Thursday, 10 January 2013

पूजा कस्ती छे?

May 2013

Walking a catwalk for International Nepal Fashion week, London 2012

Check it out!!
New girl in the same old town,
In the best looking colourful gown,
Who's dance moves brings the house down,
Who might make your heartbeat shutdown.
:P ;) *)

Here is a little poem written for one of the sister I know. Influenced by people and their behaviour, I normally get the topic and  the inspiration to write. I guess we always seek something in others which we lack. She is different; I have different talent and she has different, everyone is different. Knowing her had made me go through different experience of life and get to explore more. Well, lets see what life unfolds. In the meantime I was glad she liked the poem I wrote thinking about her.

पूजा कस्ती छे?

Photoshoot for Dali's Kollection
मेरी एउटी चन्चली बहिनी छे,
जो साह्रै नक्कलीपनि छे,
तर शीलस्भाव र मनको सक्कली छे।

किनमेलमा अधिक रूचि राख्छे,
तर परिश्रणमपनि अत्याधिक  नै गर्छे,
सबैको खुशिलाई ध्यान राख्ने अनुसरणिय कोशिस गर्छे।

दुखपनि पाउँछे, खुशिपनि समेट्छे,
सबैको आलोचना सहेरपनि आफ्नो उदेश्यमा अडित रहन्छे,
त्यो हसिलो मुस्कानले नै आफ्ना पिडा र कमजोडिहरू ढाक्छे।

(मिठो  वचनले बोलि हेर, कस्तो ईज्जत पूजाले दिन्छे,) *२
सद्भावको भावनाले बोलाई हेर, कस्तो सद्भावना पूजाले देखाउँछे,
मित्रताको  हात बढाईहेर, शत्रुलाईपनि आस्वासन पूजाले दिन्छे।।।

I wish her all the best to find her dream and persue her career as well. Life is to enjoy and work hard. 

Soon you can see few more of her works.
All the best sister.


Pooja recently played a vital role in a short movie. Lamis Production

Pooja ni Gangnam Style prank video, Westfield, London. 2013

One helluva addictive song, if only: (you know what I mean Pooja)

Model : Pooja


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why New Year's Resolution never gets fulfilled?

(Some people are focused and they do fulfill their commitments, but hey I'm talking about lazy people like me. No offence to anyone.)

Why New Year's Resolution never gets fulfilled? Guess?
Cause it's got problem in itself. 
Imagine  your New Year resolution to lose weight, find a new job, quit smoking and do blah blah things; you never actually fulfill it and then same resolution next year. Haha! Its a SOLUTION (as in maths) that we try seek RE-SOLUTION every year. You try to do same thing every year in a different way I guess.

Hey rather than wasting time on New year resolutions why not work hard and analyse the solutions at the end of the year. That might be a real solution of how you tackled things. 

There are many New years in a year; Chinese New Year, English New year, (Mayan New year ;) :P nearly ended our world), Nepali New Year, Lohsar, Chasok Tangnam, Newari New Year, your Birthday itslef; if you start making resolutions in all of them, you will end up messing your day-to-day routine. 

Just relax and chill. Word hard !!!

My New Year Resolution is to finish everything I started in 2012 and the New tear resolution. Hahahhahahahahha