Sunday, 31 July 2011

मुटु कड्क्याे

Hey dear readers, I know I'm suppose to write the remaining part of my last post but lets take a quick break and read this poem I wrote back in Nepal (a decade ago). Recently I discovered Apps to write in Nepalese font and I'm absolutely loving it. Thanks to my twitter friends who helped me find it. 
 It's all in Nepali so if you want its translation just let me know and I'll do it for you. ThankXx a lot. :)

मेरो पहीलो प्रयास, कवीता पुरानो नै हो तर देखाउँदैछु अहीले। :)
मुटु कड्क्याे

छलछल छ त्यो खोला
कलकल छ त्यो पानी
मलमल छ यो मन
सलसल छ यो भावना

िसरीिररी बतास चल्यो
ितरीिररी मुरली बज्यो
िकरीिररी जून्िकरी करायो
िफरीिररी मेरो मन उ्ड्यो

गर्ल्या्मगुर्लु्म घर भत्िकयो
खन्द्र् याङ् खुन््दु्ङ भाँडा लड्यो
छर्ल्य।मछर्लुम  िससा फु्टयो
ठङ्गर्य।ङ्गठुङ्गुर्ङग मेरो आशाहरु ठोक्कियो।

चमचम तारा चम्िकयो
टनटन घन्टी बज्यो
सनसन हावा चल्यो
झनझन मन कड्क्यो॥

Love you all.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Against all odds, Mount Snowdon 1085 m :D (Wales- Cymru)

Greetings Buddies, 

I'm back here bragging about my awsome one week trip to Snowdonia, North Wales. It's a beautiful country, reminded me of my country Nepal, the only difference is that in Nepal we don't have good transportation system like Wales. We hired a cottage and a car and set out for our journey on Saturday. The weather forecast wasn't in our favour. After collecting all our friends we headed  for our so called long awaited vacation. Besides the car that we hired had the 'lighter' part not working; that means no SatNav working. Gosh,,it was annoying cause this world is so much dependent on GPRS nowadays. So, the only thing left is to do map reading manually. On the way we saw many accidents and also one car in burning flames (only saw it in movies before). We finally got there by 8pm. The cottage was beautiful and the view of the surrounding was lovely, full of natural beauty. As soon as we got there, my mobile phone was of no use cause there was no network. The cottage was literally in between the bottom of two hills. I chose the converted attic room to share with my sister which had a big see-through glass window on the roof, yeahhh I always wish to sleep watching stars. Sadly none of the stars showed me their faces. :( BTW Strophicus I watched 'The Dreamers' movie that night.

I want to write so many things but if I do it here this blog would end up being a book. 

Day 1: Since it was raining whole day and whole night, we decided to go to nearby city Dolgellau. After getting some informations we came back and headed to nearby walking trail, Torrent Walk. It was 1 hour walk on the shore of a river, oh what a dominating sound it had. It was lovely and as well as dangerous cause we could have slipped and fallen straight into the river. I couldn't capture nice phtotos because of rain. First it was all downhill and coming back was all uphill, a good mini exercise to climb Mt. Snowdon. The River was closer and clearer on the way back, it could swallow anything I thought. We were shouting in a loud voice and screaming with hint og happiness, all soaked by that time.

Day 2: The non-stoppage rain was still blocking our way to Mt. Snowdon so we all decided to go to another national park where my friend wanted to visit desperately, Brecon Beacon National Park in South Wales. We thought weather would be little bit nicer there. It took us almost 4 hours drive along narrow roads of Wales (Cymru). When we got to the Dinasour Park in Brecon Beacon, we saw many children. Actually that place was mostly visited by children. We didn't actually go in there thinking that there is nothing exciting for adults and instead we headed to a seaside Aberystwyth. Before that we visited an old Carreg Cennen castle. Well to be honest only the remains of the castle but it was nice. One guy was selling the entry tickets in a small booth, I was surprised to see a guy sitting there in the lonely faraway castle. I flirted with him hehe and he had lovely set of teeth when he smiled. hehe. One side of the castle had normal access but the other side if the castle had heart pounding like a cliff area. On the way back, we saw a beautiful Lake Llyn Brainne.  After spending some time in the beach we came back to cottage. Tell you something, it was still raining. We had our meals and watched NCIS and some music.

