Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcome and Goodbyes

Hey everyone,

Now everyone must be busy thinking about New Year and new year celebrations, here I am in my laptop thinking about 2012. Yet another year passed by so quickly. Time never stops for anyone. Soon I will be celebrating my blog's 2nd successful year.

2012 has been a good year for me. Going on holidays to different destinations like Cornwall, Lake district, Northern Ireland and other parts of UK was the best part of this year. I did something new, something different and life is in a different twist. Well, we still have to live a long life so I am trying to make it different and bit more interesting. We had so many momo parties, BBQ parties and every weekend was like a get-together that we had to attend. Got penalty charge for parking few times and there were times that I do not want to remember. But again I am saying here I am alive, healthy and right state of mind.

I have been content academically and financially hmmmm well (money is never enough). I love blogging.
In 2012 as well I have been outrageously active in social networking sites such as instagram, googleplus, facebook, twitter, blog, whatsapp, viber and god knows what. I found a sweet little sister and her sister who lead me to another world of Nepalese community. I kept good connection with all my cyber buddies. Anyways overall I loved 2012.

Hey everybody, we made it through 2012. Doom's day or whatever did not stop us from living our life and the continuation of human survival. I wish the year 2013 would bring joy, happiness, success and lots of love in your life.

Learn from your past,
Live for your present,
Look for the future!!

Make your life meaningful and worthwhile. Overcome your insecurities, inferior complexities and negative thoughts; then your will see life is beautiful.
Regards limshaku :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Losing interest

Greetings from London to all my readers,

Let me get straight to the point and put aside all 'hi and hello' stuffs. I suppose we know each other long enough now. If you are reading my blog for the first time then I would sincerely thank you for visiting.

I hate to admit it. Sometimes I feel like if I am interested in something and I yearn for it desperately, I work hard to get it and then even harder when it is difficult to get. Then slowly somehow my interest in it starts to fade away. Does that happen to only me or some other people as well? I ask this question so many times with myself and I cannot really come to any conclusion. My mind does not yield any ideas at all. As time passes on and you are still trying hard to get what you are wishing for, the more you learn about the target, it might be the case that you get more disappointed knowing facts and hidden secrets about it. It's like the job you desperately wanted and then after you get it with your hard work you feel like it was not what you really enjoyed. I have always wanted to study hard and achieve the best formal education. It just hits my mind occasionally that why I study; why do I want to achieve academical goals. I do go out of my aim and feels like running away from everything. These are all unstoppable thoughts in my mind and there is a declaration of war between mind and instincts. Well, the fact is I am studying and I am trying my best.

Achieving your target is a big achievement itself. We all sway away from our aim and goals sometimes and after we get it we might feel like what was so great about it which made me work so hard; but think of it as only the initial stage and keep on working. I set my goal as being a person who could or might bring smile on your face. It is not always possible but I can always try. I guess my goal is simple or might be vast and never ending but I feel like it is challenging and something which always makes me work on it.

(this little girl makes me smile.)
Study never ends. We are always learning and life is always teaching us lessons. Hope you learn more and also enjoy life. I wish everyone to have someone who can bring smile in their faces and make their hearts happy.

May the coldness of December freeze all my insecurities. Saying goodbye to another year 2012 feels strange. I have become more mature than before (haha).

Thank you for reading my blog and I can never stop thanking you for supporting me in my writing.

limshaku :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Informal English

Hey guys,

Let me tell you my frustrating story which happened recently. It did push me to edge and took me few days for me to get back on my senses.

Lately I was doing an assignment on Key Skills i.e. mostly writing things in English about my own, skills, knowledges, experiences and personal qualities. Trust me it sounded easy but actually doing the work was pretty hard. It is hard because you have to analyse all your qualities, abilities and god knows what. I did my best to try and write upto to distinction level. This expectation thing is really annoying. We always say aim high but when you aim high and don't get what you want you will be completely shattered. Coming back to the topic, I hand in the assignment on time and was happy about it until I got the feedback from my teacher.

Result :

  • Uncountable grammatical mistakes (relied too much on spell check)
  • Formatting was completely not right ( teacher says)
  • 1 whole task was not upto teacher's expectation
  • Lot of informal words used.
My blood boiled when I saw the result.I haven't tasted failure lately, I have been academically good in past few years. I guess I have been too comfortable that I will get what I want. I didn't feel like writing blog anymore. My level of English is just not good enough I guess. A total heartbroken me felt like I should have studied Major English in school and college. I honestly felt like closing down the whole blog for instance. The problem was deep inside I always knew my English vocabulary was not too good, and rather than improving it I just started ignoring it. I do look into dictionary often but I tend to forget the words easily. 

Do you know what? I have to do the whole assignment again. At first, I thought like I won't bother doing it but then now I feel like I should not get discouraged by it and try and move on. It was my carelessness that I did not deserve the higher grade. I need to avoid jargon and informal words in my writing. (according to teacher).

Sometimes things will go terribly bad to go incredibly well. Hope next time my English assignment would be less disappointing to my teacher and more satisfying to me.

Lesson learnt : ''You will never be a good writer until you are a good reader.'' And I am a lousy reader and miss out on areas of learning.

Funny fact : I still used 'Spell check' to finish this post. Dammit.