finished all my worshipping of goddess Laxmi (goddess of fortune) at home. Then we headed towards our destination. Oh my god, the temple had rented the big multistory car park of nearby IKEA store. There were people everywhere. Luckily I guess whether was favourable to all of us. I thought we were late for it but thank god we still had some time to go inside the temple and come back one by one. On our way we saw many girls and guys of young age too. Suddenly my sister said,''Temple is the best place to look for girls ( for guys)''. Hahaha. No offence to anyone but I don't about other girls but I don't really look for potential partner in temples. :P  I think it is human nature that opposite attracts.

    Funny thing is that most of the guys had eyes on all the girls. Though I'm a girl, I don't know how I ended up telling my sister these things:

    • Yes temple is the place where they can see the type of girl they are looking for whom they can introduce to their mother. (Not referring that girls who don't go to temple are bad.)
    • They can actually see them in the most beautiful way, all covered up and well-behaved. (normally girls wear saree or kurta sarwal or some decent clothes.)
    • Almost all type of girls go to temple. ( I hardly know any Nepalese girls who doesn't go to temple, unless their religion is different.)
    Point here is not to penalise guys for staring at girls in temple, it's just a humorous co-incidence that I decided to wear a decent Kurta-sarwal when I went there. :P But there were so many other eye-catching beautiful girls in traditional dresses. If a girl like me can notice it how would those guys get their eyesight away from them. haha .Hey guys just because a girl goes to temple doesn't mean that they are so good that you ignore the ones who doesn't. All the best to all the guys out there who goes to temple to find someone they like.

    The best part of the night was crossing the big road North Circular. Wondering why? Thing is I always drive past that road but this was the first time I actually crossed it by foot. The whole road was blocked for few minutes just to let people (and me) to cross the road. Good feeling to walk on such a busy road freely and that majestic feeling of being special. it was well organised event and volunteers were great. Young boys handling shoe department were so busy, the ones showing the way to temple, standing outside, inside the temple did very good job. 

    Here is the glimpse of fireworks that made my Tihar of 2012 so special. I just love fireworks, it lightens up my heart, soul and mind. 

    Live well & love life!!!

    Thursday, 8 November 2012

    रक्सी र नानी (alcohol & girl)

    Just a random thing I have written thinking of drink and a girl.

    चिया , juice, रक्सी, पानी,
    पिउ straw ले तानी तानी,

    सुसु आएर खत्तम भएपनि,
    बस तिमी अल्छि मानी मानी,

    नराम्रो छ हो यस्तो बानि,
    नदौड toilet तिर लात्ता हानी हानी,

    पिउने भए रक्सी पिउ नानी,
    नक्कल नपार धेरै जानी जानी,

    ठर्रा रक्सी भए बाँड यतातिर पनि,
    कस्तो हुँदो रहेछ हिंडन टाउको घुमी घुमी,

    जति पिएपनि कता हराउँदो हो कुन्नि,
    मग्न हुऔं बरू rock र metal सुनि सुनि,

    रातभरि जागै, दिनभरि निद्रामा झुलि,
    जिन्दगी यस्तै बित्दैछ झुमी झुमी,

    भविष्य अन्धकार भएपनि,
    बसौं हामी उज्वल ताराहरू गनी गनी ।।

    मोजमस्ति गरौं तर आफू र अरूलाई नोक्सान हुने काम नदरौं। मनको अन्धकारलाई फैलिन नदेऊ, ज्योति आफै बाटो पहिल्याउदै आईपुग्छ । ज्योति भन्ने अस्तित्व नै हुन्न थियो होला यदि अन्धकार नहुंदो हो त । जिन्दगीको उज्वल पक्षलाई स्वागत गर्न सिकौं । खुशी बाँडौं ।।


    Monday, 29 October 2012

    Robin and The New Revolution

    Nepali music have so many great contributors. Robin Tamang is one of them. I have always been a fan of Rabin Tamang, previously it was called Rabin and Looza. I heard a lot about him, listened to his songs but never had a chance to go to one of his concert.