Day 3: The day when we finally decided to go and climb Mount Snowdon 1085m, the highest peak of Wales, the sole reason for me and my sister to visit Snowdonia. We saw weather forecast saying it'll be better after 10am onwards so we packed our snacks, fruits, energy drink and water bottle to go to Llyanberis (the starting point of the journey). Since my brother suggested we should be careful in driving around the roads there, I was more cautious and was telling my friend as well who was driving. My other friend suggested that we should go up from little bit moderate way and come down through the easy way. I found the idea quite promising. We bought a map and you know what we took a 'SHERPA' bus ride to another place called Pen Y Pass, another starting point.  By the time we started our journey it was already 10am but the rain was not stopping at all, infact it started raining even heavier. I set the timer and we all started walking. We saw lovely waterfalls and lakes on the way. Llyn Llydaw was one that we walked past. "Its special significance is that it is one of the most visited lakes in the United Kingdom. Thousands of people every year visit Snowdon and most walk past this lake on the Miners' Track." I also threw a coin and made a wish haha.Then came the hardest part of climb, a steep path, steps and we had walk literally through one of the waterfall. Now the path is all messed up and we had follow our own path in some places. Since there were still many people going up we didn't feel deserted though. I was walking behind my friends to accompany my sister. Now let me explain the main part of this outrageous climbing fever, at one point I felt like I might not make it to the summit. I don't know why I looked down from that point, all I can see was rocks and nothing else. We hear all these accidents about there in news. I was on my four foot ( crawling); I remembered my family and mom's face; she would kill me if she finds out that I took such a risk and involved my sister as well. The thing that was making it worse was weather, our hands and whole body was numb. To tell you the truth, we were all soaked despite wearing raincoats and proper boots. Somehow we got up from there and then came more and more difficult ways. There was one wooden tree with no branches or leaves and the climbers had left coins all over it. Me and my sister also left a coin. Finally we were there on the top. We made it against all odds; all I had in mind was Phill Collins song 'Against all odds'. As soon as we got there , it was raining even heavier and the wind was more powerful. We tried to read the map but it was all soaked up in water. I actually saw how winds blows in the higher places, from down to up. It was fierce enough to blow us back to the same place where we started. I was wearing 'I Love Nepal' t-shirt to mark my country's name on the summit but couldn't do it simply because we couldn't take any photographs. My wish was to post a photo in Facebook with 'I Love Nepal' t-shirt on the summit and tweet in twitter about how exciting it was, but sadly I'll have to do it next time. After having the moment of truth and realising the end of uphill journey, we started climbing down. Since it was the easy route we had no difficulty but it was the longest route of 4.7 miles. We could have easily taken the train and got up there but the adventure wouldn't have been that much. As we got nearer the starting point which is Llyanberis it stopped raining. Arrgghh. We had some hot food and I had to drive back to cottage. We took the longer way with bigger roads touching another coast of Wales, Porthmadog. Everyone was so tired and fell asleep in couch easily. We were still happy that we made it without any injuries and sickness later on. The timer said 4 hours and 10 minutes to complete the whole journey. I was very happy to achieve such pleasure of climbing Mt Snowdon that I could brag about in future hehe. The only hill I climbed was back in Nepal, it's called Nagarjun Hill in Kathamndu of 2128 meters. It took me, my sister and her friends 2.30 hours to reach the top and I still remember the satisfaction I had felt that time. Next time I went was in taxi with family. The main thing is all 5 of us proved that we are 'Proud daughters of Nepal', we can climb hills even without having enough practice. We all had past experience of going to village and climbing hills and crossing rivers. To be fairly honest, this was one of my dream I dreamt last year. FULFILLED. 

I realised that not everything is captured by camera or video camcorder, few things are better if you see it yourself and explore through it. The deep blue color of the lake, the dark and hard stone of the hill, the cold and fresh water of the waterfall, the green grasses of the hills, the trees, etc everything was so amazing. I can only explain it in words but couldn't relate in pictures. We saw more sheep and lambs in North Wales than human being. I wondered who do they meet, fall in love and get married to in such a population. Towns are small and houses are far from each other. Anyways we human beings can survive anywhere and everywhere.

