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5 Miles Milestone; Walk for Nepal, London 2014

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Tried to paint my nails as Nepalese flag! 
Greetings to my readers. A sunny and warm welcome in this sunny July. Yesterday, 26th July 2014 was a well spent day for me. I had the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. As planned, I set out early morning from home and headed towards one of my most favourite park Richmond Park, Surrey. This time I was going there for a purpose; a good purpose for my country Nepal and its people. The Walkathone was organised by GMIN UK. This was the second programme so far I suppose. The registration fee was £10 and I had done it in advance. I thank Pratikshya for the FB invitation. There were 4 more charities involved: YouthNepal,, Live for Change (I raised a mere £25 for them, thank you for my contributors) and Nepalese Nursing Association UK.

We reached Richmond Park on time but it was difficult to find the right location where the bandstand was, unable to get the right direction, me and my sister roamed around the big park. We already walked 2 km by then. Late but not left out, there were still people who were lost and just got there. I was happy to see there are still people who were going to do the walk. A leader called Peter lead our group and we started our journey. There were children, women and men who were so determined to do the charity walk. I met members of It was pleasant talking to them and we shared a lot of information. After the completion of less than one third of the journey I came to find out that the whole walkathone was 5 miles not 5 kilometer. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. Its not the feeling that I cannot do it, its just that my mind was not ready for it. I decided to continue anyway because it was not a good idea to leave things incomplete. There were little children walking faster than me how can I just quit.

Love for Nepal

We all tried to stick together and walk in a group. The sun was really in favour of us, may be too much in favour. It was really hot. At times I felt like I was walking in the roads of Kathmandu. The leader, I thought who was responsible for all of us was not actually a leader. He told me he came there just as us, interested to do charity walk. He did had the right map and he did try to encourage us when we were tired and all. I could see everyone walking with smile on their face and determined to complete the charity walk, may be it is the love for our country and its people. We might not change the whole country but atleast we tried to do a little change. We did raise the money for chairty which helps Nepalese people. 

We reached the point where we started our walk and concluded our journey. It was a great feeling of achievement and accomplishment to get the certificate and complimentary sandwich hehe. 

I congratulate everyone who completed the walk and contributed something for our country. Hip, hip, hurray!!! We are all winners. I hope the money raised for this good cause goes to the right people and change their lives forever for good. If I can change atleast one life, I feel happy that I have done something. I am not a leader or socialist or billionaire; I am just a simple girl who is trying to bring a small change in someone's life through this charity walk.

Lastly, I would like to thank the organisers, the contributers who donated for me, the people who walked with me and my sister for supporting me. Ofcourse, there were many tweet people, instagram friends and my friends and colleagues at work wished me luck and gave me advices which helped me a lot. I need the same support and encouragement for another walk 10K in September. Till then cheerio.

Thank you for reading.
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