    I was so excited to hear that Robin and The New Revolution were performing in London so I already prepared myself to pay any amount to see their concert. It took place in many venues around London and England. Dressed myself as a rock-chick and put on my favourite pair of converse, we set out to see him. To be honest that venue in Southall wasn't for concert. It was a party place but anyways for Robin and the group I compromised hehe. There was another band performing before the main guest. It is ''GREASE'' band. One of the guitarist is my brother. I never had a chance to go and see his concert ever since, luckily this time I was able to see him perform. His band played very nice songs. There were other Nepali bands who played really well and entertained us.

    Me and my gang were just sitting in the corner when I was told that Robin Tamang just turned up. And ''I was like,,,,, where?''. Fact is that I never saw his face properly or his photo. Another thing was that it was sort of dark inside. As soon as I heard that Rabin was there I stood up and went straight upto him. I shook hands with him, also hugged him (I literally had to stretch myself cause he is so tall). I tried to speak to him but there was too much noise. Anyways at that time I was happy enough that I met him and then had opportunity to take some photos with him.

    When he came on stage it was different feeling. He looked awesome. And he cracked out some jokes like, ''सरी है आउँदा-आउंदै ढिलो भयो, आज बिहान 5 बजे सम्म पिउंदै थिए हाहा  / '' and ''म त अब 2 or 3 दिनमा घर जान्छु अनि त्यसपछि फेरी के के कुरामा  किचकिच /'',  the crowd just loved him. I think what he meant to say was how youngsters don't like to hear things when they go home. He had that magical way of attracting his fans. He knew exactly what his fans liked to hear. While he and the group was trying to arrange sound system he was also interacting with crowd. He said, '' अब म एकचोटि sound check गर्छु है '', then he asks the guy behind the monitor who was arranging sound to focus on the drums. Drum beat was like, ''dhudh dhudh dhudh'' then he tells him put it little bit up, and so on. He checked his microphone and his voice wasn't loud enough but his guitar was too loud. He asked the guys something but he didn't understand, he was making fun of him telling him ''NO'' is no and ''ON'' is on. Its funny that I never realised sound system check would be so much fun. Well when he started singing, that's it. He rocked it. I was doing headbang and jumping like a teenager haha. I liked the part when he slowly played a short part of the  legendary song 'मा मौनतामा अल्झिरहेको ', again he said,''मा सानो हुदा सुनेको, हाहा मा नै सानो हुदा सुनेको ''. He was literally laughing. Then he went on and said,  '' ओम बिक्रम बिस्ट दाई सरी है तपाइको गीत लाई एस्तो बनाए ''. Then he played his version of the song. ''चिसो चिसो हावामा '' was simply best. I came to know one of his favourite song is 'Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door', and so is mine.

    Overall, it was fun night. Though I don't have any complain I just wished the venue would have been slightly different. I'm so happy I met one of the most popular man of Nepali Music Industry. He made me realise that if we have a passion to do something and carry on doing it, one day your work will be recognised. I sincerely thank him for not resisting us when we approached him.

    So far I have met Sugam Pokhrel, Nima Rumba, Nabin Bhattarai, Kutumba, Prashant Tamang, Raju Lama, 1974 AD, Deep Shrestha, Bivek Shrestha, Sharmila Bardewa, PremRaj Mahat, Saroj Khanal, Abinash Ghising, and so on in England. I would love to see Nepathya performing in London.

    I love music and specially Nepali music is in my heart. It is my identity and I would always support it.

    Thank you for reading.

    iphone flash wasn't enough. Gosh he is tall.
    saying 'alikati badhaunus' haha
    cracking a joke
    close up

    making sure.

    There it is. Robin and The New Revolution
    'attraction of the night'

    Monday, 22 October 2012

    हेर (see/look)

    I'm blogging after sometime now. I've just been busy lately. Today I have a Nepali poem to present here. Hope you like it.

    The title is '' हेर '' which means see or look.