I will continue this in next blog cause its getting longer and longer. Still got Day 4, 5 and 6 left to explain. Till then bye bye, tata, see you, adios, sayonara, astala vista, Feri bhetaula, khudahafis, phir milenge, and so on hahhahaha.
some lake
small but fierce river

mini waterfall
proud of myself :D
celebrating with wine

Saturday, 23 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse 'Back to Black'

Hey everybody,

I'm so glad to be back in my blog to update my recent activities and adventures. But as soon as I returned from my one week trip I heard Amy Winehouse is dead. Ahhh I felt so bad. I really liked her voice and music despite her scandals. She was one of a kind. I also heard many other sad news happening around the globe, like teenagers died in Norway, Derailed bullet train in China and so on.

The first time I heard Amy's song was 'Back to Black', my god I liked her voice so much. Then I hear many songs as well as her scandals in TV, Gossip Magazines and in internet. 'Valerie' and 'Rehab' are other songs I like most. What a short life she wished to live. It's a total waste of a youth and a tremendous talent. Her trademark 'Beehive hairstyle' and the Long dark eye make-up was followed by many admirers. Trust me it's a bit difficult to make your hair like hers.

Dying at the age of 27 years, you are amongst the hitlist of those celebrities who died young. "Live Fast Die Young". All I can say now is Hope your soul 'Rest in Peace' and you get to enjoy the life after death that you longed for. Your songs will forever be sung and your voice will forever remembered. you won't be going in and out of rehab; no drugs and no alcohol. 

:( Life still goes on. My deepest sympathy goes to her family.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Flashback to past

Sorry this post became longer than I expected!!!!!!!!!!!

As we grow older, the only thing remains I guess are the memories of past. We become more experienced in certain things and more arrogant in most of the things. I find mostly elderly people are more stubborn to their decision. So far I have learnt many things in life but I still think I need to learn more. I never stop learning as I said before in one of my post. I have got many photographs of those moments, those beautiful experiences and adventures. But the ones which I don't have photographs are the ones which are most memorable for me. 

Getting back to the topic here, suddenly today I remembered few people I left on my long journey of life. My moments with them are very short but I always remember them (not sure whether few of them still recognise me or not). Whenever I think of them, my heart beats differently and I feel like I'm back to that very moment again. Here are the people I remember most even I have only spent short span of time with them. It's some unknown force which binds me to them, may be the time I spent with them were just unforgettable.

1. When I was in 9th standard, I accompanied my mom to go to Itahari (Eastern Nepal). We had some visits to make and dealings to close.  The travel was a bit scary along the River Trishuli (where most people die from accident,i.e. place like Krishna Vir). Everytime the driver pressed hard on break I would wake up from my sleep. Tensed moment. Hahaha I also watched hindi movie 'Raja Hindustani'. On our way, I saw the River Sapta Koshi (combination of 7 rivers). My heart stopped for a minute. I surrendered myself to River Koshi's vastness. The immense force of water, the deep green water,,ahhhh amazing. I was there before but I was very small. We stayed at our relatives house. I've always heard their name but never actually saw them. There was one sister, such a beautiful girl. She was just a year older than me and we soon get along with each other. She had different taste in food, different way of cooking, different way of keeping me amused. We even shared some funny jokes and went to walk together. She made my stay there bit interesting. They made me drink fresh cow milk, pure one; just taken from cow. After few hours I was in toilet, not to mention why. The only thing I don't like about there is the taste of water. Me and her bonded quite well, she took me for shopping and showed me her hangout places. Soon there was time we had to get back to Kathmandu, she helped me comb my hair, even cooked me nice meal. I was already feeling strange. Me and my mom said our farewell and were walking along the road. She was walking behind us, I kept looking back for no reason. I still saw her standing there and waving at us everytime I looked back. At that very moment I felt like running back to her and hug her. She was standing right there until we changed to the other route. I still remember her and that moment. We haven't met since then but I have kept these memories in my heart. There are no photographs to prove our meetings. For your information, on the way back too Kathmandu there was reports of earthquake while we were on bus. haha

Lesson I learnt: Since that moment, while departing with somebody I love, I never look back no matter what cause if I do so, I feel like I might lose them. (just the instinct)

