Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Swaggical Rapsta Joins Rap Connect

Monday, 20 February 2012

"I See You"

I love this short but very sweet phrase,'I see you'. Actually we use it many times but never really realising it's deeper meaning. It kind of depends what you might think of it. I first noticed 'I see you' in the Bollywood movie of the same title 'I SEE YOU'. My favourite bollywood actor Arjun Rampal is in the movie and this movie is somewhat a remake of Hollywood movie 'Just Like Heaven' (in my point of view).
Then again I heard the same phrase in another Hollywood movie 'Avatar'. Gosh I love that movie, I felt like flying when I was watching that movie. Just recently I watched Avatar 4 times in a row. Yeah I know you might be thinking I'm crazy. I just feel like 'I see you' has a deeper meaning. I have said,'I will see you', 'I have seen you', 'I saw you', 'I can see you' multiple times but I haven't said 'I see you' to anyone. Out of nowhere I feel like laughing. Pardon me. hahahahahahahaha....... :P

I guess, when someone uses the phrase 'I see you', it might mean, I see the real you : the real you inside out.   The one which my heart can relate to, the one my mind wants to know more about, the one whom my body can't resist to, the one who can see my heart as well. It's only 3 words but has a wider and deeper meaning (for me atleast). Well, I can keep on guessing for no reason but really I can't make any other meaning out of this phrase.

To my blog readers : I (am) SEE (ing) YOU !! hehe

Thank you for reading! Now enjoy the videos of those movies.

P.S. btw I love listening to this song 'Subah Subah' from 'I see you'. Always freshens me up. :) <3

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Life full of '?' marks

Hey ya all,

 Life is full of questions marks. If you stop asking questions then may be life has stopped for you. All sorts of questions keep coming like a flashing lights in your brain. But it's upto you to analyse them and figure out which one is a valid question.

 There are many questions in life that I have answered and I have asked. There might be many in future as well. I might have hurt somebody's feelings and may be somebody might have hurt my feelings as well. Looking back at it feels like 'phiewww that was helluva freaking moments'. There might be a chance that my question might have raised alarm for somebody to do better in life (who knows??). I was also asked many questions before I became what I am now. These questions make up our life.

 Talking about questions, it is easy to ask questions to someone but to find or hear the answer is difficult. You might have expected different answer but you get to hear different one : the answer that is full of doubts, unexplained stories, unreliable resources and completely negative. Or if you are lucky you can hear your exact desired answer. But you ask a question to somebody then you have to be prepared to hear any kind of answer. It's not that life is always 'sunshine and full of flowers', it can be cruel and sinful. Don't ask anybody such questions that you not only offend that particular person but you influence the whole surrounding. I think here comes the small 3 letter word 'LIE' but has a bigger meaning. When somebody asks you question then you don't know what to answer 'Lie'ing is the easiest way to get rid of the solution temporarily. I think it's best not to ask such question which makes them to lie. It's individual thinking but I try not to ask anybody any PERSONAL question cause I don't want to offend them in any way. When you start asking personal questions things might start getting too personal. Before you ask others, ask yourself first, 'Is it right to ask this question?'. I have regreted many silly questions and now avoided many of my own behaviours of questioning others. Because I have kind of learnt from my own mistakes. Life is also a part of learning from your own mistakes, isn't it?