    निलो आकाशमा हेर,
    बादलहरुका आक्रितिमात्र देख्छौ  तिमीले,

    बिशाल समुन्द्रमा हेर,
    छालहरुका चक्रभयू  मात्र देख्छौ  तिमीले,

    उच्च हिमशिखरहरुमा हेर,
    बरफका बुट्टाहरुमात्र देख्छौ तिमीले,

    मेरो आखामा हेर,
    बेदनाहरुका भण्डारमात्र पाउँछौ तिमीले,

    मेरो नजिक आई हेर,
    चिसोपनका हुरीबतासमात्र महसुस गर्छौ तिमीले,

    मलाई अंगाली हेर,
    निर्जीव बस्तुहरुका पुत्लामात्र पाउछौ तिमीले,

    मेरो आत्मामा झाँकेर हेर,
    भौंतारिरहेका  भावनाहरुका संगालोमात्र समेट्छौ तिमीले,

    तर , तर मेरो मुहारमा हेर,
    प्रबल हाँसोहरुका सृंगारमात्र देख्छु तिमीले //

    I just wrote this poem cause it just strike my mind. Somewhere there might someone feeling down and thinking of same thing which is mentioned in this poem but HEY  people, life is to enjoy. Smile and the whole world will smile back at you. Imagine world full of smiles.

    Hope all my readers would bare with me for not blogging too often. Live blissfully everyone.


    Sunday, 30 September 2012

    Making yourself happy!

    We use word 'happy', 'hapiness', 'being happy', 'making others happy' and so on but what is happiness exactly. This is what Google answers :


    1. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
    2. Having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation).
    Synonyms:glad - fortunate - joyful - lucky - merry - cheerful
    ''I do not have any big reservations but seeing my
     family smiling is what makes me most happy .''
    And this is what oxford dictionary says:

     Definition of happy

    adjective (happierhappiest)

    • 1feeling or showing pleasure or contentment:Melissa came in looking happy and excited[with clause]:we’re just happy that he’s still alive[with infinitive]:they are happy to see me doing well
    • (happy about) having a sense of trust and confidence in (a person, arrangement, or situation):he was not happy about the proposals
    • (happy with) satisfied with the quality or standard of:I’m happy with his performance
    • [with infinitive] willing to do something:we will be happy to advise you
    • [attributive] used in greetings:happy Christmas
    • 2 [attributive] fortunate and convenient:he had the happy knack of making people like him
    3 [in combination] informal inclined to use a specified thing excessively or at random:they tended to be grenade-happy
    Well whatever it is, it simply means being that one is content, satisfied or have no complains. I have been trying to be happy ever since I was born I guess. Everyone in this world needs happiness to be able to survive. It is a feeling which is neither seen nor disappear, neither bought nor sold, neither weighed nor compared.  
    Lately, I was wondering what are the things that can make people happy, not materialistic happiness. Anyone could be happy if they get iphone 5 or Apple Mac or Samsung Galaxy or ipad3 or win lottery right now. I am talking about non-materialistic happiness which can make you happy and won't even cost a penny. Is there anything like that? Is there any solution or any idea or any form of happiness which can make you happy? I was trying to reassure my sister of being happy but to come up with 'how to be happy' ideas are arguably difficult. The things that can make me happy might not make others happy. For example, I love to travel, I love sight-seeing and most of all I love meeting new people but same thing does not apply to everybody. May be people hate jet lags, hate travel sickness or hate interacting with new people. Long time ago I watched a program in telly which was saying 'growing a plant can make you happy'. Well, to some extent that is true, I do enjoy growing a plant in my house. It is amazing how a tiny seed can grow into a big plant and also produce fruits, flowers and seeds again. It feels like giving birth but no pain involve hehe. 
    Happiness is like mirage that we go after but does it exist in the horizon? We should try to find happiness within us. The inner happiness we achieve is far valuable and precious. Honestly speaking simple things can make you happy. For me, simple things like solving a maths solution, cleaning a garden, cleaning my room, talking to my parents and friends, listening to others, blogging, tweeting, instagraming, dancing, singing, evening walk, cooking, doing somebody's hair, decorating, youtubing, facebooking, watching movies, etc does make me happy. Happiness for me is always temporary, it is there but not for infinity. I still wish that temporary happiness could supply me with permanent will power, strength and willingness to survive. Sometimes people spend whole life to find that seconds of happiness. Most of the time people don't even know how happy they are and they still looking for it. 
    Anyways, here are things that might help you to find happiness or atleast know those things that makes you happy.