2. We always had visitors in our house throughout the whole year, a. we lived in Capital and everybody from village would passby our place before they leave country or after they return; b. most relative would come to find something in the Capital and they lived in our place temporarily ( atleast a year hehe). I always liked it that we had visitor in our house. But this time the visitor was in our neighbour's house; our far relative. She was one month younger than me. She has lived most of her life in Dhankuta (Eastern Nepal). Again we soon were getting along with each other quite well. She would tell me all those amazing stories of her place, friends, college life. I would listen to her for hours and hours. I took her to some of my favourite spots, my hideaways, my roaming places in my hometown. My friends (Male) were asking her name. hahaha She was one of a beauti, tall (very unusual in my race LIMBU), long hair, and quite a personality. While she mentioned all those things about her hometown I was creating my own version of that place in my mind. I definately will go there someday. Again here comes bitter truth, she had to go back to where she belong and her mom came to pick her up. We departed with smiles and promises to keep in touch. She even sent me greeting cards few times. But now its been many many years we are not in contact, simply because there is no connection and I don't have her contact details. Soon after she left I heard she got married (she was only 18 or 19).

Lesson I learnt: People meet and depart is a way of life but after we depart the likelihood of meeting again is decided only by destiny. So sad I still remember her and her charming character.

3. This friend of mine is a sweet friend. She had short hair, fair skin, good heart and good sense of humour. We are still in touch through all these modern means of social networking sites. She would tell me all those stories about her hometown Dhangadi, again I was imagining my own version. The places she visited, people she met, incidents she faced and all. I could just listen to her for hours and hours. She told me how she had suffered from health problem while she was sitting exam for her 10+2; went into exam hall with the saline water attached to her wrist. She was a good table tennis player, took me to watch national level game. As well as being modern girl, she had the quality of a good homely girl. Cooking, cleaning, washing was nothing for her. She would sing and dance without hesitation, crack a joke without stuttering, laugh without any obligations. After I knew her for sometime I knew, people who are most smiling have the most painful things inside them. I saw her crying infront of me for some reason. I learnt many many things from her. She was the first girl who did threading of my eyebrows, gosh that hurt. We also had flings in our accountancy class. ahahhaha not to mention the details. There we met the great great grandson of Adikavi BhanuBhakta Acharya. She also introduced me to this brother who was training to be an actor; he is a famous actor now in Nepalese Cinema World. There are many words to mention her but if I start it it'll be a whole book. She's in Johannesburg at the moment with her hubby and I really wish her to visit UK soon.

Lesson I learnt: No matter what life treats you, you should always be ready to accept and challenge it with a smile in your face. One day definately you'll succeed. 

There are many more people in my list but can't mention all of them here. Hope you're not bored to finish this long post. Forgive me if I reminded you of your painful departure with someone, somewhere.

Morale of this blog I suppose is, cherish the person, the moment, the experience at the very moment before you depart from it. I was blissful to be able to share those unforgettable moments with them to recall it now. Lets just say the beautiful reminiscence of friendship and togetherness.

Thank you all. :) :D

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Prayers goes to the victims of Mumbai blast. *_*

Dear readers, 

Here I'm back fairly soon, not because I have a beautiful poem to write or any thank you's to say; I'm here to pay my heartfelt prayers to the victim of Mumbai bomb blast. I don't know the reason behind all these activities but the sufferers are always general public who are most of the times unaware of the actual situation. I'm praying for their souls to rest in peace and whoever injured to have a little bit less pain. May god give them strength to carry on even when they are unable to survive the difficult situation and an unbearable pain. There's a famous quote,'Hands that help are holier than hands that pray', but here all I can do is PRAY. I can't even pray as in proper pray, it's just that my heart wants me to pray for them. It's not only this bomb blast, I would pray for each and every people who lost their lives in bomb blast all over the world and those who have been disabled by these kinds of act.

May the pain would be less, may the suffers subside, may god save you for the ones who need you most, may god have mercy on the innocents. 

Thank you.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Being Grateful

Hello my dear readers,

Lately seems like I have been thanking so many people for so many reasons. I say 'Please, Thank you and Sorry' at work everyday for god knows how many times it does not matter but to say thank you here means a lot to me. I sincerely feel like I'm thanking my readers. When I started blogging I thought I would just write and would not really bother about how many views I will have or what kind of comments I get. But being here for few months has made me realise I do care about my readers and the comments they pass. Whether its positive or negative I do get criticisms, this makes me work harder and improve better. There are billions of people in this world but they all have different thinking.

