Sunday, 29 July 2012

That secret place

Everybody has secrets. I have secrets too. Secret is not secret if it's been revealed. If people never had secrets then this world would have been like an open book, not too interesting I guess. I am kind of person who likes surprises (good ones ) and surprise is not possible without secret. Anyways here is a little article about secrets. :)

.......that secret area of the park that I want to walk with you.
.......that secret phrase of my favourite book which I want to read to you.
.......that secret receipe of food which I want to feed you.
.......that secret destination of Nepal where I want to take you.
.......that secret childhood photo of mine which I want to show you.
.......that secret mistake of past which I want to confess to you.
.......that secret biggest achievement of life that I want to tell you.
.......that secret special member of family whom I want you to meet.
.......that secret corner in my heart where I want to keep you.
.......that secret space in my mind where I want to fill you.
.......that secret place in my soul where I want to decorate you.
.......that secret title in my life which I want to present you.

This secret thing keeps on going. To be honest I do not like too many secrets, and the fact is I can't keep too many secrets myself. I just feel like I'm suffocated by too many secrets. Life to to enjoy and live with much freedom and no deep dark secrets. Free your mind. Love life and enjoy your spiritual freedom. 

Live life to you fullest.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

iphone, instagram and photography

Hello dear blog readers,

I never knew myself that I was so much into photography. I do not call myself a photographer by just clicking few nice photos but I love photography. Ever since I bought my iphone 3 back in 2008 I have been passionate about taking photos of anything. I love taking close up photos. I have transformed my own looks into something different. (do not get fascinated by only close-up photos though ^.^)

Back in Nepal, we had that old-fashioned camera and hardly anybody used digital ones in the 90's. We had to take photos of our events and then wait until it gets developed in a studio. But thinking of it now, there was a different joy in doing so. Slowly after I came to UK, things changed rapidly in phones, internet, computers as well as photography world. Digital camera is found in each and everybody's hand. The size of the camera squeezed smaller and smaller. Then again slowly the sizes of camera again started getting bigger. The camera now everybody owns is a big, heavy, extra lens Canon/ Sony/ Panasonic/ Nikon or some other famous brands. It has those features of a professional camera. Gosh I looked so different when a brother took my photo. I don't have it yet but wish to get one soon. (praying and not saving hehe). Now I have iphone 4s. I am not advertising iphone but I am really in love with my iphone. Apps like instagram keeps inspiring me to take photos of anything I fancy. It is just amazing feeling when people press 'likes' for your photos. You can get positive/ negative or neutral comments. I love getting Likes from my instagram followers. There are amazing people in instagram. I get to see what's happening in Nepal, Kathmandu this very moment. The weather (rainy, sunny, windy), the food they are eating, places they are visiting, the people they are meeting or occasions or anything that they post. I feel more close to home.

I love to express my vision through my photography. I like to present things differently. I love flowers, nature, food, art, etc. I do not post photos of people because they get offended if I post it in instagram. I usually take a quick snap whenever I see a flower. I have more than 3,000 photos stored in my phone and I just couldn't delete any of them. I love all of them. Hope you guys also enjoy photography.

Stop piracy, respect photography, admire brilliancy and share skills.

Visit my Flickr page on the top row or Follow me in instagram - ''limshaku'' and ''paintmylove''.
All photos are taken from iphone 4s. cheers

Thank you.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Career and Being FadeUp

Once in while we all feel like whatever we are doing is getting boring. We usually get fade up of whatever we are doing and we want to try something new, something different, something adventurous. We get fade up of work we are doing, life we are living, circle of friends we are with and may be the way things are at the moment.

In a deep thought
I have always felt that I must do something different. This is not an easy task. It's like an old proverb in Nepal which says,''नदुखेको  टाउको बाँधेर दुखाउनु '', which means ''You don't have a headache but you tie your head and get a headache''. I already have a satisfying job I like and living somewhat comfortable life I dreamt of but still I want to do something different. I don't want to make a 'comfort zone' for myself and never go out of it. I am an optimistic person and I always tend to keep positive attitude even in the worst of the situation. 'CHANGE' is not always easy but I like challenges. I would not have bothered to come all the way to London if I didn't seek for what's behind those big walls. I do not have big dreams as such. My aims, my dreams, my hopes and my expectations are simple ones. Just want to live a comfortable life as all human being wants to do. 

If we don't train our brain it might be covered by clouds of inconfidence.  Picture taken  by ME.

Building a careers path. (On the way to Mt. Snowdon last year.)
For me study never ends. All our life we study, we learn. We learn to live life, we learn to know and understand people, we learn to accept changes, we learn to survive in planet Earth. I would like to utilise my brain to do something worthwhile. I have to make my brain active and able to remember things.

Now going back to the topic, I was talking to my senior supervisor about changing a career because I am fade up of doing the same work. He said everywhere we go there are difficulties. Every field we chose there are always many people better than us and there will be tough competition. He didn't mean to discourage me but I gave a real thought about what he said to me. That is true, whichever way or field I chose there will be people better than me. I must do a extensive task of finding out why I want to do it. I am not discouraged by what he suggested me but rather thoughtful and blissful that he told me. He is like a guardian to me. As I mentioned above, changes aren't easy to cope with but I will try my best not to waste the effort that I am going to put choosing what to do next. Please wish me good luck my blog readers. :) :D

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Spain wins Euro2012

nice logo

the winners

Well, here is the result : Spain wins the UEFA European Championship 2012 without any doubts and any reservations. They deserved it. Though I have always been a Italian Football supporter tonight I have to admit Spain were fabulous. It was bit of a bad luck for Italy as well when things went wrong continously.

At first I thought,' Oh they scored, never mind we still got time.' But I knew something was really not working. The skills Balotelli showed during semi-finals were kept ashore by Spanish footballers. I don't know today I felt like the Italians played like England. But although Spanish were so dominating Italy did manage to keep ball possession upto 50-50 until later it was 56-43. The funny thing is I DID NOT HAVE MY ITALY JERSEY with me today. (just a superstitious thing). Going down to '10 men game' was a real disaster and things kept getting worse.

There goes another one,,,,, and another one,,,,, and another one. Oh my god 4 goals and Italy couldn't score even 1. If they had time may be Spain would have scored few more. **seriously** They have that consistency in their football which makes every match equally exciting, interesting and worthwhile watching.''Iker Casillas should put a tent at his goal post and then zip up', 'that's what one of the brother was saying. He is indeed the major factor that Spain on the winning podium. 

I was kind of happy for Fernando Torres. When he was in Liverpool, I was his fan then he left to Chelsea and really gave me headache. But I always felt he deserves to be treated better than just sit on the bench and win World Cup. One of the reason may be because all squads of Spain are equally good. He looked overly happy when he scored and also helped his teammate score. Funny thing is there were children over the pitch after the match, all dressed up in red/yellow jersey, looking very very cute and cuddly.

Tonight was Spain's night. La Roja/Espanol/Spain/The Reds of whichever name it is, they have created a history. They will still keep on making history in coming years.

As for my team Italy, better luck next time. Losing is not always bad, you've got to learn from your mistakes. Hope Balotelli will be more mature in next big match. Hope he can keep that consistency in his football skills otherwise he will just vanish in this fast world of football. As a matter of fact, to be honest I was already happy that Italy won Germany with such a skills. I myself didn't had that much confidence in finals against Spain. May be Italy, the team I support, was going through same pyschological turmoil. Buffon being a legendary goalkeeper was helpless today. I have no dissatisfaction against Italy. They did well against such a contender. Well done lads, well done Azzuris.