    • think of something which makes you laugh or smile everyday
    • make a list of things you like to do
    • make a list of places you like to visit
    • make a list of crazy things that you like to do (no violence)
    • make a list of friends you like to talk with
    • make a list of things that you think could make you happy
    • make a list of hobbies, skills, interests, knowledge, experiences, abilities, personal qualities you have.
    • involve yourself in some charity work
    • join some extra course (academic or non-academic)
    • do some creative work like poetry, writing, reading, singing, dancing, composing, playing instruments. Keep yourself busy.
    • If you have any hobbies do not let go of it. Remember that hobbies always exist in your life but it could be completely different from your career and current job. 
    There are many things and list goes on and on. Playing your favourite game or meditation or sleeping soundly or anything have the possibility of keeping you happy. Analyse all these lists and come up with a simple conclusion which makes you happy. 

    You being happy inside out is what is going to make changes in families, friendships, relationships, societies, etc. I believe that one happy person can make other people happy as well. Happiness is for sharing. Who knows there might be some people around you silently watching you; who are just content to see that you are happy. Life is very short not to be happy and not try to be happy. We must always seek for happiness within ourselves and the ability that we have to make others happy. 
    Here is my acronym for H.A.P.P.Y. :
    H- Happiness
    A- Always
    P- Perceives
    P- Person's
    Y- Yearnings

    Lets all be happy and spread happiness. 

    Monday, 24 September 2012

    Kutumba in Harrow, London

    People loved KUTUMBA

    Can't be more happier than this. Guess where I am hehe.

    Hey everybody,

    I think it was last year I was looking into one of my friend Strophicus's blog  I saw this post about Kutumba, I'm sorry to say until then I had no idea who they were. After I heard them, I was fascinated by their music. Long time ago there was SURSUDHA and I used to love their music. I heard that Kutumba are coming to London and I swear I was so excited. I said to myself this is a MUST WATCH program and I should never miss it.

    It indeed was so so so so so so nice, I can't explain. I am not sleeping yet but updating my blog as soon as I can cause the memories are still fresh. They were playing music and people were all enjoying and dancing and having so much fun. I think for any musician or singer it is a great achievement to see audience loving their music to bits. People of all age group were enjoying the show. I met lots of people whom I had lost contact for quite a while. Since I knew one of the organiser RUBY, I really asked them for a photo with Kutumba at backstage. Luckily, I got a chance to take a photo with them. I couldn't have a chat with them cause they must have been tired already. Yes, I did it. They are all ordinary Nepali guys with extraordinary talent in music. I salute them.

    LIKE them in facebook :

    Hope to see them more successful.

    Shaku Limbu

    Mouth Cancer 10 K Walk

    I am very glad to say that I was able to participate in 10 K Mouth Cancer Walk organised by Mouth Cancer Foundation. Me along with my friends Sweetie, Yam K, Kanchan, Rupa, Jyoti and Pabel sis and many many people will be walking foot by foot to fight for something which is affecting all of us direct or indirect way. I heard from the speaker that 50% of oral cancer are diagnosed late and among those diagnosed 50% die. It is a sad to hear that.

    It was a proud feeling of wearing the Mouth Cancer sponsored t-shirt and then walk along Hyde Park. All people were cheering us and then staring as well. Most annoying thing is you feel like you have walked a long way but the sign only says 2KM. Arrgghhh. Then after we crossed 7 KM I felt really fresh all of  a sudden. I was rejuvenated by the surrounding music I guess. Hyde Park looked even beautiful yesterday cause of lovely weather.

    Doing something for charity is a good feeling. I did raceforlife 5K run few months ago at the same place. This time the number of people attending were around 800 but still it was nice to see so many people who came. All of us had the same reason and same motive to be there, 'Fight Against Mouth Cancer'.