Today when the page view hit 2000 I was really happy. It's not a milestone or a big big achievement as such but deep down I'm just too happy. It's different happiness that I can't express in words. If I get many 'likes' in Facebook it's because I post a nice photo or nice status; if I get many Retweets  in twitter it's because again I might have tweeted something funny or meaningful or something to be noticed,,,,,,,, but if I get viewers in my blog means they're reading my blog. It does not matter whether you read one post or many, it simply means you have read my mind at some stage. Every word, sentence, poem and quote written in this blog is purely my expression, impression, interpretation and evaluation of the kind of person I am. By reading these posts you have made a bond which is invisible yet strong. 

I thank all of the readers again. Whoever you are, wherever you are I hope sharing my thoughts in my blog has been a good experience for you to read. Live life to your fullest, never be afraid to face difficulties, never hesitate to admit your mistake, never shield yourself with lies and insecurities, never be scared to confront realities, never back out if you're right, never lose hope, never give up your destination, never show tears if you don't mean it, never stop smiling ; lets just say never say never (ehehehe J. Bieber).

P.S. Again I'm announcing it's my great pleasure to have you all as my readers. :) :D XX <3

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

In a dilemma situation.

Hey guys, today I haven't got anything interesting to write as such. I have been trying to figure out something for quite sometime now. I always thought that I would lead a life I desired and live a life I deserve. It's not that I'm not not happy or I'm not living the life I desired, it's just that I have left something unfinished. I wish to continue and finish it. But I'm in dilemma whether to continue or not. The question here is, 'Will I be able to finish it as I expected or will I just leave it as I left it before; unfinished?' After my 10+2 I came overseas to study something. I was young and that was the first time I was on my own. Facing the difficulties of survival in this unknown country and people, I couldn't complete the studies. I started studying something else and did quite well in that as well now. But deep in my heart there is always a dissatisfaction or lets just say a feeling of incompleteness that hunted me. So, lately (over a year :) I have been thinking of going back to the same course and finish it off. It obviously means the biggest decision cause it means I have to contribute 2 more years of my life, enjoyment, money, freedom and so on. I'm not worried to sacrifice them if I can do well in completing the studies, what the concern is that am I confident enough. I have thought of it over and over again yet I'm still looking for answers. I'm confident that I can do it but still there is a side of me which is not so confident. I frankly say that I lack confidence in certain field and I'm super confident in certain things. It also means changing careers at that stage of time when most people are already settled down  in their prospective careers.

Even though I left it long time ago, I still have the chance to continue it. I called up the board and they say I still have time. Haaa I just thought like, how could I be that lucky. My profession now is also a professional and prospective but I'm still looking to work harder. What life would have been if there's no existence of this thing called 'dream high, expect high, or lets just say to be better'. There's a famous saying by Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota (the greatest poet of Nepal ) that ,'Udeshya Ke Linu, Udi Chunu Chandra Ma Jun!'. It simply means you've got to aim high so that one day you can reach the highest peak as far as the moon. I have deeply thought that this is what I want to pursue now, I might fail my exam or I might end up hopeless but I'll still try my best. I've got to overcome this dilemma situation myself. This time if I want to go back and study all those things again it would be little bit difficult as I'm not used to those 'terms' anymore. I have been lucky in my life in many ways, so hopefully this time as well luck would be in my favour if I try hard. In my point of view, we never stop learning; either in your life or in your studies. I tell my mates and relatives 'Do you ever stop studying, it just continues!'. So, I might as well take it seriously and work on it.

Thanks for reading, sharing these thoughts feels like I'm one step closer to the answers. Even though we communicate only through words it just feels like you are listening to me. Thanks very much for being my backbone of hope and I appreciate your support. :) :D

Be happy!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

One Day, dream of a dreamer! :)

Hey hey hey, I believe every person has right to dream. Dreams are those motives or wishes which are yet to be fulfilled. I'm dreaming of so many things right now. Usually, to be honest I have my dreams granted and fulfilled but I don't know the future. I'm dreaming for a thing that is hard to get, ambition which is hard to achieve and person who is difficult to meet. Yet I'm again dreaming. I'm a dreamer and I'm a believer, famous lines of a all time hit song. Here I present one of the poem that rushed into my mind and allow me to spill out these thoughts.

