Thursday, 30 August 2012

Paraolympics London 2012

I wish good luck to all the participants of Paraolympics 2012. Being there itself is a great achievements and I hope you will do something which will create hope for the ones who has not been able to live normal life due to their physical disbilities. I saw the basketball match in television and it was good to watch. It is really nice to see people competing so hard. They are holding and passing the ball as well as pushing their chairs at the same time. A long time ago I remember seeing a BBC advert which showed a guy in wheelchair dancing so freely and then followed his group. People who have lost their limbs or who has not been physically fit, see these people who has not given up hope and doing their best. It is not easy for anybody to overcome difficulties in life. I hope you will find happiness seeing other happy as well and try to make your life better as well.

Nepal is also participating in Paraolympics. I am glad they are there even if they do not win any medal, it is still good to see my Nepali flag in the Olympics. All the best guys. There is a Nepali guy in Team GB, Mr Netra Pun. I wish him good luck too.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Kosheli Nepali Cultural Fusion UK 2012

Kosheli is a musical group promoted by Nepali artists in the UK since 1986. On 26.08.2012, they were celebrating the 26th Anniversary. I am glad I had the chance to take part in this programme.

It started when a sister asked me,'Do you want to come and dance with us?'. To be honest I had no idea that this was Kosheli's program. I have heard of Kosheli but never thought I would be performing. I thought I might give it a try. Since I was free on most Saturdays 'why not'. I went to the place where practice was carried out. Well, to my extreme surprise, I already knew the dance teacher. Everybody knew each other except me. We all contributed our Saturdays afternoons to this program. There were small kids performing as well. Very very cute children including twins in a song 'Dhikki chyau Dhikki chyau'. They might have danced in this song no one actually knows or ever seen the song in television. This song was famous in Nepal when I was kid myself haha. Infact this was the first movie 'Kanyadaan'  I watched in cinema in Nepal and Gauri Malla became my best Nepali actress. 

The day finally came when we have to go on a stage and perform. We went early for rehearsals and last minute corrections. This was the stage I have seen many artists and dancers performing, but this time I am performing. I felt glimpse of satisfaction and hopes.  I remembered those days of school, college and other programs where I performed on a stage. I just love dancing. The performance was just 'OK' for me according to how I feel like I have performed. Everybody said we did well and people I know praised me as well. I am really grateful to everybody for the support I got from you. I am truly blissful. But I knew where I did mistakes and what routine I messed up. I wasn't normally like that. Gosh !!!!

I got certificate singed,sealed and distributed by Dr Chalise, Ambassador of Nepal himself. I know lots of Nepali celebrities were also present but I could not go and see them I was just busy helping out in the changing room. Mr DJ played some modern and remix Nepali songs and everybody danced freely on stage and on the floor. 

I thank my dance teacher, Kosheli group, all the dancers for being so nice to me. I also would like to thank my dear friend Sweetie, Luna,  Manisha, my sister, and Pooja sis for being there to see my performance. 

I will upload the videos later on  when or if I get a nice quality photos from some other source. 
Thank once again for reading my blog. Life has lot to offer grab it.

Few dancers with dancer teacher. 

I did my hair.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Thinking about Nepali Dress

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Hello dear blog readers,

Again and again and many times I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog. I have dedicated my sleeps to this blog. It all started since the Day 1 when I could not sleep and thought about starting to write in a blog. I never knew I would come this far.

Anyways going back to topic, I did something today. I am suppose to go for so called Nepali Dance party where the theme is 'Nepali Dress' or something which looks like Nepali. I normally do not go to dance party nowadays  but since this looked different and my dear friend lexlimbu called me I just could not say 'NO'. For many days I wondered what would I wear. This is common whenever I have to go for party. I guess it's common for all people. One questions kept mocking my mind, 'What could be Nepali looking dress?'. I got many suggestions from  friends and family. Not to mention my sister didn't like any idea that I mentioned to her. Then I finally decided 'NO MATTER HOW VILLAGER ( पाखे ) I LOOK OR HIDEOUS MY DRESS WOULD BE OR EVEN FUNNY AMONG TEENAGERS', I am going to wear what I design and what looks like Nepali but modified. If am called Pakhey for wearing Nepali dress then I might as well be one. I don't care. My sister still doesn't like the dress I made. That's haha ''so her''.