    Monday, 17 September 2012

    Wearing Nepali fusion dress

    Wearing Nepali fusion dress

    A few weeks ago I wrote this post ''Thinking of Nepali dress'' when I was thinking of what to wear in the DanceNepalDance party organised by lexlimbu and his group. The theme was Nepali dress or Nepali fusion, modified version of choli and fariyas.
    I normally don't go to parties anymore as I mentioned earlier in the post but this time I felt like going. I sincerely thank sis Lynda for helping me and encouraging me to wear it and giving me ideas too. It might not have been possible without you. I was proud to wear Nepali fusion dress in a dance party. Some ladies and boys also made good effort to wear Nepali dress. Dhaka topi and fariya-choli, sari were looking great. It is something you can't see in many dance parties. I wanted to wear something which is of Nepali flag colour i.e. blue/red/white, won't cost fortune to buy and something which I could create myself. Glad it worked out cause of help from Lynda. I am not into fashion thing but I believe fashion is not something we follow but rather make a trend of your own.

    I am not over publicizing what I wore but lots of people asked me to post it in blog when it was ready so I am doing it now. Hope you like it too.

    Last but not the least, YO MANN TA MERO NEPALI HO.

    Truly thankful for your love and support, limshaku :)

    Miss Limbu 2012

    4th from left

    3rd from right

    Hello readers,

    We hear about many beauty pageants nowadays in Nepal and around the globe. All these contests are there to create a platform for young girls who are willing to take challenges and up for any obstacles they have to face. I do support ''Unity in Diversity'' for Nepalese and Nepal, and hope MISS LIMBU is there give better opportunities to girls. Hope they could be better citizen of Nepal.

    I wish all the 29 contestants of MISS LIMBU best of luck. I heard girls from different parts of Nepal and from HK and some other place came for this contest too. Good Luck!!

    Recently I heard that my cousin sister, Sushma Yaksho code 04, is taking part in 'MISS LIMBU' contest to be held in 21st September 2012. It just feels like yesterday she was born and I heard of how small she was when our grandmother weigh her. She is a survivor in many ways, lets not go to details here. I believe some people are just born with different destiny. This might be a stepping stone to something better in her life. Being in the contest itself is a bold decision. I have created this passion of supporting people I know in every possible way. She has really made our little community proud. Life has more to offer Sushma, just grab the opportunity.

    Please vote her and support her through this link:::

    Request: I am just a sister supporting her sister so please do not put any abusive comments.

    Thank you for reading.

    RaaZ 3D

    Hey everybody,

    It's been couple of months already since I went to watch a Bollywood movie. We got the tickets which we had to pay slightly extra cause it was a 3D movie. This is the first time I watched a Bollywood 3D movie. I am not a great fan of 3D movies, when I watched Avatar in 3D I felt like I was flying and I wanted to fly myself. There are reasons why I am not fan of 3D cause I am already a person who wears glasses. It gives you kind of headache in the beginning if you are not used to 3D images. And also becomes difficult for me to put on 2 glasses at a same time especially when I have a small nose (Limbu ko naak) ufffff. I don't like to wear contact lens too cos it has many things to care while I am wearing it. 

    Well, I can't tell the whole story here in my blog but if you do watch it there few scary moments which will make you scream like hell or shake for a second. Bipasha Basu's acting is superb. She has managed to deliver super bi**h role in a perfect way. I give a round of applaud for her acting. Mr Serial-kisser uhmm I meant Imran Hasmi is good as usual. I must say he is the luckiest man in Bollywood I guess (no hurt feelings), getting to kiss every beautiful actress in his movie and no doubt he always gets good music.  New actress is good too but I felt like her voice is of someone professional voice actor (just my guess). It wasn't a boring movie and I felt like it finished quickly. Then I had to go home after dropping my friends home, on the way is a short way through small, narrow, dark road which I usually walk, jog or drive. But that day in the dark it was really frightening for me. I couldn't look in the mirror which shows back. And today I was coming through the same road at night and a cat crossed the road out of nowhere (not considered good sign- superstitious belief), so I stopped there for few seconds hoping some car would pass by. But it was dark and almost 10.30 pm so I had to drive no matter what. Again even stopping for few seconds made my heart pound. I am a real coward here. This lasts for few days after I finish watching some scary movies but still they are my best movies hehe.

    Anyways, if you do wanna watch the movie make your heart strong and believe in god.