 'What have I done in all these years in the UK?', is the first question everyone asks me. I think it depends what kind of answer are you seeking for. If you want to know the truth 'you have to know me personally' is what my answer will be. You can never realise or you can never imagine what kind of life I have lived in all these years. No one can justify past, PAST IS PAST. If you have the guts to ask me that question then you should have also thought of the possible answer. I do get offended if somebody ask me question like that, but depends who ask me that question, what level of tone what he/she using and how was the body language or expression when they ask me and what was the reason behind asking that question. THE ONE LINE DEFINITE ANSWER FOR SUCH QUESTIONS WILL BE, 'I HAVE LEARNT TO LIVE LIFE, LIFE TO THE FULLEST ! The easiest way, the hardest way, the twisted way, the smartest way, the skinniest way, the normal way, the saddest way, the happiest way, the scariest way, the sinful way, the mightiest way, the most uncommon way or may the most common way. Either way I'm definitely sure that I have learnt to live life in my own INDEPENDENT way, it wasn't easy but I stand here infront of you in one piece. How can you answer what have you done in all these years just like that? Can you reply the same answer if you have to answer it? It is always easy to raise question but to hear the reality of the answer is difficult to accept. 'What achievements you have so far?'. For god's sake, achievements could be intangible. I have done many things in life, it's not only past couple of years. You have to accept me as what I am not ask questions like that. If you have doubts or if you feel like I'm not suitable to be your friend or if you don't have confidence in me, then please give me a break. If you keep on asking me such questions then many more severe type of questions might pop up in my mind as well. Like, "Either you are underestimating me or you are trying to utter something out from my mouth or may be asking about the past deeds or may be trying to find out the level of our relationship". See I'm also human being and I also react to things, especially if it's kind of judging me and my confidence. I have no time for clearing somebody's mind and thinking which has already set up a different view about me. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO LIVE IN DOUBTS, HATRED AND DISSATISFACTION.  I would try to make every moment around me joyful and everyone around me happy; atleast I can try rather than just sit around moaning. Learn to respect somebody's past, perhaps you might find answers why this person is with you and not others.

The most important tense for me is PRESENT. Present becomes past. If I'm happy at present then when I think my past it would be happy, if I am sad, unhappy now then when I think my past, it would be like that. But if I try and make my present happy, then looking back at my past would be happy moments and my future might be happiest cause I am happy at the moment. You know what I mean. Learn to love Present time, live with smile, cherish every moment, then automatically happiness will open up a way for you, I believe in that.  Nevertheless, there is never ending sources of questions which fulfill our life as well. In my opinion, all we got to do is to accept the fact and keep living.This article is truly my feelings only and not to offended anyone in anyway, I apologise if I did.

 Thank you for reading such a long post. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feb 14, 2012 Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is for the people who loves love, loves to love an loves being loved. All about LOVE. I heard the story about Saint Valentine and his love when I was a kid. May be it's because Valentine's Day is referred to as a day for expressing love, it has a special value in each corner of the world.  It might be special day for many people but for me it's just another day. But don't we express our love everyday in certain way? May be someday I feel like it is actually a special day. Well to be honest, everyday would be a special day if you make it. Like in twitter people always make a trend like #HappyChocolateDay, #HappyHugDay, #HappyKissDay, and so on.

 Anyways, I wish all of you people out there a very Happy St.Valentine's Day. May you have a romantic and fantastic evening full of love. Don't feel lonely cause there is always someone out there who loves you. 

This year is a Leap Year, so we have extra 1 day in February. Make a most of it as well. :) Roses and hugs from the owner of this blog <3 limshaku :) :D

Sunday, 12 February 2012

12.2.12, R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Hello there,

Today is Sunday 12-2-12, I woke up as usual. Nowadays I use the apple app Instagram a lot. So, I opened it as usual. I saw Rip Whitney Houston photo and I was completely shocked. Never thought she would end up like this. I quickly looked at twitter, facebook, skynews and every possible news, I really couldn't believe she was actually dead. A lot of kids in twitter didn't know about her. I was really shattered and shocked to hear the news. She's not my relative or I don't have any special bond with her but her songs have special effect on me. I would always be remembering her songs in my life.

The first time I truly noticed Whitney Houston (9th Aug 1963 - 11th Feb 2012) was in her song 'I will always love you' from the movie 'The Bodyguard' later I knew that song was the cover of original song by some other singer Dolly
Parton. But this song touched my heart. I was a schoolgirl at that time and I still remember listening and watching the video of that song. I only watched the movie later in my life. Besides I always loved Kevin Costner's movies. I had original CD of the collection of the movie soundtrack of the songs of 'The Bodyguard' and listened kind of everyday. Till today I can sing the songs with lyrics cause I used to memorise them by heart. I heard many many many other cover of the song 'I will always love you'  but hers was the best of the best ever. I really used to get emotional with tears when I hear that song.