I have learnt to do stitches long time back in school as a vocational subject. I still haven't forgotten it. With a help of another sweet sis, I have created a little skirt and a top. I could not post it at the moment but when the time comes I will definitely put the photo. I am scared to use sewing machine so I just did it by hands, Trust me I had few oouch moment when the needle poked my thump. I love the end result but I cannot judge my own creation. Hopefully you will judge and comment on it later when I post it on my blog.

I am neither a designer nor a professional tailor but still if I try I can make a dress. That is how I felt today. I look forward to see how the guys and girls show their patriotism by wearing something which shows Nepalism (just the word popped up in my mind). :P :D

Aren't you curious how it looks like? haha nothing to superb.

Keeping visiting!!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nepali in 10th London Mela 2012

 I didn't had any plans to be in 10th London Mela at Gunnersbury Park. But somehow my fate was taking me there. I went there with a brother and my sister and a friend. Unknown to me was some real fun awaiting me. After a long wait for car park we entered London Mela around 2 or 2.30 pm in the afternoon. Sun was at its maximum. People were struggling to cope with it.

The first I went to look for was the stall that Lexlimbu mentioned to me earlier when I met him. I saw Nepali stall, one was Monty's food stall (They are quite famous) and the other was Nepali Embassy's stall. I straightaway met Lex and recognised few other people there.There was another food stall by Nepalese as well 'Gurkha Inn'.One by one I started meeting so many people known to me. I haven't been to Nepali local bhela (meeting) for long time I guess. We were a little bit late to see all the opening ceremony where the Ambassador of Nepal cut the ribbon and all. We also missed out the performance in main stage. But still I was glad that I didn't miss out the one I went to see. I have been practising dance with few ladies for another program, these are the same people who were performing there as well.

After waiting for more than an hour we get to see Nepali people performing. Miss Nepal UK 2010, Nabina Gurung was awesome while presenting Nepal. Her voice was strong and she did manage to attract people's attention who were already feeling drowsy because of heat.
 First there was Lakhey Dance, Nepali dance 'Dui chulthi batera', Kauda Dance by Magar Samaj, Nepali dance by young girls, a mix melody of Nepali movie songs, Maithili dance where 2 Radhas, Mishra sisters were trying to win over Lord Krishna, then again a Tamang Selo. All the performers were applauded with huge reaction from the spectators. I only have few photos and a brief video to prove what I had witnessed.
Nepal and Nepali were introduced to London public.

We were just roaming here and there after we finished watching the half an hour performance by Nepalese performers. I was enjoying Punjabi beats at main stage too. Lex was telling me that there is special event after that. He showed me an Elephant. At first I was surprised what was he and others telling me. Later I noticed that there is an Elephant and a bride on top of it. Basically I came to realise that it was a parade and Nepalese are trying to show how Nepalese wedding are carried out. It just felt like it was a real wedding and I was dancing and enjoying for somebody without any reason.

I could see, 'अनेकतामा एकता '  i.e. 'UNITY in DIVERSITY'. All casts and age group and different background people came for parade and we had so much fun screaming and shouting 'जसो  गर जे भन जतासुकै लैजाऊ मलाई , यो मन त मेरो नेपाली हो ' i.e. 'whatever you do or wherever you take me, my heart is only Nepali'. I could see very young kids enjoying and dancing in Naumati Baaja. Proud of them really. It is never enough to love your country and represent it. There are so many things I want to explain but I just couldn't squeeze all in here.

I have never experienced anything like that before and I'm really grateful to people who let join the parade. I kind of missed my Nepali dress. Next time if I go I would definitely wear something Nepali style.

Thanks to all the people who made my day so special. I will keep this day in my mind.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A twitter meeting

Hey there,

bihe ma khana nai important re kya hehehhe
I couldn't believe that I was actually going to see these awesome people whom I often chat in twitter. The common thing for us was 'we all loved tweeting' and being socialise. Thanks to a (twitter) friend who invited us to his wedding reception. Many congratulations to him. We all had so much fun being there. It was worth travelling all the way up there. Everyone asks me how did you know him and I find it funny as well as interesting to say ' I met him in twitter'. It was so nice to see few more of my twitter buddies. For instant, as usual, we all were stuck to our phones to tweet. hehe
girls girls girls

Few weeks back a sweet sister from Nepal (also tweet buddy) visited London. It was nice meeting her too. I invited her over dinner and all we could think about was how nice it would have been if other few of our tweet buddies were here.

I never, even in my wildest dream. thought that I would actually meet somebody from my virtual world in a real life. This feeling is so different. I really love to meet few more of them in near future and share some real words rather than '140 characters'.