    Saturday, 8 September 2012

    Voice of Rojan Shakya

    Rojan Shakya
    Youtube channel : asapien/ ROJAN
    Subscribers : 393
    Viewers : 84,635

    A few years ago in 2006 I accepted a youtube friendship request. I didn't actually used my youtube account after that for a long time. Time just flies and life's activities made me so busy that I didn't even bother to simple things like logging into my youtube and check out things. I was not that much active in facebook either.

    One day I saw one friend of mine posted a link in his/her wall. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link and this song started playing. I was instantly fascinated by the voice and the song. I got more curious and wanted to find out more. I logged into my youtube account and checked for his videos. I could see his youtube channel as Asapien now ROJAN. Well I shuffled through all the videos and also got to know few other singers from London Tina Rai, Mahanta Gurung 'Utpatang0'. I just loved his voice. Since then I have been his fan and a supporter. Later on I found out we've already been friends since long time I just didn't look at my notifications.

    Being asked whether I could write about him or not, I guess he was just too shy. Anyways I managed to have a little conversation with him. He is just living life in a low profile for the time being but guess you might never know when he is going to make his comeback. He says,'I'm unpredictable in nature.' May be he is just hybernating and honestly I did not want to disturb him that much. Just few lines of his own :

    '' Purano jati sabai singer/bands nai favourite ho .. School days huda mero cousin Billen guitar liyera aaunthyo ani malai gauna launthyo .. then I got inspired from his enthusiasm and started a small band with him .. Youtube was accidental .. I hardly listen to new artists so I lack knowledge on current situation .. I have no plans on singing really right now .. But that can change .. I m unpredictable in nature.. Yo bahek aru k vanu ..''
    'Aru kei bhannu pardaina Rojan this much explains a lot.- Shaku'

    I hope his new cover song or new song is out soon in his channel. I believe support from all your viewers and admirers of your voice would inspire you to carry on with your singing. I respect talent, it is something you are born with. Do show your support for him and may be he will come out of his shell. hehe Just a joke.

    Thank you Rojan for your kindness.

    Regards limshaku

    Sunscribe to youtube channel  : ROJAN / Asapien

    Wednesday, 5 September 2012

    A short trip to Northern Ireland

    Me, my sister and a brother and his wife suddenly decided to go for holiday together. It was their idea to chose Northern Ireland neither me or my sister had been there before. He planned everything, flights, accommodation and car hire.

    The day finally came when we had to board flight to go to NI (Northern Ireland). It was an early flight. I tell you what, boarding Budget Airlines doesn't feel like a that kind of flying experience that you desire. I have always flown in Qatar Airways and other ones but always felt nicer there. The terminal felt like a Victoria Coach station and when we were actually there inside the plane I fell asleep. It was a mere 1 hour journey and there we were, ready to land on the NI soil. I didn't see any scenary cause I was sleeping and another reason was I was not in the window seat. :( But that is what we paid so that is what we get I guess. I have seen those budget airlines show in TV and imagined my journey was better than what they show in telly.
    Funny thing is people actually stare at you cause we have different skin colour and they might have never spotted anyone like us so frequently.

    It took us nearly an hour to get the car hire which was already booked. Soon after that we started roaming around Belfast international Airport. We went to nearby lake, Lough Neagh. A big lake whose waves felt as big as sea's waves. We still had a whole day to roam around so we decided to go to Silent Valley Reservoir. This place was recommended to me by a instagram follower 'frantic_photography' few days before our trip. That place was awesome. Some things and places are better of seeing yourself. It is amazing to see how human being managed to create such a thing, what a engineering at that time. I also paid tribute to those who died while building that reservoir. I can't explain how beautiful it felt to run wildly around that area. The sounds of massive fall of water, smell of grass, freshness of pure mountain water, the breeze that passed through my cheeks. We all were pretty exhausted and hunger stricken till we reached the apartment.
    Luckily there was a Tesco store just below the apartment we stayed at. We cooked a proper dinner and before even finishing one single program in telly we fell asleep in couch.

