Sunday, 30 June 2013

There are things

 Flowing words of my mind.

There are things you cannot change,
There are memories you cannot erase,
There are feelings you cannot suppress,
There are people you cannot impress,
There are thoughts you cannot express,
There are hurdles you cannot success,
There are some things you cannot exchange,
There are destinies which even god can't manipulate.

Despite all these, I have the willingness, willpower and persistence to carry on leading a optimistic life. Hope I can make people around me happy. 

Thank you for reading!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Taxi drivers of Kathmandu and the traffic!

Hey everyone,

Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate your continuous support.

 I have been to Kathmandu in February 2013 for 2 weeks. I am posting this write-up quite late because I have been caught up with many things till now. I saw, witnessed and learnt many things during my short stay there. I was always afraid to get into a taxi. Besides I have been told look at your meter when you get into taxi.

I took a lot of cab (taxi) while I was there. It was quite surprising to see how taxi drivers look at your get-up, your status and put up the taxi fare. You literally had to tell them that this is the maximum amount I am going to give you and if you agree I will get into the cab otherwise we can look for another one. When me and my sister came out of a beauty parlour to go for the wedding reception, the taxidrivers asked us double price. May be they got confused with our make up and all but hey they didn't know I was broke. :P haha

Every taxi I took to go to my destinations, I tried to have a good conversation with the driver. I am a driver myself (not taxi :D) and I know how it feels like driving when people treat you like a driver. I would normally start with saying, ' How long have you been driving a taxi?', then they all have different stories to recite. There was one driver we met in temple Pashupatinath; a very famous Hindu temple. He was middle-
aged man with family and children as grown up as me. He said he had been driving since 20 years and he had driven in many places. He drove truck, bus, mini bus, micro bus and all and now he is driving taxi, his own investment so far. He said his only dream is to educate his children so that they could lead better life than him in future. It was pleasant talking to him. He dropped us in Thamel, the happening (hippie) place of Kathmandu I suppose.

The other day we got into another taxi and again there was a middle-aged driver. It was almost evening and he was refusing to go far, our hometown was not that far from that place but he wanted extra money so that he can cover the cost of coming back empty. Well we had to negotiate the reasonable taxi fare. Again we started chatting, he started telling us his version of stories about how two women got him into trouble. He also said he hesitated little bit when he first saw me and my sister trying to persuade him to take us to our destination. On the other hand we were more worried of getting into a cab driven by unknown person. It's a wild world mate. He did gave us a good suggestion,' Do not get into a cab where there is a driver and another person on the front passenger's seat no matter what.' Well, things happen and we can't help it. But there is no harm in being careful beforehand.

Another evening, it was raining very heavily and my sister and sister-in-law decided to pick me up from my friend's place. The driver was a young man. He was already agitated by their (my family) demands of picking me up from dark (loadshedding time) and solitary place (bit furthur inside from main road). When we reached our home he demanded triple price and he threaten us that he would take us back to the place where he picked us up. I acted calmly (usually I am not), I was annoyed but it was not going to help. To be honest, it was my area, there was no need for us to worry, we can call for help and it would be right there. But I just thought he did bring us home safely so we gave him double money not triple and told him not to be so hot headed, calm down and drive back safely.

Our family know a driver dai (brother) who knows us. He owns his own taxi and drives around but whenever we need him, he is always there. I could somehow see how important his role is when we need any transportation. Someone whom we can trust without any reservations. He told me he drives when people phone him and ask him to come, that means he does not drive around like other taxi drivers. It is their safety as well, there is insecurity for everybody nowadays. We do not have a car in our household because no one drives. I drive but in London. This driver brother has plenty of stories to tell us. I did suggest him to invest on his own cab company and run it. (As I have seen in London). On our way to the airport there was a traffic jam (could not believe a traffic jam in Ekantakuna), he took a short cut. Oh my god, he was showing a stunt I guess. The road was so small that a pedestrian had to move aside to give us the way. He did managed to take us to airport on time. We knew he would not accept money from us (he gets it from mom and dad) so we just gave some money asking him to buy something for his children.

In 2013, the streets of Kathmandu is full of mud, dust and signs of excavation.  Apparently, the current government planned to widen the roads. There is hardly any space for the pedestrians to walk. The large number of motorbikes on the road makes it even worse. When I left Kathmandu in 2002, there were limited cars and limited motorbikes and scooters. This time around I could see that we might need a separate motorbike lanes, separate traffic regulations only for motorbikes. At a junction near Goarko (Guna Cinema Hall)during rush hour, I could see there were so many motorbikes in the queue, joining in and trying to get ahead of each other from every remaining inch of the road. We could not walk outside without face mask and protective glasses. I am not saying that I went to visit from England and having difficult time but even people living there were doing the same thing as me. I did spend my entire teenage in Kathmandu, roaming around Jawalakhel, Lagankhel, Putalisadak, New Road, King's Way, Satdobato and all. I love Kathmandu valley. Hopefully one day it will be better, clean, organised and dust free.