My twitter followers are amazing.
the venue was brilliantly decorated.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A short interview with Peter :)

Hey dear blog readers,

[[ I thank your support and regularly viewing my blog. I have recently joined '' as a writer as well. For the new website I have started hunting for talents and then introducing it to you guys. I could not possibly include everything there but I can atleast try my best to express my views in my blog. I would appreciate if you know anybody and introduce to me so that I can write about them.]]

I stumbled upon this youtube channel few months back while i was going through some Nepali cover songs. I could see a non-Nepalese guy singing so fluently in Nepalese. I was instantly surprised and mesmerised by the voice and the determination he had to sing Nepali song. I'm glad there are people who loves Nepali music and appreciate them. A big achievement as well as contribution of Nepali music industry. 
Watch out girls :)

this is a cool photo.

He is kind enough to spare some time for me and truly appreciate it. Thank you Peter.
Check out his full interview on :

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With regards, 

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review of Opening Ceremony London2012

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Hello all,

I've been lazy to blog recently. On Friday 27th July 2012 I watched Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Olympics, the most awaited event. Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle presented the Opening Ceremony of £27 million. I gathered up with friends and close people to watch the programme. Here is what I thought of the ceremony, lets just call it solely 'My Review'.

The first thing I liked was 'The Countdown' of 1 minutes which covered many things already. 10 Downing Street, No.9 bus which runs in Central London and many more. The start of the River Thames for me was awesome.

The 'Isles of Wonder', showed by Danny was so nice. I actually liked the theme of the ceremony. I think he tried to show typical English countryside. I was wondering about so many things and why it was there. I wondered where are the athletes of all over the world going to stand cause there was grass all over there. Why there is a little uphill there. and more questions followed later on. Even living 10 years in Britain I was still confused. Then slowly I got the hang of it. I somehow related to the things that Danny might want to show.
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The view of countryside, people farming, playing, singing happily was spectacular. Then followed the invasion of industrial revolution and the big chimneys and dark era. The class difference, the Suffragettes, the greenlands disappearing, labourers, world war, women working in the world war in different fields when all men went to war front, the people migrating from the Caribbean, Uganda and other countries, foundation of NHS (National Health Service) and Great Ormond Street Hospital. More followed as British singing legends and their songs, Film industry and current James Bond and ofcourse the Queen. I very much liked David Beckham's part. He looked cool. Harry Potter theme was shown. Everything that Britain is proud of was demonstrated in a very superb way. I loved luminous lights (Blue is my favourite colour), the effects and danced sequence.

I waited whole night just to see Nepalese participants and them calling out my country's name. Thank god atleast someone was there to represent my country. I was wondering when each country appeared and walked the march past. The volunteers were carrying something in their hand. Later on I realise the flag was suppose to go on the little hill there, the thing those volunteers were carrying was actually the head of the Olympics torch which they lighten in the end. It was like a flower and it all came together to form a flames of all participating countries. The Olympic flame was lighten by young generation. Closing up with Paul McCartney was epic act. Though his voice wasn't that great seeing him was enough for me.

Shreya Dhital :)

google image, Olympic flame

The most of all. I loved the Fireworks in the end. It was marvellous.

Everything was very good. But I must say there few things that people criticised and yes I am also doing it. I am not saying bad things just some points which I felt like expressing here.

Trying show every special thing that Britain has and is proud of in such a good way was impressive but a lot of people around the world might have very few knowledge of what was going on. I read 'Life in UK' book few months ago so I was able to understand what was going on though I think I might have miss out on something as well. Not a lot of people knows what is NHS. People compared this opening ceremony with Beijing Olympics and said it was less interesting, but I do not agree with that fully. All those great music is not recognisable by everyone. For me being a Nepalese and if I was in Nepal, I wouldn't have known many things. Danny Boyle did try to make it interesting for all age group. He included children, youngsters, middle aged and all people. The whole point of this post is that I loved what he did and how he managed such a big event so beautifully but I guess most of the people around the world might have understand only half of what was going on.

I loved being here in the City hosting London 2012 Olympics. I never thought in my childhood that I will end up here in future. I was lucky enough to get tickets to Badminton and I thoroughly enjoyed watching World Champions of Badminton. I even went to see Olympic village but didn't had ticket to get in.

I look forward to see how the Closing Ceremony will be. Although I didn't get chance to volunteer I just hope they do well. Wishing them luck.

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crowd watching Badminton