One day when I meet you, I want to tell you how much I longed for that moment and it mattered to me.

One day when I hold you,I want to tell you that you're the safest person known to me.

One day when I hug you,I want to tell you that you're the warmest person that has ever hugged me.

One day when I kiss you,I want to tell you that you're the sweetest person that has made me happiest girl in the world.

One day when I make you mine, I want to tell that you're the only person that has made my life so worthwhile.

One day when I cry n deny, I want to tell you that you're the only person that has made me cry a river.

But one day when I see you, I want tell you that you're the only person that has made me realise what love is like.

This 'One Day' might not be true, simply because its just an imagination. Here I explain why?

The day when I meet you, I might be too shy to face you. The day when I hold you, I might be trembling and shaking like a puppy to utter any word. The day when I hug you, I might be lost somewhere to gather up my feelings. The day when I kiss you, I might be vanished in the wonderland to confess my emotions. The day when I make you mine, I might just be dreaming to show what you meant for me. The day when we break up, I might be too devasted enough to blabber anything about you. The day when I see you again, I might just run away and hide cause I don't have any words to make my feelings towards you subside.

I sound like a loser but people are mostly loser in love. They lose sleep, appetite, sometimes friends, relatives, even faith in themselves if anything goes wrong. But I , from my heart wish all the lovers to get the true love they deserve.

Don't stop believing! :)

Happy Reading!!!!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

My new found happiness - Cyber Connection :) :D

Hey dear readers, lately I haven't been active producing a fine and funny poems. It's my mind, sometimes needs some motivation and inspiration which force me to write poem. So, here I am writing just casually about my experience of life. Lately, for the past couple of months, I say exactly from April 2011 I have been very busy. Busy as in like ohh how can I say. I opened Twitter account. (never knew what it was until I did it). I was fade up of Facebook; people trying to show off their possession, aggression and leave me stupid impression of them. I was totally getting fade up. I thought why not,'try something new today', that's what Jamie Oliver (celebrity chef) says. Just after my birthday, turning one year older :( I started being active in twitter though I had twitter account already. After that I started tweeting and also luckily I got followers and slowly the circle started growing. I became more and more addicted to it. I didn't realise how it went that far. Then I opened my BLOG inspired by fellow twitter. Started writing poems, my passion. Many things are happening since then.

Things I have truly learnt and will be learning are getting wider. I knew I still have many more things to do, things to achieve and so on. These people, mostly younger than me, has taught that 'We can learn from someone younger than us as well'. There are guineas smart kids. I also knew there is a whole new world out there which most people are unaware, lets say frankly my friends in my circle hardly signed up for twitter.  It's just like a normal routine now, call me tweetoholic or crazy twitter girl, I'm just loving it. I wake up every morning and first thing I do is check my Timeline. I honestly think i'm dragging myself more into it. AAAhhh need to control it. I never believed in internet love and stuffs like that. Even now I think it is only the connection which enables people to communicate, not fall in love. My close friend is madly in love with this guy she met in Social networking site.(she's going to kill me if she reads it), all the best to her. In my case I would have to meet THE ONE in person then only it could be possible. I believe that my 5 senses have to accept the person. My sister says, internet love is only there until internet connection is there. She has her own views so as many people in this world has different views. 

For the time being, I am enjoying my time in this cyber world. Uploading video in Youtube, Myspace and tweeting in twitter, Updating in facebook, and recent one is Google plus. I don't know how long my so called 'NEW FOUND HAPPINESS' would last for. One day I have to return to the real world different from my imagination. But I would like to thanks all these amazing people who's making my life more interesting and meaningful. Thanks for appreciating my useless words, liking my lifeless photo and retweeting my subjectless tweets. Hopefully when I see you in person I wish to have this feeling 'we have met before'. I have a strong feeling its the common share of interest that's binding us i.e. Like being Social.

Thanks for reading and being with me. I appreciate all of you and your support.

Especial thanks to Shailesh, Rabindra and SambidBilas. :)
P.S. All my twitter buddies. :)

cool presentation
as the words say it.