    Next morning we had planned to go to Portrush. Driving in Northern Ireland was a real fun. I tell you what, the roads were wider, toilet signs found everywhere, FREE PARKING signs were ludicrous and people of NI actually GIVE you WAY. I have driven in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Kent, East Anglia, Yorkshire, Wales, Sussex, Essex, Surrey, and many other places but never felt as nice as driving in NI. This time we stayed at ''No Alcohol and No hot food'' allowed in the room Youth Hostel. There were other people staying there as well. After we unpacked and relaxed, we wanted to go for stroll. According to the recommendation of the owner of the hostel, we decided to take the Causeway Coastal Route from Portrush towards Balintoy. Many beautiful places followed after that. White Park Bay, Carrick-a-Rede, Rope Bridge,  Dunluce Castle, Giant Causeway and so on. It did rain for a short period other than that weather was favourable to our trip. To get to the Rope Bridge was 15 minutes walk. We didn't cross the bridge cause being NEPALI we already know how it feels like to be on a rope bridge. We have so many rope bridges  ( झुलुंगे पुल ). The longest time we spent was at Giant Causeway. It was such a feeling which I do not have words to explain. We saw a lonely sea-lion as well. We met a really lovely couple Jeff & Christine from Seattle, USA. They were really nice people and we exchanged some conversation. Finding out that we were Nepali, seems like they were really excited. They said they would love to go there someday. It feels nice to hear that people know about Nepal. The waves were really really big comparision to the waves I saw in England. Just staring at the waves and seawater we spent lot of time there. In the evening ( the opening ceremony of ParaOlympics), we sat at a pub nearby and drank MUST not Miss drink - Guinness.
    Natural formed hexagonal stones

    The next morning I woke up earlier. I decided to go for a walk. The waves were even bigger in the morning. Slamming very hard on those rocks yet they could neither move nor deteriorate those coastal stones. I felt like '10,000 white horse running and rushing towards the shore. I have a video that shows briefly. We had to get to the airport by 3 pm so we couldn't really go anywhere else. Instead of that we decided to take a long drive and go through the mountains, forest and landscapes of NI. On the flight back, it was Air Lingus. Thanks god it was a little bit better service. I had a hunch that I could see something nice. I did see Anglesey and my sister saw Isle of Man from other side. It definately seemed like Snowdonia near Anglesey with high mountains. But I am not sure of it. I can see only clouds for some time. The clouds and the waves I saw in the morning looked similar. Some places, clouds looked like a Candy stick of Kate Perry song 'California Girls'. It is just amazing to how clouds stay like that. As soon as our plane entered London, we could see the dense houses, M25. I was more excited to see London Eye, O2, Thames River exactly the way I see in 'Eastenders', Parliament House, Oval Building, Tower Bridge and many many things I have known of. It was like a free Aeriel view of London. A boy infront of my seat was really excited as well. My heart was at peace after I saw Wembley Stadium, felt like home. I saw Wimbledon Centre Court, blue tank of Southall and so on. Landing was pleasant. After all the passengers got out I wanted to thank the pilot for bringing us safely to our destination. It might just be another journey of a day for him but not for me. The airhostess showed me where pilot was, just coming out of cockpit. I went to him on my way out and told him, 'Thank you for bringing me safely. I watch lot of those Aircrash Investigation program in National Geography Channel in youtube'. He laughed randomly and said, 'Oh none of that happened today' and gave a big smile. First time in my life I thanked any pilot.

    Hence, there we were, in our city, London. As soon as we came out of plane we could see people of different ethnic background, busy and narrow roads, smells of curry in bus, and a car overtaking bus when oncoming traffic was just 2 or 3 yards away and so on. Still being in London feels different. It feels like home now.

    My short trip budget trip to Northern Ireland was more than what we bargained for. If I get a chance in future I would love to go for 5 hour long walk through the Causeway Coastal Route.

    Thank you for reading this long post. Hope you can feel what I felt there but again words aren't enough to explain the beauty of nature and the beauty of feeling awesome.

    Silent Valley reservoir
    Carrack-a-Rede, Rope Bridge


    Giant Causeway

    Sunset, sun looks too close at 7 pm
    waves and sunset

    I think it is Anglesey and bit of Snowdonia

    Tryanna scare me aai

    Clouds vs Waves, similar