Few times I did hear about her this-and-that problems and all but never thought it would go beyond this point that one day I had to hear that she no longer is in this world. I saw her X-Factor performance in London. Her song with Mariah Carey duo was also one of my favourite, 'When you Believe'.

May her soul now rest in peace wherever she is. You will always be loved and remembered (atleast I will).
I just couldn't believe myself how sad I was to hear such terrible news. I might be one of the millions and billions of fans but I was your true fan after all. It was a great loss for music industry, you are simply irreplaceable and unforgettable. 

I really adored Whitney Houston's song so couldn't stop my burst out. Sorry if I caused any inconvenience. It's not that I only remembered her after she died, I remembered her songs all the time. Everytime I had to figure out any nice songs 'I will always love you' was my priority and I have watched the movie 'The Bodyguard' so many time that I forgot count. Only few months ago I was trying to record a cover song of  her song and obviously I couldn't do it as good as her.

Dear Whitney Houston, now you have left this world whichever world you are in, may you find happiness, peace and love and your soul rest in peace. Your contribution to this world in not forgettable.RIP WHITNEY  HOUSTON

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The successful year 2011

I also <3 paint brush :)

Dear readers,

I haven't been active in my blog recently. I got caught up in many 'here and there' things. It's already the February and 2012 is running smoothly despite all those rumours and false predictions of the end of the world. 

For sometime I was thinking how did my 2011 go? Well, it was a successful year for me. Things that I have wanted and wanted to do were fulfilled. We always think that this year was a bit difficult then last year but when it becomes past and then we think oh hell no. Last year was better then this year. It's just never ending process. There were many ups and downs, some high and lows and I was going through emotional see-saw moments but finally when I look at it; I think it's one of the best year in my life in the UK. 

This year I didn't have any New Year's Resolution as many things I wished for were already fulfilled. The only thing now I wish for is to travel, travel, travel as many places as I can. One of the customer at my work was saying we need probably 7 lives to travel each corner of the world. I guess that's true. Anyways, I wish to travel as many places as I can in this life.

You might be thinking why am I suddenly talking about 2011. Well, it's a kind of review for me hehe. I don't actually set up a goal and live in future but I do have dreams and certain plans which I work on to fulfill it. 

What I did in 2011 then?
  • Passed my exam (I really wanted to get through it)
  • Went to Southend-On-Sea (always wanted to go)
  • Had a good time roaming around Weymouth Beach and Portland Island
  • Attended Royal Wedding
  • Visited Eastbourne and Hasting (with a friend and sister, has helluva time)
  • Climbed Mount Snowdon (yayyyyy )
  • North-South-East-West of Wales covered.
  • Went to concert in Hyde Park, Hard Rock Calling and saw Bon Jovi (can't explain that mighty feeling when I saw them)
  • Visited Durdle Door, Dorset (with family yay)
  • Celebrated Dashain-Tihar with family (after 10 years)
  • Visited many other places Like Salisbury, Dover, Folkstone, Christchurch, Dorset
  • Concert of Deep Shrestha and Nabin K Bhattarai (actually I met Nabin K personally and heard his voice live. )
The list just goes on and on. The most most important thing I did was to join 'twitter' and being active in it. I met many nice people and I'm never alone if I go to twitter. I also met quite a lot of talented young and adults. I appreciate their talents. I never knew there were so many Nepalese using twitter and awesome bloggers.They made me realize that I should write again. (I used to write when I was in School and college). I also met lots and lots of people from different countries. When it comes to communication in mass, it's better if we talk being in a neutral position and that's most of the twitter people do I guess. 

My life completely changed in 2011 and it changed for good. With this successful year of 2011, I have also marked my complete 10 years in the UK.

I thank all of you for reading my blog and supporting me throughout this whole period. I will be back with more interesting and exciting topics, views and experiences in the near future. Till then stay safe.

Regards limshaku