Monday, 29 October 2012

Robin and The New Revolution

Nepali music have so many great contributors. Robin Tamang is one of them. I have always been a fan of Rabin Tamang, previously it was called Rabin and Looza. I heard a lot about him, listened to his songs but never had a chance to go to one of his concert.

I was so excited to hear that Robin and The New Revolution were performing in London so I already prepared myself to pay any amount to see their concert. It took place in many venues around London and England. Dressed myself as a rock-chick and put on my favourite pair of converse, we set out to see him. To be honest that venue in Southall wasn't for concert. It was a party place but anyways for Robin and the group I compromised hehe. There was another band performing before the main guest. It is ''GREASE'' band. One of the guitarist is my brother. I never had a chance to go and see his concert ever since, luckily this time I was able to see him perform. His band played very nice songs. There were other Nepali bands who played really well and entertained us.

Me and my gang were just sitting in the corner when I was told that Robin Tamang just turned up. And ''I was like,,,,, where?''. Fact is that I never saw his face properly or his photo. Another thing was that it was sort of dark inside. As soon as I heard that Rabin was there I stood up and went straight upto him. I shook hands with him, also hugged him (I literally had to stretch myself cause he is so tall). I tried to speak to him but there was too much noise. Anyways at that time I was happy enough that I met him and then had opportunity to take some photos with him.

When he came on stage it was different feeling. He looked awesome. And he cracked out some jokes like, ''सरी है आउँदा-आउंदै ढिलो भयो, आज बिहान 5 बजे सम्म पिउंदै थिए हाहा  / '' and ''म त अब 2 or 3 दिनमा घर जान्छु अनि त्यसपछि फेरी के के कुरामा  किचकिच /'',  the crowd just loved him. I think what he meant to say was how youngsters don't like to hear things when they go home. He had that magical way of attracting his fans. He knew exactly what his fans liked to hear. While he and the group was trying to arrange sound system he was also interacting with crowd. He said, '' अब म एकचोटि sound check गर्छु है '', then he asks the guy behind the monitor who was arranging sound to focus on the drums. Drum beat was like, ''dhudh dhudh dhudh'' then he tells him put it little bit up, and so on. He checked his microphone and his voice wasn't loud enough but his guitar was too loud. He asked the guys something but he didn't understand, he was making fun of him telling him ''NO'' is no and ''ON'' is on. Its funny that I never realised sound system check would be so much fun. Well when he started singing, that's it. He rocked it. I was doing headbang and jumping like a teenager haha. I liked the part when he slowly played a short part of the  legendary song 'मा मौनतामा अल्झिरहेको ', again he said,''मा सानो हुदा सुनेको, हाहा मा नै सानो हुदा सुनेको ''. He was literally laughing. Then he went on and said,  '' ओम बिक्रम बिस्ट दाई सरी है तपाइको गीत लाई एस्तो बनाए ''. Then he played his version of the song. ''चिसो चिसो हावामा '' was simply best. I came to know one of his favourite song is 'Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door', and so is mine.

Overall, it was fun night. Though I don't have any complain I just wished the venue would have been slightly different. I'm so happy I met one of the most popular man of Nepali Music Industry. He made me realise that if we have a passion to do something and carry on doing it, one day your work will be recognised. I sincerely thank him for not resisting us when we approached him.

So far I have met Sugam Pokhrel, Nima Rumba, Nabin Bhattarai, Kutumba, Prashant Tamang, Raju Lama, 1974 AD, Deep Shrestha, Bivek Shrestha, Sharmila Bardewa, PremRaj Mahat, Saroj Khanal, Abinash Ghising, and so on in England. I would love to see Nepathya performing in London.

I love music and specially Nepali music is in my heart. It is my identity and I would always support it.

Thank you for reading.

iphone flash wasn't enough. Gosh he is tall.
saying 'alikati badhaunus' haha
cracking a joke
close up

making sure.

There it is. Robin and The New Revolution
'attraction of the night'

Monday, 22 October 2012

हेर (see/look)

I'm blogging after sometime now. I've just been busy lately. Today I have a Nepali poem to present here. Hope you like it.

The title is '' हेर '' which means see or look.


निलो आकाशमा हेर,
बादलहरुका आक्रितिमात्र देख्छौ  तिमीले,

बिशाल समुन्द्रमा हेर,
छालहरुका चक्रभयू  मात्र देख्छौ  तिमीले,

उच्च हिमशिखरहरुमा हेर,
बरफका बुट्टाहरुमात्र देख्छौ तिमीले,

मेरो आखामा हेर,
बेदनाहरुका भण्डारमात्र पाउँछौ तिमीले,

मेरो नजिक आई हेर,
चिसोपनका हुरीबतासमात्र महसुस गर्छौ तिमीले,

मलाई अंगाली हेर,
निर्जीव बस्तुहरुका पुत्लामात्र पाउछौ तिमीले,

मेरो आत्मामा झाँकेर हेर,
भौंतारिरहेका  भावनाहरुका संगालोमात्र समेट्छौ तिमीले,

तर , तर मेरो मुहारमा हेर,
प्रबल हाँसोहरुका सृंगारमात्र देख्छु तिमीले //

I just wrote this poem cause it just strike my mind. Somewhere there might someone feeling down and thinking of same thing which is mentioned in this poem but HEY  people, life is to enjoy. Smile and the whole world will smile back at you. Imagine world full of smiles.

Hope all my readers would bare with me for not blogging too often. Live blissfully everyone.