All the best to those hardworking taxi drivers of Kathmandu who are honest and earn a honest living for themselves and their families. You are the ones who drives us safely to our destination assuring safety and comfort. Those dishonest and crooked taxi drivers will get what they deserve sooner or later cause they are the ones who makes the system bad.

Drive safe, be safe, be vigilant and be alert !!!


Infront of the Pashupatinath Temple
I am a food lover.
A newly furnished Chinese Restaurant in Jhamel :)
Local Bus ride :P

wish i could get wisdom like Lord Buddha
Where you can find peace

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The "C" of Love and Life

The "C" of love and life

Commitment for life,
Compromise of pride,
Communication of thoughts,
Consolidation of hearts,
Consideration of views,
Concentration of reviews,
Compilation of sweet melodies,
Complication of zig-zag memories,
Contentment of desires,
Contemplatation of dreams,
Confidentiality of drawbacks,
Congeniality to fulfill each others's lacks, 
Cooperational feeling of heart and mind,
Combinational feeling of soul and spiritual devine.

'C' still Co..ntinues as child, children, care, classes, collegue, college, care home and finally cremation. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

" in progress"

" in progress"

Counting my days as it goes by, finding my way to it as how to carry on.

Waiting to be with you as if you are nearby, working my way to it as time passes on.

Wanting to embrace you as if I'm on high, making my way to it as deeper we go on.

Believing in dreams as if you are my life, creating my hopes for it as stronger we hold on.

Surviving in hope as if we can make it right, visualising my hallucinations as though I can move on.

Trusting in you as if you are my Knight in Shining Armor, having my faith wrapped to it as though you are the only ONE.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Simple and understandable Dental Advice: My Version of ' Mr Dentist '

Simple and understandable Dental Advice: My Version of ' Mr Dentist ': Not a long ago I was studying Oral Health Education where I had to invite a Pre-School children parent and their child. I had to give them ...

Thursday, 10 January 2013

पूजा कस्ती छे?

May 2013

Walking a catwalk for International Nepal Fashion week, London 2012

Check it out!!
New girl in the same old town,
In the best looking colourful gown,
Who's dance moves brings the house down,
Who might make your heartbeat shutdown.
:P ;) *)

Here is a little poem written for one of the sister I know. Influenced by people and their behaviour, I normally get the topic and  the inspiration to write. I guess we always seek something in others which we lack. She is different; I have different talent and she has different, everyone is different. Knowing her had made me go through different experience of life and get to explore more. Well, lets see what life unfolds. In the meantime I was glad she liked the poem I wrote thinking about her.

पूजा कस्ती छे?

Photoshoot for Dali's Kollection
मेरी एउटी चन्चली बहिनी छे,
जो साह्रै नक्कलीपनि छे,
तर शीलस्भाव र मनको सक्कली छे।

किनमेलमा अधिक रूचि राख्छे,
तर परिश्रणमपनि अत्याधिक  नै गर्छे,
सबैको खुशिलाई ध्यान राख्ने अनुसरणिय कोशिस गर्छे।

दुखपनि पाउँछे, खुशिपनि समेट्छे,
सबैको आलोचना सहेरपनि आफ्नो उदेश्यमा अडित रहन्छे,
त्यो हसिलो मुस्कानले नै आफ्ना पिडा र कमजोडिहरू ढाक्छे।

(मिठो  वचनले बोलि हेर, कस्तो ईज्जत पूजाले दिन्छे,) *२
सद्भावको भावनाले बोलाई हेर, कस्तो सद्भावना पूजाले देखाउँछे,
मित्रताको  हात बढाईहेर, शत्रुलाईपनि आस्वासन पूजाले दिन्छे।।।

I wish her all the best to find her dream and persue her career as well. Life is to enjoy and work hard. 

Soon you can see few more of her works.
All the best sister.


Pooja recently played a vital role in a short movie. Lamis Production

Pooja ni Gangnam Style prank video, Westfield, London. 2013

One helluva addictive song, if only: (you know what I mean Pooja)

Model : Pooja


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why New Year's Resolution never gets fulfilled?

(Some people are focused and they do fulfill their commitments, but hey I'm talking about lazy people like me. No offence to anyone.)

Why New Year's Resolution never gets fulfilled? Guess?
Cause it's got problem in itself. 
Imagine  your New Year resolution to lose weight, find a new job, quit smoking and do blah blah things; you never actually fulfill it and then same resolution next year. Haha! Its a SOLUTION (as in maths) that we try seek RE-SOLUTION every year. You try to do same thing every year in a different way I guess.

Hey rather than wasting time on New year resolutions why not work hard and analyse the solutions at the end of the year. That might be a real solution of how you tackled things. 

There are many New years in a year; Chinese New Year, English New year, (Mayan New year ;) :P nearly ended our world), Nepali New Year, Lohsar, Chasok Tangnam, Newari New Year, your Birthday itslef; if you start making resolutions in all of them, you will end up messing your day-to-day routine. 

Just relax and chill. Word hard !!!

My New Year Resolution is to finish everything I started in 2012 and the New tear resolution. Hahahhahahahahha